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Gold Line Monrovia, BH Seismic Tests, Bullet Train Editorials, South Bay Pacific Electric, 710 Extension & More

An Animated Argument For Congestion Pricing
StreetsBlog DC

Breaking News: Metro Can't Complete Trenching Studies In One Weekend ("Here we go again. The publicity wing of the Beverly Hills Unified School District, known as the Beverly Hills using the new tests being completed by the School District in an attempt to discredit the seismic tests completed last year by Metro.")
StreetsBlog LA

California Bill Would Accelerate Transit Projects
Land Line

California Budget Supports Bullet Train, Would Create New Transportation Agency
Transportation Nation

Capping An Era Of L.A. Oil Exploration ("Long-abandoned wells on the Los Angeles City Oil Field, which sparked Southern California's oil boom 120 years ago, are being sealed to make way for a 45-unit affordable housing project.")
Los Angeles Times

The Case Of The Vanishing Venice Blvd. Bike Lanes
StreetsBlog LA

Cutting Costs On California HSR Doesn't Have To Add Delays
Forbes Popularity Soaring, GSA Report Says
Federal Computer Week

Despite Uncertainty, Monrovia, Gold Line Officials Continue Attempts To Execute Land Deal For Maintenance Yard
Pasadena Star-News

The Downs And Ups Of Driving In Los Angeles ("The mayor of Los Angeles wants to spend $750 million to fix holes in city streets. The City Council thinks that is too expensive.")
New York Times

Downtown Fresno High-Speed Rail Plans Cause Little Stir
California Watch

Editorial: It's Time To Kill Bullet Train Boondoggle
Fresno Bee

Editorial: Keep California's Bullet Train On Track: Despite Recent Negative Reviews By Experts, In The Long Term The Rail Project Still Makes Sense
Los Angeles Times

Editorial: No Easy Fixes For Transportation In County, Region
Ventura County Star

Efforts To Derail Bullet Train Driven By Politics As Usual
California Progress Report

"Elegant Density" Could Bring Traffic, Skyscrapers To Hollywood
Total Traffic LA

The End Of The Road: The Infrastructurist's Last Post

Gov. Jerry Brown Proposes Moving CHSRA To New Agency
California High Speed Rail Blog

Handbook For Considering Practical Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Strategies For Airports (154p. PDF)
Airport Cooperative Research Program

Healthy Corridor For All: A Community Health Impact Assessment Of Transit-Oriented Development Policy In Saint Paul, Minnesota (135p. PDF)
Executive Summary (48p. PDF)

High Speed Rail Authority Demolishes Peer Review Report
California High Speed Rail Blog

High-Speed Rail Needs A Review Before Its Too Late
San Francisco Examiner

Hit The Brakes On The Bullet Train: While The State Is Cutting Back On Core Services, It Needs To Rethink Its Ill-Conceived High-Speed Rail Plan
Los Angeles Times

Hollywood High-Rise Plan Has Some Up In Arms ("The proposal exemplifies Los Angeles' transformation from an automobile-only city to a much more multi-modal city, one where people live and work in high-rises and use public transportation.")

In Long Beach Exhibit, Urban Planning Is Art And Play ("Urban planner James Rojas constructs a model of Long Beach, on display at a gallery in town, for residents and business owners to illustrate a vision of the city's future.")
Los Angeles Times

Long Beach Neighborhood Redevelopment Efforts May End
Long Beach Press-Telegram

A Look Back At The Pacific Electric Railway: The Railway System Was Once A Major Part Of The Beach Cities -- Here Is How It Left Its Mark On The Area
Hermosa Beach Patch

Metro Studios@Lankershim Cancelled: The Death Of NBCUniversal's $3 Billion Project Equals Serious Traffic Relief
LA Weekly

Monorail Bondholder Sues For Fraud: State Of Nevada, Monorail Board Members, Casino Execs Could Face Liability Lawsuits
Nevada Journal

Near-Field Communication The Next Mobile Boost? ("ISIS will be open to all merchants, banks and carriers, according to its website. Isis aims to eliminate the need to carry cash, credit cards and debit cards, reward cards, coupons, tickets and transit passes.")
USA Today

New Bill Could Free CA Planners To Use More Innovative Bikeway Designs
StreetsBlog SF

North American Railroads Post Traffic Gains In 2011
Progressive Railroading

Our View: Excuses Dog The Expo Line
Pasadena Star-News

Playing Tea Party: Planning And Agenda 21 (How some are responding to "smart growth")
Place Shakers

Relax If You Want, But Don't Put Your Feet Up ("Seven years ago, rule 1050(7)(J) of [New York City’s] transit code criminalized what was once simply bad etiquette: passengers putting their feet on a subway seat. They also cannot take up more than one seat if it interferes with other passengers’ comfort, nor can they block movement on a subway by doing something like standing too close to the doors. Police officers handed out more than 6,000 tickets for these violations in 2011. But a $50 ticket would have been welcome compared with the trouble many passengers found themselves in; roughly 1,600 people like Mr. Peppers were arrested, sometimes waiting more than a day to be brought before a judge and released, according to statistics from district attorneys’ offices.")
New York Times

Ridley-Thomas Survey Shows Strong Support For Slauson Ave. Bike Lane
StreetsBlog LA

South Pasadena To Participate In Advisory Committee For The SR-710 Extension Project
Pasadena Star-News

Streamlined Environmental Review Proposed For Rail Projects
("A Los Angeles lawmaker introduces a bill in the California Legislature that would give such projects in the state the same break granted to developers seeking to build an NFL stadium in downtown L.A.")
Los Angeles Times

Time To Reassess Our National Transportation Program
The Hill

The Tricky Second Wave Of Urban Highway Removals
The Atlantic: Cities

Venice Bike Lane Disappears Near Big Box Consumoplex At San Vicente
Flying Pigeon LA

Why Is Twitter So Popular With Transportation Communicators?
Talking Transportation

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