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Creative Infrastructure Funding, SB 375, Wilshire Bus Lane draft EIR and more...

Simi Valley Acorn

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Santa Clarita Signal

Washington Post

California Planning & Development Report

San Bernardino Sun

Los Angeles Times

Keeping Up With Curitiba (recent innovations in the original BRT system)
The City Fix

Journal Of Commerce


Its Heavenly

Los Angeles Wave

Transportation Research Board

Friday Flyer


California Transit Association

Los Angeles Times

Yanko Design

Two Billion Cars: Driving Towards Sustainability (Review of book which argues that cleaner cars are the future of transportation and barely mentions bicycling, walking or transit)
Re:Place Magazine

StreetsBlog LA

NRDC Switchboard

Infrastructure USA

StreetsBlog LA


Comparing Transit Open Data, Boxer 30/10 And TOD, OC Grand Jury On Transit, Oakland Downtown Streetcar & More

Avoiding Environmental Disaster Through Sustainable Accessibility
The City Fix

Can U.S. States Lead On Urban Planning
Human Transit

City To Consider Alternatives To Widening Historic Los Angeles River Bridge
Los Angeles Times

Congress Looks At Making Cities More "Livable"

The Connected Train Comes Of Age

The Cost Of Slow Travel

Decorative Bike Racks To Rival Cows On Parade
Chicago Sun-Times

DesertXpress Projects 2011 Construction Date
California High Speed Rail Blog

Final Thoughts On The Bus
The Atlantic

Get L.A. Moving

Making Corridor Planning A Multi-Modal Process
Transport Politic

The Oakland Streetcar Plan Released! (The 2.55 mile Oakland Streetcar would tie together Jack London Square, Chinatown, Old Oakland, Downtown, the Financial District, Uptown, Upper Broadway, and Piedmont Avenue, connecting to two BART Stations, 18+ AC Transit lines, a ferry terminal, and a Capitol Corridor/Amtrak station)
Oakland Streetcar Plan
Full-Text Of Plan (140p. PDF)

OC Grand Jury Chastises Officials On Transportation Decisions
Voice Of OC

OCTA Must Find Money For Bus Service, Grand Jury Says
Orange County Register

A Parking Business Gets Stuck In Park: One Entrepreneur's Plan To Publish Parking Guides Detours To Success When She Leverages Existing Assets

Parking Slots Are Like Toilets (According To Conventional Parking Planning)
Reinventing Urban Transport

Senator Boxer, 30/10 And Transit-Oriented Development In L.A.
Huffington Post

Slow Down And Spare The Planet

Who Let The Data Out?: Comparing Transit Systems' Open Data Elements
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Whose Turn To Lead On U.S. Transport Planning?
Transport Politic


Blue Line's Cast Of Characters, Sprucing Up MacArthur Park, Treating Buses Like Ambulances, Gautrain Debuts, Mapping Geotagged Photos & More

10 Ways Cities And Towns Can Kick The Offshore-Oil Habit (#1 Complete streets, #2 Build Near Transit...)

Barcelona: "Treat Buses Like Ambulances"
Human Transit

Bike And Pedestrian Traffic Near Development Projects To Be Considered

Blue Line Cuts Across L.A. County's Invisible Boundaries: The Oldest Light-Rail Line Is A Rolling Improv Theater With A Lively Cast Of Characters Running 22 Miles From Long Beach To Downtown L.A.
Los Angeles Times

Feds Back 30/10, Will Include Boardings From Westwood Station In Evaluation For New Starts Funding
UCLA Be A Green Commuter!

FOIA Requests Dropped In 2009 ("Formal requests for federal data and information dropped by more than 47,000 in fiscal 2009 compared with the previous year, a drop the Obama administration ties to its decision to post more government data online.")
Washington Post

Gautrain Arrives In Time For World Cup

GE Transportation: New Software Makes Trains Faster, Smarter
Norfolk Southern And GE Announce Success Of Breakthrough Technology
(GE RailEdge Movement Planner)
General Electric

Goodbye, Bullet Trains And Windmills
(Progressive thinking about energy and infrastructure spending needs to get reality-based in a hurry)

How Higher Gas Prices Can Save You $$ (video)
Fox Business

Leveraging Existing Transit Assets For New Transit-Oriented Development
Next American City

MacArthur Park Beautification Report: Monument, Meditation Spot
Curbed LA

More Service Cuts Coming Before The End Of The Year ("Metro still has a deficit and plans to close it (in part) with service reductions.")
StreetsBlog LA

Now That It's Brown v Whitman, Let's Talk Transportation
StreetsBlog LA

On Track For A Faster Train To Westwood
Zev Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles County Supervisor, 3rd District

Opinion: Mayor Villaraigosa's 30/10 Plan - Moving Forward (The innovative plan for funding local transit projects moves closer to reality)
Los Angeles Times

Tourists Versus Locals: Mapping Geo-Tagged Photos

Walking In L.A.: The End Of The Road? (Ninth and final part of the series)


Development Along Gold Line, Expo's Farmdale, Gubernatorial Candidates' Transportation Visions, State Gas Taxes & More

Asserting State Responsibility Over Transportation Financing
Transport Politic

Brass Line: Developments Near Gold Line Now Not So Certain
Curbed LA

Enraged At The Gulf Spill And The Appetite For Oil That Led To It? Stop Land Development On The Fringe
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Gasoline Taxes: An Examination Of News Media Discourse Related To Gas Tax Funding Debates In Six States (21p. PDF)
University Of Vermont Transportation Research Center

Good Neighborhoods Have Lots Of Intersections

High-Speed Rail Firm Sees 2011 Start
San Bernardino Sun

"Livability" - Wimpy Term But Big Stakes For Us All

Mass Transit: Everyone's An Expert
(weighs in on David Lazarus and Measure R)

New Bus-Only Lanes For Manhattan's East Side
The City Fix

Now THAT'S A Boondoggle
California High Speed Rail Blog

On The American Downtown Bus Plaza
Human Transit

Parking Enforcement's Worst Enemy? Meet The Ticket Angels

Parking Lots To Parks: Designing Livable Cities

A Primary Pivot Point For California Transit ("In California the gubernatorial candidates offer radically different visions for the future of transportation in the state.")
San Francisco Chronicle

Service Reductions Included In LB Transit Board's Newly Approved Operating Budget
Everything Long Beach

Small Intersection Is The Big Concern For Expo Light-Rail System: If Regulators OK A Grade Crossing And Station At Farmdale Avenue And Exposition Boulevard, It Will Clear The Way For Completion Of The First Modern Rail Link Between Downtown L.A. And The Westside
Los Angeles Times

Step Forward For Personal Car Sharing: California's AB 1871 Passes The State Assembly
Environmental Defense Fund Way2Go Blog

The Technology Driving Denver's B-Cycle Bike Sharing System
Fast Company

Things That Should Be Automated
(Audible transit stop identifications via smartphone app)
The Dead Horse Times

Trader Joe's Sets A TOD Standard: Bike Parking!
SoapBox LA

Transit Developments On Gold Line Could Be Threatened By State Redevelopment Grab, Poor Economy
Pasadena Star-News

Transit Money For Beverly Hills And Los Angeles Advanced From Washington
Beverly Hills Courier

Transportation Center, Other Improvements Coming To Bob Hope Airport
Los Angeles Times

Walk 101 Of L.A.'s Public Staircases This Weekend At The Big Parade

Why They Hate Us: A New Urbanist Dissects The Movement's Critics

Women In Transportation (video : a new federal program aims to match women with rewarding careers in transportation)
Truck News


New Smart Card Technology, Making Buses Cool, "String Rail," World's New Fastest Train, Train Operator Q&A & More

The Age Of General-Fund Financing Is Already Here, But It May Not Matter
Transport Politic

America's 100 Deadliest Highways (Two of the top 5 are in Southern California)
Daily Beast

Another Train Enters Fray For L.A. To LV Route: Developer Wants Federal Money To Conduct Study (A 5th proposal for rail service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas)
Las Vegas Sun

Answers From A Train Operator, Part 1
Answers From A Train Operator, Part 2
Answers From A Train Operator, Part 3
New York Times

Bing Destination Map: Automatic Napkin Sketching Of Maps
Information Aesthetics

Bullet Train To Devise Backup Funding Plan
San Jose Business Journal
Press Release (3p. PDF)

California High Speed Rail Soldiers On Because Of Budget Deficit
California High Speed Rail Blog

Caveats On Congestion Pricing
The Atlantic

China's Fast Track To Development: High-Speed Rail Is About More Than Passengers, The New Lines Will Free Up Valuable Space For Freight
Wall Street Journal

City Council Motion: Developers Traffic Counts Should Look At All Modes
StreetsBlog LA

High-Speed Rail Chief Looking For Partners
Mass Transit

L.A. Plans For More Rail Lines Gets A Boost In Washington
Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles DASH Bus System Fares Set To Double
Los Angeles Times

Mapping L.A. Neighborhoods
Los Angeles Times

MBTA GM: "We're Trying To Make Buses Cool"
Transit Wire

Nominees For 2010 America's Transportation Awards (2p. PDF)

Opinion: Transit Crunch Also A Livability Crisis
Sacramento Bee

RailLA Wants You To Envision The Future Of Transit
RailLA Call For Ideas Competition
RailLA - The Coalition For A High-Speed Future: Website

Report From ULI Conference: The Future Of Los Angeles Is Transit And TOD
StreetsBlog LA

Smart Cards Tap Into Future Of City Transit Systems
Government Technology

Stores Ditch Shopping Carts To Discourage Vehicle Use
The City Fix

String Rail: A Low Cost, Low Impact, High Speed Transport Alternative

Vroom? Old Limit Increases, And One New Limit Hold Are On Agenda
StreetsBlog LA

When You Get The Chance To Build A New Subway Station, Take Full Advantage
Next American City

World's Fastest Train Rolls Off Production Line
(236 mph)