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CAHSR, LADOT, Crenshaw Line, Westside Mobility Plan, 4th Of July In L.A. Transit History, Analyzing Transpo Costs & More

Back To Basics In Transportation Planning
Project For Public Spaces

Bring Transit To Senior Citizens, Or Bring Seniors To Transit?
StreetsBlog DC

Calculating The Environmental Impact Of Driving In The United States
The City Fix

California Cities Start Recycling Roads

Decorated Cable Cars Of 1892 & Other Notable 4th Of July Anniversaries From Early Los Angeles Transit History
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Democrats Chase The Transpo Spending Unicorn
Transportation Nation

Do-It-Yourself: Use The Gas Slider To Analyze Transportation Costs In Your City
Abogo: Transportation Costs Made Apparent

Dozens Of US Cities Line Up To Contest 2010 Census: With State Budgets Tight, Cities Hope To Push 2010 Census Counts Upward To Get Federal Dollars ("Cities considering challenges based on the costs and potential financial rewards include...Santa Ana, San Jose and Long Beach.")
Associated Press

Editorial: Bullet Train's Folly Factor Rises
Orange County Register

Flat Rate Established For Taxis Traveling To And From LAX (to and from Santa Monica)
Santa Monica Patch

High-Speed Rail Authority, PR Firm Go Separate Ways
Los Angeles Times

How To Get People To Pay Higher Taxes

In Heat Of The Moment, Twitter Is Fast T Fix (Boston's MBTA is asking customers to tweet about broken air-conditioning in rail cars)
Boston Herald

Increasing Public Transport Use With Smart Campaigns ("Marketing efforts by public transportation systems are vastly outspent by those of the major automobile companies, which spend billions each year to attract new customers...public transportation systems must not forget about branding, marketing, and advertising and using smart, creative, cost-efficient campaigns targeted at increasing and maintaining ridership.")
American Society Of Landscape Architects' The Dirt Blog

LADOT Touts Spike In Rider Satisfaction
Los Angeles Daily News

Live Chat: I-405 Countdown To Closure, July 16-17 (transcript of Wednesday's Metro Live Chat with Metro's Executive Director of Highway Projects and Executive Director of Transit Project Delivery)

Reading L.A.: Mike Davis, "City Of Quartz" And Southern California's "Spatial Apartheid"
Los Angeles Times

Riders Rave About DASH Service, Survey Says
Blog Downtown

Supervisor Ridley-Thomas Proposes Compensation For Rail Line
Los Angeles Wave

Tips For Air Travel During 405 Closure: Los Angeles International Airport Officials Say They Expect Impacts On Departing And Arriving Passengers, But There Are Ways To Avoid Frenzy
Hermosa Beach Patch

U.S. Opens New Round Of Transportation Grants

Washington Metro Could Benefit From Clarified Board Roles And Responsibilities, Improved Strategic Planning (69p. PDF)
U.S. Government Accountability Office

West L.A. Residents Give Their Input On Area Transportation Problems: Parking Concerns Dominate The Discussion At A Meeting Wednesday Organized By City Offiicals To Get Residents' Feedback On The Westside Mobility Plan
Brentwood Patch

Westside Subway Extension Work Could Begin In 2012
Los Angeles Business

William Shatner's "Carmageddon" Tweet: Watch My Documentary
Los Angeles Times

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Arcadia & Gold Line, Leimert Park Station, Carmageddon Live Chat & Warnings, AEG & Transit, CRA Demise, Parklets & More

3 Simple Ways Tech Can Grow Greener Cities (Offering wifi on public transit, encouraging checkins, installing parking sensors)

405 Carmageddon Machine Cranks Up
LA Observed

AEG Encourages Us All To Hop The Train To Stadium-Ville
Curbed LA

America's Interstate Highway System Celebrates 55 Years
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Arcadia Gold Line Station Clears City Hurdles: City Council Authorizes City Manager To Enter Agreement With Construction Authority
Arcadia Patch

California Department Of Transportation Selects Autodesk For Road And Highway Design Projects

California Redevelopment Agencies' Demise
LA Weekly

Carmageddon: Metro Addresses Questions During Live Chat

Contractor Faces Huge Financial Penalties If 405 Freeway Isn't Reopened On Time: Kiewit Pacific Co. Will Be Charged Approximately $6,000 For Every 10 Minutes It Exceeds The Deadline For Reopening The Freeway After The July 15-18 Closure
Encino Patch

Creation Of Inland Empire Authority To Control Ontario Airport Placed On Hold
Daily Breeze

Crenshaw Update: Ridley-Thomas Pushes Community Update Benefits, Community Weighs Options For Subway/Leimert Station
StreetsBlog LA

DOT Lends Amtrak $562.9 Million For Locomotives
Journal Of Commerce

Drivers Worry About Monday Morning Commute In Metro Chat On 405 Closure: Drivers' Biggest Concern Expressed During Wednesday's Live Chat With Metro Officials Is Whether Construction On The 405 Freeway Will Remain On Schedule, Or If It Will Affect Their Monday Commute
Marina Del Rey Patch

The Fiction Of The Persecuted European Motorist
StreetsBlog Network

How Will The 405 Closure Affect N.E. Los Angeles?
Echo Park Patch

Interstate Bike Highway Effort Reappears
Sustainable Business Oregon

Investing In Transit: Investing In America ("With regions around the nation searching for ways to combat sprawl and stabilize their economies, this begs the question: can America really afford to wait this long for transit?")
Reconnecting America

LAPD Asks Celebrities To Tweet Out Word On 405 Freeway Closure
Los Angeles Times

Like Carmageddon, Metro Preparing Us For Westside Subway Construction
Curbed LA

Major L.A. Study Shows Importance Of Bike-Transit Connection
Bike Portland

[Beverly Hills] Mayor Reaffirms Subway Tunneling Opposition
Canyon News

Metro Officials Answer Questions In Web Chat About 405 Closure Through Sepulveda Pass
Los Angeles Daily News

(video : "a conceptual design response by Gensler Los Angeles to an open invitation by Sci-Arc, The Architect’s Newspaper and LA Metro to shift people from their cars to public transit. Increasing the movement of people, not cars should be the goal of any public transit initiative. For this ambitious project, Gensler Los Angeles proposes an integrated set of ideas to adapt the current system to improve its performance at the various scales based on user needs. The belief is that a more responsive system and an improved user experience ultimately leads to the means to meet that challenge.")
Tam Thien Tran via Vimeo
Can Technology Transform Public Transit In LA?
Gensler On Cities

New Budget Passes, Nabs $1.7B From Redevelopment Agencies
Curbed LA

Ontario Airport Bill Is Staying Where It Is
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Opinion: State Should Lead Again On Emission Standards
Sacramento Bee

"Parklets" Create Public Space, 120 Square Feet At A Time
California Planning & Development Report

Railspeak Should Be Terminated: Train And Station Announcements Offer A Relentless Barrage Of Drivel In A Language All Of Their Own
Guardian (U.K.)

Safe Passing Bill For Bicyclists Wins Key Assembly Committee Vote
StreetsBlog SF

Santa Monica To Open Emergency Center For Freeway Closure
Santa Monica Lookout

Strollers, Carts, And Other Large Items On Buses And Trains
(174p. PDF)
U.S. Transit Cooperative Research Program

Wayfinding Maps For Urban Navigators
The City Fix

Westside Subway Construction: The Basics
LA Observed

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AEG Transpo Plan, BH Subway, Regional Connector, LA's 1948 Transportation Battles, LADOT, Metrolink, UCLA Parking, Amazing Trains Never Built & More

AB710 Will Reduce The Cost And Increase The Supply Of Affordable Housing (parking plays a key role)
AIA LA Design Advocate

AEG Touts Transit For L.A. Live Events
Blog Downtown

AEG's Transpo Plan: Early Returns Good, But The Devil Remains In The Details
StreetsBlog LA

Amazing Trains That Were Never Built

Bike Lanes, Crosswalks, Pedestrian Signals Coming To Dahab Crash Corner
StreetsBlog LA

Chinese Mass Transit: On The Right Track ("Having for decades largely neglected the need for efficient light-rail systems as its cities grew, it is now in the midst of metro-mania. Last year the number of subway carriages in service across the country grew by 50%, with more than 30 cities in the process of building new metro lines.")
The Economist

Community Meetings For Regional Connector Continue Wednesday And Thursday
Blog Downtown

A Congressman's Pet Project, A Railroad's Boon ("Representative John L. Mica, a Florida Republican and chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, has spent years badgering federal agencies, bullying state officials, blocking Amtrak naysayers and trying to bypass federal restrictions to build support and squash opposition to the commuter line.")
New York Times

Declining US $s For Highways: Where Tolling Fits In
Toll Road News

Dirty Land Derails Cleantech Deal: Buyer Backs Out Of $15 Million Acquisition Of Troubled CRA Property
Los Angeles Downtown News

The Fiction Of The Persecuted European Motorist (reaction to Monday's New York Times article)
StreetsBlog Network

Five Must-Know Tenets Of 21st Century Planning (For one, "Fixed rail infrastructure is the cornerstone of transit-oriented development")

Freight As Passenger Rail's Worst Enemy -- Or Something Else?
Transport Politic

Green Transportation Research Bill Introduced In The House
Wu Introduces Major Green Transportation Bill
U.S. House Of Representatives Press Release

LADOT GM De La Vega On Better Data, Multi-Modalism And, Yes, Pedi-Cabs
StreetsBlog LA

L.A. Port's Knatz To Anchor International Port Association
Progressive Railroading

Like A Space Port, Every Sort: A Song About LA Transit

Metrolink & AEG Want Your Butt In Seats, Announce Transit Partnership

Metrolink Safety Fix Could Cost Millions: Three Options Are Aimed At Keeping Pedestrians From Crossing Tracks
Burbank Leader

More Proof We've Hit Peak Car Use?

One Minute On The 405
(video : one minute of footage gives viewers some idea of the impact of the upcoming 405 closure on the average weekend's 300,000 vehicles which normally pass through the Sepulveda Pass)
LA Observed

Opinion: Keeping The Subway On Track: L.A. Business Interests Need To Put The Brakes On Beverly Hills Activists' Efforts To Delay The Purple Line
Los Angeles Business Journal

Rail Rapid Transit Now!: Early Freeways, "Bus Rapid Transit" & The Competing Transportation Plans Of 1948
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Rumor Mill: House Leadership Hostile To Transpo Reauthorization
StreetsBlog DC

SFMTA Names Taxi Director As Interim Nate Ford Replacement
San Francisco Appeal

State Treasurer Worries About Bullet Train's Finances
California Watch

StreetFilms With Espanol: Long Beach Shifts Into High Gear
StreetsBlog LA

UCLA Students Criticize Parking Enforcement Changes In Westwood: After Los Angeles Officials Began Issuing Tickets For "Apron Parking," Some Argue That It Is The Only Solution To The Area's Significant Lack Of Parking
Los Angeles Times

Westside And Valley Businesses Are Preparing For Carmageddon: The Weekend Closure Of A 10-Mile Stretch Of The 405 Freeway Through The Sepulveda Pass Will Force Restaurants And Hotels To Operate With Fewer Workers, Offer Greater Discounts To Attract Customers And Still Face The Prospect Of Revenue Losses
Los Angeles Times

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Metro Bus Changes, Colton Crossing, Colleges & Cars, UCLA/Westwood Parking, State Of The Highways, Carbon Footprint & More

45 Years Ago: Subway Tunnel Given To City
Blog Downtown

After 55 Years, Where Are We On Highways? ("How far have we come since this first highway bill? Is the highway system now true to Eisenhower's vision of a workable, free, transcontinental roadway? Are there new technological or demographic changes since 1955 that should be incorporated into the surface-transportation goals? If Eisenhower was alive now, what would you tell him about his proudest domestic accomplishment?")
National Journal Transportation Blog

Burbank: JetBlue Passengers Ride Free On Metrolink To And From Bob Hope Airport
Los Angeles Times

California Allocates $825 Million To Create Jobs And Improve Transportation
Construction Pros

Caltrans Breaks Ground On I-5 Improvements

Can LA Afford To Neglect Its Bike And Pedestrian Infrastructure?
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Carmageddon: Coming To A Theater Near You

Cars Are Not Welcome Here (Colleges and universities around the U.S. are using both carrots and sticks to entice students, faculty and staff to leave the car at home, freeing up funds locked into large parking budgets)
Inside Higher Ed
Colleges Should Focus On Teaching Students, Not Giving Them Subsidized Parking Spaces
Think Progress

Esplanade Design Contract Up For Approval ("Years of planning and process may result in action Tuesday if the City Council approves a $2.2 million contract to design the Colorado Esplanade, a promenade and plaza that will usher users of the new Expo Light Rail line into Santa Monica proper.")
Santa Monica Daily Press

Federal Player Of The Week: Guiding New Transportation Policies ("Klein’s job is to make sure that ongoing agency-funded research meshes with federal transportation policy, and can overcome technical and bureaucratic bottlenecks.")
Washington Post

Funding Delay Puts Big Rail Project At Risk ("Construction of a railroad overpass in Colton is fast approaching a federal funding deadline and the state's murky financial picture is complicating matters.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Highway Research Moves Toward Livable Transportation Solutions
Project For Public Spaces

IRS Bumps Up Mileage Deductions
Washington Post

Is High-Speed Rail A Culture War?
California High Speed Rail Blog

L.A. Begins Parking Crackdown In UCLA, Westwood Village Area
Los Angeles Times

LA Metro Bus Passengers Get Thrown For A Loop With Route Changes
Southern California Public Radio

Metrolink Fares To Remain The Same For 2011-12 ("The new customer service inititive, called C.O.A.T., or the customer onboard assistance team, adds onboard personnel who can provide service and information to customers during their commute.")
Moorpark Patch

Preservation Approaches For High-Traffic-Volume Roadways (4p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board

Public Transportation Systems As The Foundation For Economic Growth (20p. PDF)
U.S. Transit Cooperative Research Program

Some State DOTs Promote Tolls On Interstate Highways
Lane Line

Three Southern California Airports Yearn To Leave LAX's Nest
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Transportation Experts Call For More Investment
San Francisco Chronicle

US DOT Announces $1.6 Billion For Transit Projects
Transportation Nation

Villaraigosa To Sign Port Labor Agreement
Los Angeles Wave

Your Carbon Footprint Isn't Small Just Because You Take The Subway
Implications Of Urban Structure On Carbon Consumption In Metropolitan Areas
Environmental Research Letters

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$184 Million Anaheim Transit Hub To Break Ground In 2012: Orange County's ARTIC In Anaheim Will Create Several Thousand Jobs
Los Angeles / Orange Counties Building Trades Council

Activists Protest Cuts To Metro Bus Lines [Which Started] Sunday
Southern California Public Radio

America's Top Cities For Bike Commuting: Happier, Too
The Atlantic

Analysts Question Cost, Ridership For High-Speed Rail Project
Orange County Register

Apps Contests For Non-Programmers
Transit Wire

Bridge Comes To San Francisco With A Made-In-China Label
New York Times

Bus And Rail Services To Be Increased During "Carmageddon": The MTA Will Boost The Number Of Rapid Buses Going In And Out Of Santa Monica During The July Weekend Shutdown Of The 405
Santa Monica Patch

Bus Service Cuts Begin This [Past] Weekend; Riders Union Livid
Los Angeles Daily News

Carmageddon Los Angeles, Brought To You By Erik Estrada
Car Connection

Congestion Pricing: Not Coming Soon To A US City Near You
Next American City

Constellation Blvd: The Subway Stops Here!

Europe Stifles Drivers In Favor Of Alternatives ("While American cities are synchronizing green lights to improve traffic flow and offering apps to help drivers find parking, many European cities are doing the opposite: creating environments openly hostile to cars.")
New York Times

Expect Two (Radically Different) Reauthorization Proposals Soon
StreetsBlog DC

Funding For Infrastructure Maintenance: Achieving And Sustaining A State Of Good Repair
(21p. PDF)
U.S. Transit Cooperative Research Program

Golden State (5) Freeway In Pacoima To Be Closed [This] Week ("Up to two lanes in each direction of the 5 Freeway may be closed between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. each day.")
Los Angeles Daily News

The Great Highway Program (A look back at how Fortune Magazine explained the birth of the nation's interstate highway system in their September, 1958 issue : "The article calls out a number of issues that were then being minimized but that would plague communities for decades, such as the fact that the highway engineers were building roads for speed, cost and convenience, as opposed to thinking about neighborhoods being paved over. Or that building the system was just the start of the costs to come. Fortune was also rightly skeptical of claims that improvements in flying (especially "vertical takeoff aircraft") would make the highway obsolete; or that a magnetic cable "would guide the car while the driver relaxes." As Americans take to the road for the summer, it's good to remember that the creation of the system wasn't always a sure thing.")

High Speed Rail Authority Holding Final Inland Empire Forums
Southern California Public Radio

High-Speed Rail Critics Crank Up The Pressure: Bay Area Group Brings Sign Campaign To Valley
Merced Sun-Star

In Case You're Just Joining Us: Pros And Cons In The Amtrak Privatization Debate

L.A. Prepares For I-405 "Carmageddon" Shutdown
Orange County Register

LAX Advice For 405 Freeway Shutdown: Avoid Driving To Or From The Airport
Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Bus Cuts: MTA Axes 305,000 More Hours Of Service, Stranding Low-Income Workers In L.A. Outskirts
LA Weekly

The Mayor, The City And The Future
Los Angeles Downtown News

Meet The New Metro Board Chair, Same As The Old Metro Board Chair ("The Mayor of Los Angeles chairs the Metro Board once every three years, and Villaraigosa will hold the seat from July 1 until June 30, 2012.")
StreetsBlog LA

Metro Developer Challenge Winners

Metro Line Changes, Countdown To Sepulveda Pass Closure
Studio City Patch

Metrolink '11-12 Budget: More Trains, More Safety, More Customer Service, No Fare Increase

Mirsich, Bosse Continue Push For Tougher Council Stance Against MTA: The Council Members' Motions Calling For A More Hard-Line Approach To Fighting Proposed Subway Tunneling Under BHHS Are Rejected By Their Colleagues This Week
Beverly Hills Patch

A Modest Proposal: Privatising Amtrak
The Economist

Public Safety Will Be The Priority During 405 Closure, Officials Say: Police, Fire And Transportation Officials Assured Public Safety Would Be A Priority
Pacific Palisades Patch

Rail Grants Expected To Create Jobs, Increase Safety, Reduce Congestion
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Job

Railway Dangers Should Have Been Caught Sooner, Say Officials: No Timeline For Reopening Of Shuttered Angels Flight
Los Angeles Downtown News

Role Reversal: Calif. High Speed Rail Plan May Use Chinese Tech And U.S. Labor
Transportation Nation
150 Years On, China's Rail Role Would Use U.S. Labor (audio : "Nearly 150 years ago America built the first transcontinental railroad, and 10,000 Chinese laborers used pickaxes to cut tunnels and rail-lines for just $30 per month. Now, President Obama is promoting high-speed rail, and the Chinese are again involved. This time, though, they don't just want to swing an axe. They want to design and part-fund it and have Americans provide the labor.")
The Takeaway

Train To LAX Could See Streetscape Improvements Even If It Might Not Stop In The Heart Of L.A.'s Black Community
LA Weekly

West Side Commuters Brace For "Carmageddon"

Why The World Faces A Massive Traffic Jam

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