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Transportation Headlines for Saturday June 21, 2008

Bike Boulevards Coming to Long Beach

Bill aims for wireless parity on Washington subways
RCR Wireless News

Bus agencies give riders free chance to Dump the Pump (Omnitrans)
Press Enterprise

Cutting back on bikes onboard - Officials cite safety in limiting number to 4 per car on train
San Diego Union Tribune

Feds to look at LAX staffing - Air traffic control a concern
Daily News

Gas Prices And Your Commute?

It's A Gas! Metrolink At All-Time Ridership High

Mayor talks green
San Bernardino Sun

Metro Imagines More Buses Running on Time

Metrolink Ridership Increases 15.6% in 2 Days

Metro Tax Hike
Eastside Sun

Metro to Implement Six New Metro Rapid Bus Lines, Create a New Line Between Sun Vally and Hollywood and Implement Other Service Modification Effective Sunday, June 29

MTA Readying County Sales Tax Hike Prop
Long Beach Report

New Calls for Red Line Extension to Burbank

New Group Calls for Greenway Along Proposed Expo Line

NEWSFLASH! Metro Rail Subway Arrival Displays Now Operational! (Albeit Kinda Buggy...)
Militant Angeleno

Poor ridership drives Megabus to shut down in L.A.,0,304612.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

Putting the Mass In Mass Transit - High Gas Prices Send More Downtown Commuters to Area Trains
LA Downtown News

Travelers Shift to Rail as Cost of Fuel Rises
New York Times

Valley Power Outage Means More Traffic Tickets

Wi-Fi Service to Continue on Cincinnati Area Bus Route - Pilot showed service was well used, especially during commuting times
The Community Press

Will LA's 'Central Park' be a Downtown Freeway Park?


Transportation Headlines for Friday June 20, 2008

210 Freeway traffic rises after final segment completed
San Bernardino Sun

3rd Annual Dump the Pump Day

Amid rising gas prices, more in L.A. turning to commuter rail. Caltrans officials said that traffic on California freeways dropped 1.5% today compared with last year -- or the equivalent of a billion fewer miles traveled. Metrolink recorded its highest number of riders for a single day. More than 50,000 people boarded its trains Tuesday,0,2576654.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

city west speaks: “light our historic street lamps!”

Day-trippin’ for $3
La CaƱada Online

Disneyland's new monorail remains sidetracked
LA Now

Dump the Pump: the view from Orange County
Bottleneck Blog

Drivers encouraged to take mass transit

El Monte Transit Village gets $25.5 million grant
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Getting density right

High Gasoline Prices and High Speed Rail

LA transit ridership at an all-time high

Local agencies get look at new emissions rules
San Francisco Chronicle

Less freeway traffic, more rail riders
Los Angeles Times

Metro officials address potential light-rail routes - Impact on Pico Rivera part of presentation
Whittier Daily News

MTA to ask county for vote on half-cent sales tax hike
Los Angeles Wave

New $5 Bus Service from LA to SF

New project to improve 105 Fwy. access to Los Angeles International Airport
The Argonaut

North County Transit district cuts routes, OKs rate hikes
San Diego Union Tribune

Ocean cargo: Port of LA’s “Clean Trucks Program” gains support
Logistics Management

One rider's view from the Blue Line
Bottleneck Blog

People First or Cars First?

Ride the Rails Urban Expedition
All Shades of Green

Run on diesel fuel creating public transit crisis in Tijuana
San Diego Union Tribune

SoCal Commuters Encouraged To 'Dump The Pump'

Steve Scauzillo: Dumping the pump and losing control
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Traffic ticket waits set to shrink
Daily Breeze

Whose Job Is It To Fight For Bike Paths?
Curbed LA

With gas prices soaring, driving drops
Gasoline demand expected to fall for first time in 17 years
San Francisco Chronicle

Where's our Central Park? - Putting a 'lid' over the 101 Freeway could give L.A. the gathering place it needs,0,5743031.story
Los Angeles Times


Transportation Headlines for Thursday June 19, 2008

Americans drive 1.4 billion fewer highway miles

ARB takes to the waves - First the cars and trucks, then the factories, trains and earth movers. Now, the ships at sea
Capitol Weekly

California Shuttle Bus today - announced that they are going to begin offering new shuttle bus services between Los Angeles and San Francisco starting at $5,438981.shtml

Cargo Bikes? Yeah, they’ve got cargo bikes…
Bike Commuters

Caution signs go up on 210 Freeway in Highland
San Bernardino Sun

Congestion capital - Traffic study offers some insights for L.A.-area commuters
Daily Breeze

Eric Garcetti for Mayor, Explained

Experts Warn Housing Slump Not Done, Plus Credit Card Debt Rising - Many Commuters Are Ditching Cars and Moving Closer to Mass Transit
ABC News

Feds: Americans Driving Less

Foothill Extension: bad for the San Gabriel Valley and bad for Los Angeles
Ditch the Car, Take the Metro

Governor, you should read this one
Bottleneck Blog

Incentives to 'dump the pump'
Inland News

In L.A., valet is everywhere – and not just for cars. In the city where parking your own car is so yesterday, residents rely on valet service for their bikes as well as BMWs
CS Monitor

LACBC: Call Your Mayor To Support Bike Resolution

LA’s ‘most prolific’ tagger in jail after posting incriminating YouTube video
TG Daily

LA officials to public - Dump the pump!
Daily News

Los Angeles City Council Approves Resolution Calling for Alcohol Ignition Interlocks
Government Technology

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority--Abandonment Exemption--in Los Angeles County, CA
Trading Markets

Malibu ranks No.1 in traffic fatalities, injuries
Malibu Times

Metro Has Communication Issues With L.A.; Breakup Imminent

No Mocha For Me, Thanks. I've Gotta Buy Gas

O’Connor: We Need to Count People Movement Not Car Movement

One-third of state-maintained Inland roads are in disrepair, Caltrans says
Press Enterprise

Perris Valley Line - Commuter Rail
Menifee 24/7

Port fee to help raise $3 billion - INFRASTRUCTURE: Container charge will be matched by proposition funds for overhaul of roads, bridges.
Daily Breeze

Prosecutors Say 2005 Metrolink Crash 'Wasn't An Accident'
11 People Killed In Train Crash

REGION: 'Quality of life' tax advances - Bill would authorize sales tax ballot measure
North County Times

Ride the Rails: History, Architecture, and Hollywood Lore in Downtown L.A.

Schwarzenegger says drilling ban not to blame for high gas prices,0,97631.story
Los Angeles Times

Schwarzenegger: Coast Must Be Protected From New Drilling - McCain, Bush Call For Lifting Of Ban

Support green growth - Los Angeles can benefit from a state bill that doles out money based on smart-growth ideas,0,7270049.story
Los Angeles Times

Thursday is 'Dump the Pump Day'
Daily Breeze

Train in Vain - Europe and Asia have figured it out, so why is the American rail system still so unspeakably awful? GOOD hops aboard a transcontinental train to find out.
Good Magazine

United to shrink planes, expand number of flights
Antelope Valley Press


Transportation Headlines for Wednesday June 18, 2008

Assembly panel advances plan to extend 91 Express toll lanes to Riverside
Press Enterprise

Big Blue Blames Bureaucrats' Budget

Big Week for California’s Proposed High-Speed Train Network

Bill Seeking to Reduce VMT Moves Through State Senate

Complete streets and gas prices
Smart Growth America

Dial-A-Ride driver takes service seriously
Press Enterprise

Do it in Mass in the LBC
Curbed LA

Downtown Art Walk Wins Urban Planning Award

Electric cars plug in to Washington - Industry pushes for federal incentives
Market Watch

“Financing the Future of the Golden State” with California Board of Equalization Chair Judy Chu
Mayor Sam 2

Future transportation hub - Omnitrans approves $1.9M land purchase
San Bernardino Sun

Gold Line Ridership Up Thanks to Gas Prices
Pasadena Cosmopolitan

Gold Vs. Purple: Advocates Choose Their Trains

Independent truck ban wins OK - PORT OF L.A.: Haulers plan to file lawsuit against the city, saying the policy violates free-trade laws
Daily Breeze

Inland traffic congestion worsens
Inland News

Join the public transit discussion on the Transit Coalition's boards
Emerald City

McCain Energy Policy Targets Offshore Drilling

Obama Calls for Investment in Regional Intercity Rail

OCTA girds for more riders - As commuters tire of soaring fuel prices, transit officials' plans may see action sooner than they expected,0,319487.story
Los Angeles Times

Our view - Get on board the trash train
Pasadena Star News

Panning for Gold Line funds in San Gabriel Valley,0,3027308.story
Los Angeles Time

Popular bike trail to close during basin cleanup
Whittier Daily News

Public transit use trumpeted in Long Beach
Press Telegram

Segway sales hit all time high, thanks OPEC!

Suburbs a Mile Too Far for Some - Demographic Changes, High Gasoline Prices
May Hasten Demand for Urban Living
Wall Street Journal

Traffic Study Provides Confirmation For Frustrated LA Motorists

Trial run positive for double-deckers

United Airlines to double flights at L.A./Palmdale Airport - Doubling departures is intended to create a more flexible schedule, attracting more travelers to the still struggling north county facility,0,5330256.story
Los Angeles Times

Video: Traffic Congestion in the U.S.: INRIX National Traffic Scorecard Provides Revealing In-Depth Look at America's Most Frustrating Problem - Report ranks top 100 most congested cities and the nation's worst traffic bottlenecks

'worst' morning commute occurs ... ?
Bottleneck Blog


Transportation Headlines for Tuesday June 17, 2008

Are L.A. Gas Prices Reducing L.A.’s Traffic?

Benefits of Street Parking: Three Studies
Smart Growth

Bloomberg Testifies Before Congress on Infrastructure Crisis
New Penn Station

City Set to Increase Parking Violation Fines

Gas Prices Boost Ridership, Costs for Mass Transit

Has it come to this?
Bottleneck Blog

Is Wall-E Riding Metro?

Kiss My Gass and Dump the Pump
Los Angeles Times/Emerald City

L.A. is nation's most congested city
Daily Breeze

L.A. County transportation sales tax would stimulate economy, local group says
Progressive Railroading

Los Angeles Traffic
Urban Planning Research

Omnitrans seeking to improve sbX link - Loma Linda/SB bus will have own lanes
San Bernardino Sun

One Rack at a Time Too Slow for Creating a Bicycle Friendly City

Rapid transition - Ridership on Sprinter trains is down since its debut, but officials are optimistic
Sand Diego Union Tribune

Saving Our Infrastructure From Kleptocrats: an Oklahoma Tale of Hope
Daily KOS

Subway Tax Would Boost Economy
Rail Riders Union

Support green growth - Los Angeles can benefit from a state bill that doles out money based on smart-growth ideas (AB 842),0,7270049.story
Los Angeles Times

With friends like these ... Saudis agree with McCain: Cut gasoline taxes!


Transportation Headlines for Monday June 16, 2008

17 Reasons Why Bicycles Are the Most Popular Vehicle in the World Today

Another run at biking in L.A.
Bike Commute Tips

Bill would improve transportation (AB 3021)
Daily Bulletin

For mass transit, mass investment - With record ridership and fuel prices, subways, trains, and buses are strapped
CS Monitor

Instead of taking the bus, why not just work from home?

More L.A. Homebuyers Looking for Public Transportation Amenities
Smart Growth Online

Pain at the pump - Southland drivers making changes
Whittier Daily News

PB Developing Congestion Pricing Plan For Los Angeles
Public Works

Rare American Steam Locomotive Back in the Southland

San Fernando Valley Subsystem
Ditch the Car, Take the Metro


Transportation Headlines for Sunday June 15, 2008

720 is the place to be

A couple of easy fixes and we'll take the bus to work,0,6180113.column
Los Angeles Times

Another run at biking in L.A.
Before the freeways, the bicycle ruled the road in L.A. It could be that way again,0,4729151.story
Los Angeles Times

Brits Say US Cities Should Look To UK's Successes

Driven to change - Skyrocketing gas prices push people to find ways to save
San Bernardino Sun

Gas prices making mass transit a hotter ticket

KISS MY GASS! The Protest Begins Sunday, June 15th at Midnight

LAistory: Grand Central Air Terminal

Local pols weary of toll lane proposal - Officials want more Gold Line funding
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Los Angeles County Sheriffs and Metrolink Launch Random Baggage-Security-Screening Procedures

More than one way to get around - Our view: You do have the power to lessen your pain at the pump
Daily Bulletin

RTA reworks two of its routes - ‘PARADIGM SHIFT': RTA chief says number of riders has jumped
Valley Chronicle

So County Traffic Plan Announced By OCTA
Mission Viejo Dispatch

This Coming Tuesday: Bikes at Santa Monica City Council
Westside Bikeside

Toll lane plan draws fire - Local lawmakers decry funding shortfall to area
Whittier Daily News