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Gold Line Eastside Turns 1, Wilshire BRT, L.A. In Maps, Angels Flight Fare Increase?, Interactive Commuting Maps, L.A. H.S. Of Urban Planning & More

Arcadia Revises Downtown Vision
Pasadena Star-News

Buses Of The Future Unveiled At Vancouver Convention
Vancouver Sun

California Transit Agency Earns National Marketing Award For Cost Saving Text Messaging Program: Orange County Transportation Authority Edges Out Global Brands To Earn Title Of "Best Use Of Mobile Marketing: Relationship Building"
Business Wire

Can The Richest Neighborhoods Be Exempt From Bus Lanes?
("Richer cities Santa Monica and Beverly Hills are already not participating in the bus-only lane. Now, Metro and LA DOT must decide whether the richest section of the City of Los Angeles that the bus lane passes through will also be exempt.")
LA Subway Blog

Carmakers' Next Problem: Generation Y - People In Their Teens And Twenties Are More Interested In Gadgets Than Cars

China Completes World's Longest Bullet Line

Connection Penalties As "De Facto Redlining"?
Human Transit
Connection Fare Penalties: Why They Happen
Human Transit

Dutch Planners School U.S. Cities On Bikeability
StreetsBlog DC

Eastside Gold Line Reaches One Year Milestone
("One year later, it appears many East L.A. and Boyle Heights residents, as well as people from the surrounding communities, have adopted the light rail into their routines, local excursions and community activity commitments.")
EGP News

Federal Transit Programs: Federal Transit Administration Has Opportunities To Improve Performance Accountability
U.S. Government Accountability Office
Full-Text Report (46p. PDF)

Highways And Labor Markets

LADOT Westside Mobility Plan Study
Westside Today

Los Angeles In Maps & The Curious Case Of Miss Laura J. Whitlock
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Metro America's Commuting Methods: The Interactive Edition
Interactive: State Of Metropolitan America Indicator Map

The New New Urbanists: Los Angeles' High School Of Urban Planning Welcomes Its Freshman Class
(East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy of Urban Planning)

New Supermarket Coming To Downtown: Rio Ranch To Open Chinatown Area Grocery Store In 2011
Los Angeles Downtown News

NIMBY's In Westwood Threaten Wilshire BRT Project West Of Beverly Hills
StreetsBlog LA

Our View: Taking The Free From Our Freeways
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Project Delays Keep L.A. Metro's Budget In The Black
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

Should Angels Flight Increase Its Quarter Fare?
Blog Downtown

Sustainable Housing, 30/10 And Public Transit In LA
Huffington Post

Train Makers Rail Against China's High-Speed Designs
Wall Street Journal

Villaraigosa Proposes Free Field Trip Travel For Students On MTA
Daily Breeze

Wilshire Bus Lane Battle On The Horizon
Curbed LA


Best Transpo Inventions For 2010, Metrolink's New Railcars, OC Clean Tech, Perils Of Low Base Fares, Downtown Auto District & More

The 50 Best Inventions Of 2010 (A look at the 10 related to transportation)
Amtrak's Beef-Powered Train
Google's Driverless Car
Martin Jetpack
Edison 2
Anthro Electric Car
Electric-Car Charging Stations
The Straddling Bus
Road-Embedded Rechargers
Terrafugia Transition
The Plastic Bottle Boat

57, 10 Freeways Listed As Candidates For Toll Lanes
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Achieving Traffic Safety Goals In The United States: Lessons From Other Nations
(188p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board Special Report

City Debuts System To Improve Traffic Flow
("Murrieta has opened a new traffic-management nerve center in City Hall that allows technicians to manipulate traffic signals in real time.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

DC's Bike Share Proliferation
Commute By Bike

Downtown Auto District Made Official
Los Angeles Downtown News

European Carmakers Get Into The Bicycle Business
StreetsBlog Network

How Much Money Does Public Transportation Save?
The City Fix

Is This Battery-Powered Subcompact The Future Of Car Sharing?
StreetsBlog Network

LADOT G.M. Search: StreetsBlog's Fab Four Of Fresh Faces That Should Be Considered
StreetsBlog LA

"Mapnificent": Your Freedom To Roam
Human Transit

Midterms Threaten Obama's Rail Plans
New York Times

National High Speed Rail Plan Unveiled, Despite Political Roadblocks

New Rotem Cars Are "Ready To Roll"
Metrolink Trains Blog

Nothing Is Simple Down By The River

Blog Downtown

Orange County Hits Pay Dirt With Clean-Tech Industry: The Area Is Attracting Many Companies Focusing On Green Energy And Transportation. It Already Boasts About 300 Such Firms With 20,000 Jobs, Business Groups Say
Los Angeles Times

The Peril Of Low Base Fares
("Los Angeles County transit agencies also labor under a peculiar funding arrangement in which a certain countywide funding source is allocated according to fare revenue divided by base fare. So if you keep your base fare down (by charging for "extras," such as connections) you get more money from the county!")
Human Transit

Port Of Long Beach And Vision Sign Agreement For Zero Emission Truck Demonstration
Market Watch

Public Transportation Prices In 80 Worldwide Cities
Price Of Travel

Report: Letting Transit Tax Benefit Expire Will Throw Riders From The Train
The Case To Maintain The Commuter Benefit Gap (6p. PDF)
Transit Center

South Pasadena Officials To Further Discuss 710 Freeway Extension
Pasadena Star-News

Transportation Reauthorization Bill Headed For Yet Another Extension
School Transportation News

Yaroslavsky, Katz Demand Changes To Wilshire Rapid Bus Lane Project
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy


Expo Won't Be Aqua, Alameda Corridor East , No Rail On Wilshire, GPS Risks, New Transpo Safety Campaign, Pedestrian Advocacy & More

Announcing The Subway Announcement Lady
New York Times

Bachmann: Transportation Projects Shouldn't Be Earmarks
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Beijing-LA Alliance To Fight Traffic ("In an unusual alliance, the transportation agencies of Los Angeles and Beijing have come together to swap ideas on how best to get people walking, biking and riding public transit." MTA Deputy CEO Paul Taylor discusses)

China Leads World In High-Speed Rail Tracks
(and is on the verge of having more HSR tracks than the rest of the world put together)

Development's Traffic Impact Questioned: NBC Universal's Expansion Plan Assumes Public Transportation Use, Officials Said
Burbank Leader

Don't Call It The Aqua Line: It's The Aqua-Colored Expo Line
Curbed LA

Downtown Parking May Change: City Officials Are Looking Into Plan To Ease Requirements To Attract Businesses
Glendale News-Press

Editorial: MTA's Legal Trouble
Daily Breeze

Editorial: Paying To Use Those Carpool Lanes
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Call For Redirecting HSR Money
California High Speed Rail Blog

GPS Addict? It May Be Eroding Your Brain

The Horrors Of "Transferring," Circa 1974
Human Transit

How Pedestrian! The Walking Movement Flexes Its Muscle
StreetsBlog DC

LA Transportation Officials Unveil New Airport, Train Station Safety Campaign
Southern California Public Radio

Lawmakers Seek More Rail Money For California: Senators Say California Would Gladly Take Funds For High-Speed Rail Passed On By Other States
ABC News

Light Rail On Wilshire? Why, That Would Be Illegal!
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

London Unveils New High-Tech Double-Decker Bus
USA Today

McConnell Earmark Ban Support Could Mean Even Less For Transpo
Transportation Nation

More Security Sought At Perris, Corona Transit Centers
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Oberstar Says Farewell, Talks About Future Of Infrastructure Debate
Trucking Info

Oberstar's Final Words Of Wisdom
StreetsBlog DC

Our View: Help ACE Finish What It Started (Alameda Corridor East Construction Authority)
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Pending Expiration Of The Federal Commuter Tax Benefit Presents Mass Transit Riders With Financial Challenges In 2011, Finds New TransitCenter Economic Report
Business Wire

Rail System Still Needs Identification Requirements
Government Security News

Taxis: The New Frontier Of Sustainable Transportation
The City Fix

TCRP Study Of Social Media: Want To Take Part?
Transit Wire

Tools To Help Companies Manage Their Social Media ("A small suite of emerging technologies is offering solutions to help companies manage their social media presence, by archiving business communications or managing individual employees posts on sites like Twitter and Facebook.")
New York Times

Transportation Official To Step Down From High-Speed Rail Panel: Richard Katz, Who Also Serves On The Boards Of The L.A. County MTA And The Metrolink Commuter System, Will Leave His Post Dec. 1
Los Angeles Times

U.S. Falls Behind Other Nations In Reducing Traffic Fatalities And Injuries; Report Identifies Safety Strategies That Could Succeed In U.S.
News From The National Academies

Waze Combines Crowdsourced GPS And Pac-Man


WeHo Transit Corridor, Congestion Pricing, L.A. Great Walk, Port Recovery, Brick "Road Carpet" & More

AEG Wants A Green Stadium For Downtown L.A.: No New Parking Required
StreetsBlog LA

Amazing Brick Machine Rolls Out Roads Like Carpet

Editorial: Get Ventura County On A Faster Transit Track
Pacific Coast Business Times

Five Sustainable Building Materials That Could Transform Construction
This Big City

From The Nation's Railroads, Some Positive Economic Signs
Los Angeles Times
Rail Time Indicators: A Review Of Key Economic Trends Shaping Demand For Rail Transportation (34p. PDF)
Association Of American Railroads

The Great Los Angeles Walk, 2010
(Saturday, November 20 : Wilshire Boulevard, 15.6 Miles, Pershing Square to the Pacific Ocean)
Great LA Walk
Curating The City: Explore Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles Conservancy

How The Unions Can Help LA Pay For The Wilshire Subway Extension
Huffington Post

Hwy. 101 Widening Foes File 3 Appeals ("The project involves converting the highway from a four-lane expressway into a six-lane freeway...At issue is whether the County Board Of Supervisors acted lawfully when it approved the $116 million project in September")
Ventura County Star

In Cutting Bus Stops, San Francisco Points Towards A More Efficient Bus System
Transport Politic

LA Metrolink Launches New Mobile Website
Railway Track And Structures

MTA Considering More Freeway Toll Lanes To Reduce Congestion
Los Angeles Times

New Report: U.S. Interstate Bullet System Achievable By 2050
A Track Record Of Success: High-Speed Rail Around The World And Its Promise For America
(53p. PDF)
U.S. PIRG Education Fund

Op-Ed: Scrutiny Will Keep MTA Finances On Correct Path
Los Angeles Business Journal

Outlook For Highway Reauthorization Unclear After Election
Trucking Info

Ports Of L.A. And Long Beach Post 18% Growth In Container Traffic: The Combined Cargo Total For October Compared With A Year Earlier Offers A Better-Than-Expected Sign Of Recovery
Los Angeles Times

Santa Monica Gears Up For The Season With New Traffic Strategies

Some Like It HOT: Metro Studying More Roads For Congestion Pricing
StreetsBlog LA

State Projects Will Drive Funding For High-Speed Rail
Washington Post

A Train To Somewhere
(Three Los Angeles examples of very short rail lines - The Grove, The Getty, Angels Flight - suggest that seemingly pointless but fun point-to-point transit systems could be the best way to use transit to improve urban areas)
Gelato Baby

What Now For The West Hollywood Transit Corridor?
StreetsBlog LA

Who's Driving This Public Transit System? ("Most experts conclude that transportation infrastructure does not lend itself to complete privatization because transport systems have network effects (economies of scale and scope) and external impacts, so pure privatization without regulation or subsidy generally leads to an inefficient transport system. Some functions can be contracted out, but most experts recommend that governments maintain strategic planning, management and performance standards, and provide subsidies needed to achieve strategic objectives.")


Expo & Real Estate, 5th & Flower Station, Gas Tax Hike Proposals, Transit And Sprawl, Taxi Safety & More

Arcadia To Vote On Updated General Plan ("City officials aim to set the stage for downtown revitalization by allowing residents to live in traditionally commercial areas around the future Gold Line station.")
Pasadena Star-News

BART Passed Over On Federal Loan For Airport Connector This Fiscal Year
StreetsBlog SF

Boosting Jobs With The Right Kind Of Housing And Transportation Efforts
New Republic

Budget Cuts Lead Cities To Bus Rapid Transit Over Rail

Buses, Bikes And Businesses Battle To Be King Of The Road
("San Francisco Muni...wants to establish 250 miles of transit-only lanes along roadways in The City and add 100 dedicated bike lanes. The goal is to move drivers out of their cars and also to increase the average speed of the transit system, which hovers at 8 mph now.")
San Francisco Examiner

Can We Ditch Our Cars And Embrace High-Speed Rail?

Clock Running Out On Montebello Railroad Crossing Project
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

The Community Plan Ordinance And Street-Level Planning: A Few False Alarms

Experts Say Sydney Could Learn From LA (''Let's look at a great example, which is Los Angeles...They have made tremendous investments in all kinds of mass transit - light rail, bus rapid transit, sometimes using the existing street grid, and they're doing some heavy
Sydney Morning Herald

The Fifth And Flower Tumble: Loss Of Key Regional Connector Station Raises Worries In Downtown
Los Angeles Downtown News

Fuel Tax, Anyone? (an expert panel weighs in)
National Journal Transportation Blog

Is Los Angeles Ready For 30/10? (LA Neighbors United)
StreetsBlog LA

Los Angeles In Maps: What's Next?
KCET Departures

Los Angeles On $100 A Day ("Seven days and six nights without a car turned out to be not only possible but in many ways afforded me a more unfiltered view of Los Angeles than I would have gotten behind the wheel.")
New York Times

Many More Amtrak Services On Google Transit
Trillium Solutions

The Mean, Stupid And Expensive Capital Of The U.S.? Survey Says Los Angeles Is A Contender
("When it came to public transportation, pedestrian-friendliness and friendliness generally, Los Angeles ranked dead last among 35 major U.S. cities.")
Los Angeles Times
America's Favorite Cities
Travel + Leisure

NYC Transit Union Chief Seeks To Unmask Blogger
("A growing number of people are turning to courts to try to unmask their online detractors.")
Wall Street Union

Proposed Gas Tax Increase Fires Up Debate
CNN Money

The Quest For Oregon's "Next Top (Transportation) Model"
Bike Portland

SF Considers Downtown Congestion Pricing

State's Taxi Industry Seen As "Wild West Of Safety" ("Thousands of Californians ride in taxi cabs every day, but the industry is far less regulated than virtually every other form of public transportation.")
Desert Sun

Transit Plaza Design Unveiled
Arcadia's Best

Transit's Role In Sprawl Repair ("What if we learned from Los Angeles's path? Instead of waiting until it's really expensive, as Los Angeles did, what if we take early, gradual, inexpensive steps to make our arterials safe and attractive for transit? That doesn't mean ripping up our single-family neighborhoods, but it does mean rethinking our arterials so that they're safe and attractive places for pedestrians, and so that they provide appropriate levels of priority to transit.")
Human Transit

VISTA Fares To Climb 25 Percent
Camarillo Acorn

Want A 15-Cent Gas Tax Hike? These Groups Do
Contracting Business

Westside Real Estate Agents Talking Expo With Clients
StreetsBlog LA