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Avego Shout: Instant Carpooling
("Avego Shout is a free smartphone app for arranging instant carpools with your friends, family and co-workers. Shout is a must-have for anyone who carpools regularly, allowing instant messaging and tracking of locations between riders and drivers.")

Beef-Based Biofuels? Amtrak Approves
Smart Planet

But Have You Seen This One?: Celebrating The Lesser-Known Historic Transit Photos Of Los Angeles
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

California Rail Agency Requests Billions To Start Construction: At A Meeting Of The High-Speed Rail Authority In Sacramento, Dozens Of People Attack The $98-Billion Project's Cost And Say It Will Harm Their Homes And Livelihoods
Los Angeles Times

California's Policy Model To Reduce Oil Use And Vehicle Emissions
The City Fix

The Day The Engineers Turned Against California HSR

DesertXpress Wants Suppliers To Manufacture Materials In Nevada, Southern California
Vegas INC

Economic Health Benefits Of Bikes For Commuting ("$3.8 billion per year are saved in avoided mortality and reduced health care costs for obesity and heart disease by replacing half of the short journeys with bicycle trips during the warmest six months of the year.")
Medical News Today

Escalating Tensions Has BART Considering Signs (BART is considering signage for escalator etiquette)
San Francisco Examiner

Few Obstacles Left For Gold Line: A Recent Court Victory And A Key MTA Funding Exemption Could Finally Put The Gold Line Foothill Extension Back On Track
Monrovia Patch

Freeway Widening Project Could Begin In January
Santa Clarita Valley Signal

High Costs Threaten California's High-Speed Rail Project, But The Wider Context Must Be Understood
Transport Politic

Hiking The Corralitas Rail Path
("The path follows the old Pacific Electric Red Car route to Glendale, which ran from 1896 to 1955.")
Modern Hiker

House GOP Bill Would Tie Infrastructure Spending To Energy Production
The Hill

Infrastructure Jobs Bill Dies In Senate
StreetsBlog DC

More Subway Hysteria (p.6 of 20p. PDF)
Beverly Hills Weekly

The New California HSR Plan: Forecast Of Doom Or Blueprint For The Future?
StreetsBlog DC

One Transportation App To Rule Them All ("Mo, a new startup in Munich, is trying to combine the city's bike shares, car shares, and public transportation system. Pay a yearly fee, use your phone to take whatever kind of transportation you need." Includes informational videos)
Fast Company Exist

Opinion: More Freeway Is Not The Way For South Pas
Glendale News-Press

Poll Says Most Voters In L.A. Region Favor More Public Transit
Los Angeles Times
Land Use & Transportation Survey Results
Move LA

Pollution Forum Addresses The "Sad Truth" Of Living, Working In Los Angeles Area: Scientists Say Studies Now Show Traffic Pollution Is Linked To Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease And Autism
EGP News

Report: "Cash For Clunkers" Was A Lemon
StreetsBlog Network
Evaluating "Cash-For-Clunkers": Program Effects On Auto Sales And The Environment (41p. PDF)
Resources For The Future

Restoring Historical Rail Stations, Restoring Lost Service
Rails To Trails Conservancy

South Pasadena Looks To Healthier Future With New Bicycle Plan
Pasadena Star-News

Spinning A Civil Rights Complaint
StreetsBlog LA

State Audit Reveals City Failed To Get Competitive Bids Required By Law ("Chiang’s third audit also questioned the accounting behind the city’s use of state transit funds, and found that $1,700 in transit dollars were used to bus [Montebello] city employees to Dodger Stadium for a game.")
EGP News

Suspect MTA Report Pressures City Council To Back BHUSD (p.1, 11 of 32p. PDF)
Beverly Hills Courier

Three Forgotten Incline Railways From Southern California History
LA as Subject via KCET

Transportation Secretary "Optimistic" About Infrastructure's Chances In Congress
The Hill

Trees In Transit ("Most of us don’t think of trees as infrastructure, but in an urban context they are just that. Research indicates that they can play a powerful role in traffic calming, especially through their impact on three vehicle-related risks: speeding, road rage, and pedestrian/bicyclist injury.")
Next American City

Update On MTA Subway Tunneling
Beverly Hills Unified School District

What's Next?: Real Estate In The New Economy
(117p. PDF : "After decades of what felt like infinite resources and vast wealth pools available to fuel the consumption-based U.S. economy, we now face a mindset of shortage. We all know the history—government-supported mortgages and freeways, affordable automobiles, cheap gas, and post–World War II industrial expansion all underwrote the exodus from “cramped” urban neighborhoods to spacious single-family suburban homes. Car models were a talisman for individual success, and public transit turned into an afterthought in suburban agglomerations. Proximity to anything didn’t matter when you could drive easily to almost everywhere. And exhilarating mobility over long distances enabled more people to own more land—and build larger houses—at the ever-expanding suburban fringe. Employers sought to build suburban office islands, set apart from housing, retail, and transit.")
Urban Land Institute

When Taxi Vouchers Make More Sense Than Fixing Mass Transit
The Atlantic: Cities

Whittier Considers Hiring Lobbyist For Gold Line Route Extension
Los Angeles Wave

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2012 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) / Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) Presentation (54p. PDF)
Southern California Association Of Governments

All Aboard The Train To...Victorville?
Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Best Cities To Live In If You Don't Have A Car (The Los Angeles Metropolitan Area is in the top 10)
The Blaze

Burbank's Aerial Monorail Of The Future

California's High-Speed Rail Costs Soar, But Proponents Say There's "No Choice" But To Build
Transportation Nation

Can Obama's High-Speed Rail Plans Survive California Sticker Shock?
Christian Science Monitor

Candidate Q&A -- The 710 Freeway: A Discussion With City Council Candidates
South Pasadena Patch

Chaos Or Choice?: How We See L.A. Guides Its Future ("If Los Angeles is mostly planned, then city officials should find a trajectory through its history of built forms to sustain that history, since what we've made of Los Angeles is what we've chosen to become. If Los Angeles is mostly unplanned, then urban planners should mitigate the error by guiding (constraining?) the built environment toward other forms, since what we've become was a false choice.")

The Death Row Of Urban Highways
The Atlantic: Cities

Ensuring America's Freedom Of Movement: A National Security Imperative To Reduce U.S. Oil Dependence (64p. PDF)

Final Report: Recommended TDM Strategies & Actions For The City Of Los Angeles (80p. PDF : transportation demand management)
Southern California Association Of Governments

A Hard Road For The Poor Who Need Cars: Few Programs Are Available To Help Low-Income Workers Get Behind The Wheel (Part 3 of 3)
Los Angeles Times

High-Speed Rail: Jerry Brown's Big Move To The Future
Huffington Post

Historic Recreation Or Modern Monument: Design For 6th Street Viaduct Still Up For Debate
Blog Downtown

How Will The House Answer The Senate's Transportation Funding Bill?
StreetsBlog DC

In Defense Of Publicly-Owned Metros
The Atlantic: Cities

Integrating California's Transportation Future: California Interregional Blueprint Interim Report Stakeholder Workshops (2p. PDF : workshop : Los Angeles Caltrans District 7 Office : November 8)
Southern California Association Of Governments
California Interregional Blueprint Progress Report Executive Summary (4p. PDF)

Metro Set To Promote Ten Minute Late Night Trains For Red, Purple And Blue Lines ("Metro will be holding a press conference on Tuesday to unveil "More Trains More Often," a service that will run trains on the Red, Purple and Blue lines every 10 minutes until midnight. Currently, trains on each line run every 20 minutes during that time. Service on all lines stops by 1am.")
Blog Downtown

Obama Takes 30 Minutes To Pitch Transportation Jobs Bill In DC
Transportation Nation
Recent Examples Of The Economic Benefits From Investing In Infrastructure
(22p. PDF)
Executive Office Of The President Of The United States

Opinion: Smart Growth In San Gabriel Valley ("The future is smart growth and, especially with the huge Measure R-funded investment in 12 rail lines, more transit-oriented development, as well as downtown revitalizations, mixed-use, infill development, more bike lanes, wider sidewalks.")
Pasadena Star-News

Opinion: Will Brown Stop "Fast" Train To Fiscal Ruin?
Los Angeles Daily News

Plan For High-Speed Rail More Realistic And Pricey
San Francisco Chronicle

Regional Transportation Plan Could Mean More Buses & Bikes: Southern California Might Want That
Southern California Public Radio

Security & All Hazards Preparedness, Response, And Recovery Activities: TRB's All Hazards Context For Coordinated, All Modes, Security-Related Research (148p. PDF : November 2011)
U.S. Transportation Research Board

Security Improvements Urged For LAX: Emergency Management, Security Of Its Facilities And The Airport Police Needs Improvement, A New Study By A Panel Of Experts Says
Los Angeles Times
Report Of The Mayor's Blue Ribbon Panel On Airport Security (162p. PDF)
Mayor's Blue Ribbon Panel

Still No Straight Route To Confidence In Bullet Train: It's Hard To Know If This Is Perhaps The Last, Best Chance To Develop High-Speed Rail In California Or Just Daydreamers Playing With Our Money
Los Angeles Times

Streetcar Briefing Update (tonight : Caltrans District 7 Office)
LA Streetcar
Final Screening Of Alternatives Briefing Package

Survey: Southern California Voters Want More Transit, Balk At More Highways
StreetsBlog LA

Transit Choice: $98.5B For High-Speed Rail vs. $170B For Roads, Runways
Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

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CAHSR Business Plan, Crenshaw Subway, USC, LA Bicycle Wayfinding, Bike/Ped Funding, APTA, Handheld Theft & More

Amtrak: Biodiesel Trial Results Encouraging
Railway Age

Are Americans Afraid Of Innovative Urban Design?
The Atlantic: Cities

Bicycle Wayfinding Signs Coming To Los Angeles
LADOT Bike Blog

Bike/Ped Funding Safe As Senate Rejects Rand Paul's Amendment
StreetsBlog DC

Bullet Train's $98-Billion Cost Could Be Its Biggest Obstacle: Specific Route Plans Have Long Triggered Local Resistance To The High-Speed Rail Project. Although The New Proposal Addresses Some Of Them, The Price Tag Could Be Prohibitive
Los Angeles Times

California High-speed Rail Program: Draft 2012 Business Plan (230p. PDF)
California High Speed Rail Authority
Press Release ("Voter-Approved System Will Create 100,000 Jobs in Next 5 Years,
More Than 1 Million Jobs Over Life of Project.")
Statement from California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.
Statements from California Senate Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg, Assembly Speaker John A. Perez (2p. PDF)

California Plans For New Jobs And A Bright Future (U.S. DOT reaction to CAHSR business plan)
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Feds Put Off Issuing New Trucking Safety Rules
StreetsBlog DC

Further Free Smart Growth Technical Assistance Available To Communities
Smart Growth America

GOP Senator Wants To Put High-Speed Rail Back On The Ballot
Sacramento Bee

Here's What Midtown Crossing Would Look Like With The New, Bigger Signs It's Asking For
Curbed LA

Highway Safety Manual: Implementation Guide For Managers
(34p. PDF)

How Much Is Your Future Worth? ("Let’s take a look at what we know about the new business plan from the California High Speed Rail Authority. The projected cost is a lot higher than before. But the benefits are stronger too. The headline is that the system can be built in sections that can operate independently – and at a profit. Under all ridership scenarios, the system turns a profit. And most importantly, by providing a sustainable way for Californians to get around the state, it begins to liberate the economy from dependence on oil, spurring significant job creation, economic growth, and new tax revenues.")
California High Speed Rail Blog

How The 2010 Business Plan Is A Game Changer For High Speed Rail
California High Speed Rail Blog

Is America's Infrastructure Really So Bad?
Washington Post

Michael P. Melaniphy Takes Helm At APTA
APTA Press Release

New Routing Near Silver Lake Reservoir Could Close Off Part Of Park For Bikes
StreetsBlog LA

Next Stop For iPad, Kindle Users In Transit: The Cop Shop ("Proliferation of handheld electronic devices is causing a new problem: theft in transit systems around the U.S.")
International Business Times

Officials Won't Expand Civil Rights Probe As Sought By Bus Riders ("The Federal Transit Administration last week denied an appeal from the Bus Riders Union for a full investigation into civil rights and other complaints against Los Angeles County's transportation agency, deciding instead to continue with a compliance review that started last summer.")
Los Angeles Times

Opinion: Crenshaw Subway Coalition Heads To Court Over LA Mayor's Betrayal
USC Annenberg Intersections South LA

Political Footballs: L.A.'s Misguided Plans For A Downtown Stadium

See Who Is Lobbying And Donating To Key Transpo Congressmen ("Using a new tool from Congressional Quarterly and the campaign finance database from the Center for Responsive Politics, here’s a peek at who is funding the campaigns of the top congressmen when it comes to transportation policy.")
Transportation Nation

Senate Approves Austere Transpo Spending Bill; High Speed Rail Funding Plummets
Transportation Nation

Software Keeping LA Streets At Just 64 Percent Crappy
Curbed LA

Three Years Ago: Angels Flight Got Back On Track
Blog Downtown

The Trick That Landed UCLA In Westwood In The 1920s
Curbed LA

USC Gets A Village, Jefferson Boulevard Gets A Bike Lane
StreetsBlog LA

USC's Flexible Approach To Bikes Progressive
USC Daily Trojan

U.S. Senate Preserves Critical Funding For Transportation In Key Budget Vote
Transportation For America

Webinar On Employment, Transit, And TOD (free : Tuesday, November 15)
Center For Transit-Oriented Development

When A Model Train Is Not Enough, Try A Personal Rail Car

Your Credit May Take A Hit From Unpaid Traffic And Parking Tickets
Washington Post

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CAHSR Business Plan, LA Road Paving, 405 Closures, Gold Line Ruling, Drilling For Roads, LA Population & More

Amtrak Adds Wi-Fi To 12 East Coast Routes
Huffington Post

Bullet Train Cost Estimates Rise To $98.5 Billion: In A Key Change, The State Has Decided To Stretch The Construction Schedule By 13 Years, Completing The Southern California-To-Bay Area High Speed Rail In 2033 Rather Than 2020
Los Angeles Times

Civil Rights Groups Indict Metro For Discriminatory Practices
LA Weekly

History Gives Hope To California High-Speed Rail
The Atlantic: Cities

In California, A "Bus" Without The Bus ("Three neighboring beach cities in Orange [?!] County, California – Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Hermosa Beach – are instituting an innovative wellness program based on active living, complete streets, good nutrition, and just plain fun.")
The Atlantic: Cities

The L.A. Times Powerful Series: "Buy Here, Pay Here" Used Car Dealers
StreetsBlog LA
A Vicious Cycle In The Used-Car Business: Sign, Drive, Default, Repossess And Resell (First of three parts)
Los Angeles Times
Investors Place Big Bets On Buy Here Pay Here Used-Car Dealers (Second of three parts)
Los Angeles Times

Method To Madness In Repaving L.A. Roads
Los Angeles Daily News

The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority Announces Court Ruling On CEQA Lawsuit
Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority

More 405 Closures Planned This Week: One Side Of The Freeway Will Be Closed At A Time For Up To One Mile Near The Sunset Boulevard Bridge
NBC Los Angeles

A National Infrastructure Bank Would Tap The Private Sector, Protect Taxpayers
Sacramento Bee

Paying For Roads With Drilling ("Is Boehner right that there is a "natural link" between new sources of domestic oil and a modern infrastructure? What separates the transportation and energy sectors, politically and policy-wise? Even if new domestic drilling doesn't happen, is it possible to draw on other revenue from the energy industry to pay for our highways? Where else can we find $100 billion? How seriously can we take Boehner's concession on highway spending levels if it doesn't come with a realistic offset?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

Plan Says Total Calif. High-Speed Rail System To Cost $98B But Will Make Money
Washington Post

Population Growth In Los Angeles And Around The World
KCRW Which Way, L.A.?

Q+A Gail Goldberg: Sam Lubell Talks With ULI LA Director Gail Goldberg About Issues Facing Today's Cities
Architect's Newspaper

Reinventing The Railway: Maglev Tech To The Aero-Train
Humans Invent

RTA Gets $5.6 Million For New Buses
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Senate Vote Due On Infrastructure Bank Proposal
The Hill

Speed Bumps Could Make Renewable Electricity
Smart Planet

Transportation Groups Want To Increase The Gas Tax ("For the first time in two decades, major transportation groups have banded together and made a request that, in other circumstances, would be considered crazy — “Tax us … NOW.”)

Trapped By Car Dependence: Stories From Commute-Battered Americans
StreetsBlog DC

U.S. Department Of Transportation Announces $34.7 Million For Improvements To Transit In Los Angeles (Oct. 28 press release)
U.S. Federal Transit Administration

US House Speaker Promotes Transportation Projects ("Speaker John Boehner spoke in favor Monday of pumping federal money into transportation construction and speeding regulatory review of those projects — comments that seemed to resonate in a region longing for new bridges to ease traffic snarls. Boehner drew sustained applause from a crowd at the University of Louisville as the Republican speaker from Ohio touted transportation construction as a place where a fractious Congress could reach common ground in trying to jump-start job growth.")
CBS MoneyWatch

What To Expect In The New High-Speed Rail Business Plan

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Metro Station Name Changes, Metro Consent Decree, HSR Plan, Transportation Bill, Ontario Airport & More

"4 Years Storm:" BRU And Community Groups Look At MTA Post-Consent Decree
StreetsBlog LA

As Use Dwindles, Calls Grow For Local Control Of Ontario Airport: After Three Decades Of Steady Growth, L.A./Ontario International Airport -- A Pillar Of Pride For The Inland Empire -- Lost A Third Of Its 7.2 Million Annual Passengers Between 2007 And 2010. It's On Track To Lose An Additional 200,000 This Year
Los Angeles Times

Bicycle Library
(A new mobile library in London advocates for bicycling and loans bikes, books, magazines, and features an art gallery and film screenings)
Bicycle Library

Buffered Green-Painted Bike Lane Coming Soon To Spring Street In DTLA
StreetsBlog LA

Businesses, Cities Put Clean Air Into Action ("Have you noticed the tailpipes of MTA buses no longer spew black soot? I have.")
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

California's Bullet Train Gamble Begins: $9 Billion Now On The Line
Silicon Valley Mercury News

California's Energy Future - The View To 2050: Summary Report
(65p. PDF)
California Council On Science And Technology

The Catch-22 Of Red-Light Cameras
The Atlantic: Cities

Crenshaw-LAX Rail Line Closer To Reality, But Is Prosperity?
San Francisco Bay View

Editorial: Public Art -- Let 100 Murals Bloom: The City Is Drafting A Long-Overdue Law That Offers At Least The Chance Of A Public Art Renaissance
Los Angeles Times

Editorial: Rail-Cost Wreckage
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Fact Check: GOP Lawmakers Spin Funding Tall Tales ("It's an outrageous tale: The federal government spends one out of every $10 in transportation aid on wasteful projects such as refurbishing a giant roadside coffee pot and constructing turtle tunnels. That's what Republican lawmakers have said repeatedly in recent weeks in the Senate, in public appearances and in news releases.")
Associated Press

How Can L.A. Fix Its Sidewalks?
StreetsBlog LA

Integrating Road Safety Into NEPA Analysis: A Practitioner's Primer (86p. PDF)
Federal Highway Administration

LA Metro Receives $34.7 Million For Buses, New Bus Station
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

The Man Behind The Cleantech Incubator
Los Angeles Downtown News

Metal Thieves Using Google To Find Booty: Metal Thieves Are Scanning Railway Timetables For Engineering Disruption To Find New Stocks Of Cable To Steal
Telegraph (U.K.)

Multimodal Transportation Indicators, October 2011 (36p. PDF)
U.S. Bureau Of Transportation Statistics

New California Bullet Train Business Plan To Be Released Nov. 1
San Francisco Business Journal

Pass This Bill: Why Congress Must Put People Back To Work Rebuilding Our Country
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Policy Options For Reducing Energy Use And Greenhouse Gas Emissions From U.S. Transportation (228p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board
Report In Brief: Summary (4p. PDF)
Press Release

PUC Reopens Doran Rail Crossing Review: Atwater Residents Oppose Closure But Glendale Residents Are In Favor Of It
Glendale News-Press

A Real Plan To Fix Bridges, Or A Reprise Of Attacks On Pedestrian Safety?
Transportation For America

Residents Worry About High-Speed Rail Bisecting Heart Of Bakersfield
Bakersfield Californian

Review Of Mexican Experience With The Regulation Of Large Commercial Motor Vehicles (33p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

San Joaquin Valley Cannot Afford To Not Build HSR
California High Speed Rail Blog

Senate To Begin Action On Two-Year Transportation Bill
National League Of Cities

Stretch of 405 To Be Closed Next Week
Orange County Register

Union Pacific Voices Major Objections To Bullet-Train Plans: The Powerful Rail Firm Says The Central Valley Route Raises Serious Safety Issues, Disregards The Company's Property Rights And Would Disrupt Its Freight OperationLos Angeles Times
USC Has Big Plans For Retail At Mixed-Use Village Development
Blog Downtown

What Can The LA And Long Beach Freight Industry Learn From The Infamous Tuskegee Experiment?
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

What's In A Metro Station Name? ("The Metro board on Thursday directed staff members to rename five stations along the system's Blue, Green, and Expo light rail lines...Changing names doesn't come cheap. The cost for sign replacement begins at more than $100,000 and could reach nearly $600,000 (depending on the station's size and location). And more than station signage will have to be replaced. Recorded announcements on trains will have to be redubbed. Published maps and in-station map displays will have to be updated. Websites and automated telephone messages will have to be changed.")

Why Are Bikes Being Targeted By Congress?

Why Create An Infrastructure Bank When We Could Just Expand TIFIA?
StreetsBlog DC

Why Did Some Streetcars Survive When Most Didn't?
The Atlantic: Cities

Why Tokyo's Privately Owned Rail Systems Work So Well
The Atlantic: Cities

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