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January 20: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (What happened on Hollywood Boulevard and what was "Sunday Sample Day"?)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

BHUSD Trenches Expose MTA Study Flaws At High School (32p. PDF)
Beverly Hills Courier

Conservative Policy Group Advocates For Public Private Partnerships To Fill Transportation Funding Gap
Transportation Issues Daily

Do Brookings And Heritage Agree On Public-Private Partnerships?
StreetsBlog DC

Does An Airport Line Have To Reach The Airport?
The Transport Politic

Frank McCourt Might Keep Dodger Stadium Parking Lots ("McCourt can sell the lots to the next Dodgers owner — or he can try to develop the land. Some say he will use the acreage as a bargaining chip; others think he hopes to build next to the stadium.")
Los Angeles Times

Glendale OKs Rail Crossing Upgrades: Completion Of Work Could Help Move City Into A Rail "Quiet Zone"
Glendale News-Press

Is Governor Brown California Dreaming In Los Angeles?

L.A. City Adding New Bikeways, Will They Reach Pledged 40 Miles By June 30?
StreetsBlog LA

LA Mayor Candidate Austin Beutner Lays Out Jobs Plan ("He argued for increased manufacturing in L.A., citing electric buses as a potential boon. The MTA’s buses, which are currently ordered from Alabama and Minnesota, should be made locally.")
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

L.A. Metro Announces Open Houses To Examine Final EIS/EIR For Regional Connector Transit Corridor
Everything Long Beach

L.A.'s Antonio Villaraigosa Discusses Transit Funding With China ("Fearing a stalemate in Congress over transportation funding, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is looking to the Chinese government as an option to possibly save his ambitious plan to build a dozen mass-transit projects in 10 years instead of 30.")
Los Angeles Times

Local Agencies Clean Up With APTA Awards
StreetsBlog LA

Los Angeles Railroad Heritage -- In Alhambra? ("Few are aware that an Alhambra-San Gabriel Line served the city from 1900-1940, carrying nearly 2 million people at its peak along a rail transit line connecting Los Angeles to Temple City.")
Alhambra Source

Metro: More Trains, More Often ("Metro CEO Art Leahy met and listened to what NoHo community and business leaders had to say.")
NoHo Arts District

Metro's Plan To Let You Ride A Bike In SaMo, Drop It Downtown
Curbed LA

More Fuel-Efficient Cars Spell Less Money For Mass Transit
Triple Pundit

A New Four-Lane Superhighway To Be Built Only For Bikes

Opinion: Smart Growth Is Healthy Growth
San Bernardino Sun

President Obama And The Forgotten Urban Agenda

Re-Imagining Glendale Boulevard (Notable ideas from this workshop include using part of the 2 Freeway as an LA version of New York's High Line, Glendale Boulevard as a winding road, and Glendale Boulevard as a destination)
StreetsBlog LA

Rethinking Transit: How Cities Are Repairing Disconnects Between Downtowns And Historic Neighborhoods ("As Los Angeles embarks on building the largest, most comprehensive transit system in the country, reconsidering factors such as density and integration into the surrounding neighborhoods will determine how Union Station becomes a new heart and center for the city.")
Urban Land Institute

Transportation Mashup: Re-Thinking Public Engagement
Talking Transportation

What's The Best Way To Get Users To Embrace Mass Transit? Make It Pleasant? Or Make It Efficient?

Why Trees Make For Safer Streets
Sustainable Cities Collective

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LA County Bikeshare, Beverly Hills Faults, California Economy, Bike Film Festival, Stroller Transit & More

January 19: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

5 Films About Los Angeles Bike Culture (video : January 20-21 screenings, Vista Theater Hollywood)
Funwunce via Vimeo

Beverly Hills Trenching 80 Percent Complete; No Active Faults Found So Far (p. 7 of 20p. PDF)
Beverly Hills Weekly

Boxer: More Transportation Money Needed In Inland Empire

Brown Asks California To Cheer Rail Project
New York Times

"California Is On The Mend": Governor Jerry Brown ("RBC Capital Markets says that while California's economy is "still weak," it is "increasingly showing signs of stabilization.”)

Central Subway Funds Get A Key OK: Lee Says Federal Officials Give Green Light To Project
San Francisco Chronicle

Clean Energy Paving The Way For Major Transportation Project
OC Metro

County Wide Bike Share? Metro Committee Says, "Yes, We Can"
StreetsBlog LA

Few Cities Have Regained Jobs They Lost, Report Finds ("Only 26 of the nation’s 363 metropolitan areas had recovered their lost jobs by the end of 2011, and only 26 more are projected to recover them by end of this year.")
New York Times
U.S. Metro Economies: 2012 Employment Forecast And The Impact Of Exports (91p. PDF)
U.S. Conference Of Mayors

Gov. Jerry Brown Pitches New Taxes, Budget Cuts At City Hall, Burbank
Los Angeles Daily News

Gov. Jerry Brown's State Of State Speech Puts Focus On Big Projects ("In an upbeat State of the State address, Gov. Jerry Brown pushes bullet-train funding despite budget cuts.")
Los Angeles Times

Governor Jerry Brown, In State Of State, Makes Impassioned Case For High Speed Rail
Transportation Nation

High-Speed Rail Helps Students, State
USC Daily Trojan

Jerry Brown Breathes New Life Into High-Speed Rail
The Atlantic: Cities

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Calls On Feds To Invest In Urban Areas
Los Angeles Daily Beast

Los Angeles Doubles Down On Exports
The Atlantic: Cities

Next-Generation Intelligent Transportation Systems And The "Digital Divide"

No Longer On National Stage, Jerry Brown Addresses California's Needs ("His State of the State speech shows that he's a full-time governor without ambitions for higher political office. But the old 'Gov. Moonbeam' emerges to back the bullet train.")
Los Angeles Times

O.C. Completes Effort To Silence Trains
Orange County Register

One Ride At A Time: Bringing Bike Love To Angelenos Everywhere (Article launches a new bi-weekly column)

Pedestrian Safety: How Innovative Tech Could Save Your Life

Sonoratown: Downtown L.A.'s Forgotten Neighhborhood
LA as Subject via KCET

Traffic In LA: Most Vulerable Angelinos At Risk
Soap Box LA

Trains Passing Some Orange County Homes Will Stop Blasting Horns
Los Angeles Times

Translating The American Highway System Into A Subway Map
The Atlantic: Cities

Your Stroller Wheels, On The Bus (Easier stroller access to transit could increase usage, as in Copenhagen where parents traveling with strollers are readily accommodated)

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Regional Connector, High Desert Corridor, Freeway Pollution, LA Port, Car Sharing, UTC Grants & More

January 18: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Metro shines the day after the Northridge Earthquake)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

$77 Million In Transpo Grants To Universities
Transportation Nation
2012 University Transportation Centers (UTCs) Grant Recipients
Research And Innovative Technology Administration

Air Pollution Monitors Could Come To L.A. Freeways
LA Weekly

Being Prepared For Downtown Construction
Santa Monica Lookout

Cleaner Air In L.A. Ports Comes At A Cost To Truckers

Congress Reconvenes With Transportation Deadlines Fast Approaching
StreetsBlog DC

East L.A. Freeway Exit Getting Greened Up
Eastsider LA

Final Regional Connector Rail Line Report Released Early
Curbed LA

Getting Around Near And Far: The Supercharged Bike-Sharing Card
StreetsBlog Network

Gov. Jerry Brown's Tricky Balancing Act: Making A Case For Costly Projects While Also Calling For Deeper Cuts In Other Areas, As Expected In His State Of The State Address, Will Be A Challenge ("We built the Golden Gate Bridge and Central Valley Water Project during the Great Depression," his spokesman, Gil Duran, said Tuesday. "We're not trying to build the pyramids here. We're trying to build the water and transportation infrastructure we need to guide us through the 21st century.")
Los Angeles Times

High Desert Corridor Project Gains Traction, But Funding Is Low
KABC Los Angeles

How Mount Lee Got A Road To The Hollywood Sign
Curbed LA

How Our Brains Navigate The City
The Atlantic: Cities

How To Entice Car Owners To Switch To Public Transit
The Atlantic: Cities
Understanding Transit Ridership Demand For A Multi-Destination, Multi-Modal Transit Network In An American Metropolitan Area: Lessons For Increasing Choice Ridership While Maintaining Transit Dependent Ridership (110p. PDF)
Mineta Transportation Institute

Listen Up, Walkers: Watch Out For Traffic When Wearing Headphones

Long Beach School Board Opposes Rail Project Report
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Maps Show Striking Link Between Car Commuting And Obesity
StreetsBlog DC
Mapping Transportation And Health In The United States

New Forms Of Car Sharing Improve Personal Mobility
The City Fix

News Releases Still Matter And Three Reasons You Should Care
Talking Transportation

Opinion: Soul Train: Promoting The MTA, One Punk At A Time
Los Angeles Times

Plans For High-Speed Rail Are Slowing Down
Washington Post

Poll Says L.A. voters Favor Giving Up Slumping Ontario Airport
Los Angeles Times

Port Of L.A. Sets U.S. Record For Shipping Export Containers
Los Angeles Times

Retrofitting The Suburbs To Increase Walking ("The opportunities for retrofitting suburbs to increase transit use and walking are especially golden in the Golden State.")
ACCESS: The Magazine of UCTC

Some Easy Bike Lane Projects L.A. Can Do Right Away
L.A. Eco-Village Blog

Space Technology May Be Used To Reduce Congestion On Roads
The Engineer (U.K.)

The State Of Play On State Gas Taxes
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Walking Works For LA

What Features Do Your Transit Apps Offer?
Metro Magazine

What Smart Growth Advocates Get Wrong About Density
The Atlantic: Cities

Will The LA Times Ever Report Honestly On HSR?
California High Speed Rail Blog

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Regional Connector EIS/EIR, Expo Phase II, Gold Line, Angels Flight, High Desert Corridor, CRAs, Freeway Air, "Low-Car" Lifestyle & More

January 17: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (How did the Northridge earthquake affect transit 18 years ago today?)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

3 Political Challenges To Enacting Transportation Bill By March 31
Transportation Issues Daily

2012: State Of The Public Transportation Industry (APTA CEO Michael P. Melaniphy)
Passenger Transport

After Demolishing A Highway, How Should A City Rebuild
The Atlantic: Cities

Angels Flight Rail Work Done, Car Restoration On Its Way
Curbed LA

Brown Enlarges His Role In California's Foundering Bullet Train Project: With The $100-Billion Project At A Critical Juncture, The Governor Puts His People In Key Positions
Los Angeles Times

City Seeks Residents To Serve On Exposition Bikeway Advisory Committee
Santa Monica Dispatch

CRA Claims Significant Flaws In Legislation To Dissolve RDAs ("Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Los Angeles) has introduced legislation that could give California's redevelopment agencies if not a reprieve then at least a stay of execution. Senate Bill 659 would push the dissolution date from Feb. 1 to April 15 in order to allow cities and agencies time to put their affairs in order -- and, presumably, to allow the Legislature to deliberate on a replacement for redevelopment before the agencies are dismantled and their employees laid off.")
California Planning & Development Report

CRA's Demise Puts Downtown Properties In Limbo
Los Angeles Downtown News

Dirty Freeway Air Puts Southern California Health At Risk, Say Activists
Los Angeles Daily News

Downtown Regional Connector Final EIS/EIR
(webpage with complete list of links)

Doubts Cast On Cost Estimates For High-Speed Rail Alternatives ("Bullet train promoters predict it will cost $171 billion to build new airports and roads if the trains aren't completed. But experts say that figure is greatly exaggerated.")
Los Angeles Times

Expo Line Phase 2 Project Developments (photo essay : "Alan K. Weeks, whose pictures of the Air Line (former Expo Line) in action from the early 1950s are posted in the historical-photos thread, and I walked along the tracks in Palms today and took pictures.")
Transit Talk

For California High Speed Rail, A Season Of Woe
Transportation Nation

Gingrich: Metro Riders Don't Appreciate Homeownership ("Newt Gingrich explained basic American values and managed to bash the media, people who live in cities, and people who take public transit all at once.")
Washington City Paper

Great And Not-So-Great Subway Logos
The Atlantic: Cities

Has The Gold Line Been Derailed By The Dissolution Of Redevelopment Agencies?
Monrovia Weekly

Head Of High-Speed Rail Authority Quits As Agency Undergoes Shake-Up
Silicon Valley Mercury News

High-Speed Rail Around The World (photo gallery)
Washington Post

High-Speed Rail In A Coma ("The initial costs of developing high-speed rail lines are high, and the yield time is years or decades. Is the country ready for long-term investments like that? Or would it make sense to take a break and allow the economy to recover before proposing big new rail projects? What would make policymakers more receptive to high-speed rail? What critiques of high-speed rail are the most in need of a response?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

Hollywood Real Estate Development Under Threat
Hollywood Reporter

I "Heart" My Transit Card Video Contest

Innovative State And City Government Solutions To Watch In 2012
The Atlantic: Cities

Land A Great New Job In LA ("The 2012 National Planning Conference in Los Angeles, April 14-17, provides multiple opportunities for job hunters. Several sessions and facilitated discussions explore the ins and outs of a successful job search. Arm yourself with up-to-date strategies and fresh ideas for getting noticed on the market.")
American Planning Association: Reimagine Los Angeles

Laws That Shaped L.A.: Why Is The Los Angeles Skyline So Bland?

Living The Low-Car Lifestyle
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Los Angeles Countywide Mayors To Attend Conference ("The mayors are expected to urge President Barack Obama and Congress to act on a transportation spending bill that has been stalled in committees.")
Cerritos Patch

Mayor Villaraigosa, MLK Day Parade & The Leimert Park Crenshaw Line
Leimert Park Beat

Metropolis II And The Enduring Delusions Of Car-Centric Cities
StreetsBlog LA

Mica Endorses Romney (Full statement from the House Transportation Committee Chair)
Transportation Nation

More Bike Parking Coming To Broadway
LADOT Bike Blog

NCHRP 2011 Summary Of Progress (171p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

NCHRP At 50 Years
(20p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

New IDEAS For Highway Systems: Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis Programs (208p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Officials Plan Community Meetings On Possible Victorville-To-Palmdale Roadway
Redlands Daily Facts

Port Railyard Project Report Worries LBUSD: Officials Say Study Doesn't Identify Risks For Students, Staff
Contra Costa Times
Draft EIR: Southern California International Gateway (SCIG) Project Website
Port Of Los Angeles

Portland: Balance The Budget Yourself ("Portland's Tri-Met faces another horrible funding shortfall this year, but they've come up with a good survey tool to engage the public in their decisions about what services to cut. It's one of those "balance the budget yourself" tools that's becoming increasingly necessary to bring voters into contact with reality about government budgets.")
Human Transit
Challenges & Choices: A Budget Discussion Guide

Public Meetings On High Desert Corridor
Victorville Daily Press

The Quiet Ones: 12 Leaders Who Get Things Done ("Rather than waiting on Washington to bail out the city, Villaraigosa persuaded nearly 70 percent of L.A. residents to approve Measure R – a half-cent sales tax that will provide $35 billion to fund major transportation improvements, including a new subway line and light-rail extensions.")
Rolling Stone

An R&D Lab For Transit Tech Tools
The Atlantic: Cities

A Sobering Recap Of Beverly Hills Bike Planning
Better Bike

Spain's High-Speed Rail System Offers Lessons For California
Sacramento Bee

Subway Systems Of The World, Presented On The Same Scale
Fake Is The New Real

Tracking The Old Trains: Remembering The Atchison, Topeka And Santa Fe Railway's Role In Downtown ("Where did people go to catch a train before 1939? Few thought about rail travel prior to Union Station.")
Los Angeles Downtown News

Trains, Buses, Bikes, And Sandwiches... There Should Be An App For That
StreetsBlog DC

Transit Agencies Face The Calculus Of Broader Backsides
New York Times

Transportation Bills Abound As Congress Returns

Walkable By Accident
The Atlantic: Cities

Webinar: Impact Of Transit-Oriented Development In Reducing GHG Emissions (January 17)
Transportation Issues Daily

The Wrong Question About Amtrak's Profitability
The Economist

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