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Transportation Headlines for Friday May 14, 2010

ATA Sees 25% Freight Growth In Next Decade
Fleet Owner

City, County Officials Still Haggling On Universal Evolution Project; Traffic Remains Key Concern

Eco-Friendly Crop Sprouts On Side Of The Road
(State and local governments spend money to mow and spray for weeds on as many as 10 million acres of highway rights of way. A Utah pilot project demonstrates the economic viability of using the land for crops to make biodiesel fuel)
USA Today

Fixes Needed For L.A. Public Transit System: Among Them, Adopt A Regional Approach, Make Transit More Convenient And Create More Online Resources
Los Angeles Times

In India, Hitching Hopes On A Subway
New York Times

Inland Receives Its Share Of State Transit Bond Money
Riverside Press-Enterprise

LA Supervisors Approve Rules For Hearings On Universal Studios
Los Angeles Daily News

Opening Of Angeles Crest Highway Delayed To Summer

Paint Attack: Coloring Traffic Patterns With Paint
Information Aesthetics

Pedal-Pushing Progress: A Plan To Make Pasadena More Bicycle-Friendly Than It Already Is
Pasadena Weekly

A Peek At Placing A Park Over The 101 Freeway In Downtown L.A. (includes several detailed maps)

Redevelopment Agencies Turn $1.7 Billion Over To State
Sacramento Bee

Saturday Is A Two For One Day For Transit Advocates
StreetsBlog LA

Specter Of Gas Tax Lingers As Rendell, Villaraigosa Push Infrastructure Bank
StreetsBlog DC

Tustin On Its Way To Silencing Train Horns
Orange County Register

Vegas Train War! Another L.A.-To-Vegas Train Will Get Gamblers There Slower, But Drunker (includes photos from inside the planned Party Train)
Fast Company
X Train Website

Walking Into The Future City: Or, Dispatches From A Pedestrian Lovefest
StreetsBlog LA

What's Happening At This Week's "League Of Bicycling Voters" Meeting
StreetsBlog LA

Why Not Woo The Masses To Mass Transit? (audio : David Lazarus)
American Public Media Marketplace

Wrap Up: Metro's Pedestrian Symposium & Bicycle Roundtable
UCLA Be A Green Commuter!


Transportation Headines for Thursday, May 13, 2010

2 Reports Forecast Jump In Port Shipments
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Are Free And Low Cost Transfers The Key To Fixing Metro's Operations Mess?
StreetsBlog LA

Blue Skies Forecast For L.A. Trade
LA Weekly

Can Local Buses "Stimulate" Development?
Human Transit

China Is Pulling Ahead In Worldwide Race For High-Speed Rail Transportation
Washington Post

Could High Speed Rail Stall Completely In The U.S.?

County Invites Community To Give Input On Bicycle Master Plan

Cul-De-Sac Hell And The Radius Of Demand
Human Transit

Drivers, Bicyclists Clash On Road Sharing

Here Comes The Neighborhood ("In cities and suburbs alike, walkable neighborhoods linked by train are the future. Here’s how a new network of privately funded rail lines can make that future come to pass more quickly and cheaply—and help reinvigorate housing and the economy.")

In The Age Of Electric Cars, Who Pays For Highways?

Japan Laying Down Track To Market High-Speed Rail In U.S.
Manichi Daily News

Lawmakers Demand California High-Speed Rail Authority Fix Oversight, Funding Problems
Mass Transit

NBC Opens Its Doors For "Community Meeting" On NoHo Development
StreetsBlog LA

Paris' Plan To Kick Cars Off Its Riverbanks

Proposal Would Park A Park On Top Of Downtown L.A. Freeway
(Officials say it's a promising approach, but "not a project" yet)
Los Angeles Times

Senate Climate Bill Would Send $6B-Plus To Cleaner Transportation
StreetsBlog DC

State DOT Official, Rail Exec Talk High-Speed Rail Infighting, Bureaucracy
StreetsBlog DC

Villaraigosa In D.C. To Lobby For Federal Help On Mass Transit Projects
Los Angeles Times

When The Media Gets It Right - By Riding The Shinkansen
California High Speed Rail Blog


Transportation Headlines for Wednesday May 12, 2010

Advisory Service Panel For LA's Cleantech Corridor
(May 16-21, 2010 : Panelists will spend 5 days in Los Angeles meeting with stakeholders and touring the subject area. They will interview up to 100 individuals in private interviews. They will spend two days framing recommendations, writing a draft report and preparing a presentation. The final presentation will be made on May 21, 2010 at the Kyoto Grand Hotel)
Urban Land Institute
Clean-Tech Corridor Detailed Map

Ambitious Park 101 Project Proposes Small First Step At Union Station
Blog Downtown

Can Local Buses "Stimulate" Development?
Human Transit

Car-Sharing On Steroids?
Reinventing Urban Transport

Electric Transit Backpack Lets You Fly Through City Streets (Remember the Bulgarian architect who created Kolelinia? He has come up with yet another crazy form of transportation - this time it’s a backpack harness system with a network of wires strung all over the city)
Flying Bicycle Lane Lets You Soar Above Traffic (a look back at Kolelinia)

Exploring The Science Behind Traffic Lights
Boston Globe

First Lady's Childhood Obesity Task Force Calls For Transportation Plan
StreetsBlog DC

Hail-A-Taxi Program Likely To Go Permanent, Possibly Citywide

High-Speed Rail Lobbying Campaign Revives The "$4B" Rallying Cry
StreetsBlog DC

The New "Cool" For Eastside Kids? (surge in bicycling on L.A.'s Eastside)
LA Eastside

New Parking Meters Mean Demand-Based Pricing Is On The Way

Not A Sidewalk To Walk On Or A Leg To Stand On

Park 101's Freeway Lid For A Walkable Downtown Los Angeles
StreetsBlog LA

SCAG To ARB: 7-9% GHG Reduction Possible
California Planning & Development Report

Senate Climate Bill To Feature Transport Carbon Cap - But Not Trading
StreetsBlog DC

Union Pacific Vows To Fight High-Speed Rail
Mass Transit

U.S. DOT Allocates $527 Million To Support Partnership For Sustainable Communities In FY11
Smart Growth Online

Who Will Intervene With The Legislature And Media?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Your LA To Vegas Party Train Will Start Rolling Next Year
Curbed LA


Transportation Headlines for Tuesday May 11, 2010

Art Of The MetroCard, Unlimited
New York Times

Better Meters, Increased Cost Comes To The Downtown, Backlash Begins
StreetsBlog LA

City Planners Track Cyclists, Pedestrians To Measure Trail Needs
("According to the most recent U.S. Census figures, the number of adults who bicycled to work in 2008 was 786,098, up 26% from 2006. Mindful of that growth, transportation planners in states and municipalities across the USA are increasingly deploying high-tech sensors along bicycle and pedestrian paths to map trail, sidewalk and bike-lane use and assess future needs.")
USA Today

Colton Crossing Project Gets Help ("A $202 million railroad grade separation project is now closer than ever to becoming reality after it earned tentative support from the final holdout members of a regional transportation group.")
Contra Costa Times

The Costs Of Low Transit Fares
Santa Monica Lookout

Dubai Metro's Punctuality Exceeds That Of All Rivals
(Dubai moves 80,000 people a day in the first 6 months of rail service with over 99% on-time performance)
Gulf News

EU Steers Its Way Towards Intelligent Transport Systems
EU Business

Fare Increase Won't Fix Public Transit: Transit Agencies Should Work Harder To Attract New Riders Rather Than Further Squeezing The Ones They Have
Los Angeles Times

Fate Of Trolleybuses Hangs In Balance (King County Metro Transit's fleet of 159 electric trolleybuses needs to be replaced soon, but what they should be replaced with is up for debate)
Seattle Times
Seattle: The End Of Trolleybuses?
Human Transit

The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem
("Curt Pringle, in his capacity as chairman of California's High Speed Rail Authority, sat down last week with two of the state's most influential legislators on transportation issues and went through what can be best described as an intervention.")
Voice Of OC

Hidden In The Tax Code, A Potential Surplus Of Transportation Funds
Next American City

High-Speed Rail Exec's Fast Track To Premium Pay
San Francisco Chronicle

High-Speed Rail May Stall Without More Push From The White House
Progressive Fix

How Geeks Get Us Around Town: Transit-App Developers Are Proving Orwell Wrong
Wall Street Journal

IBM And Texas Transportation Institute To Collaborate On Intelligent Transportation Systems
Texas Transportation Institute
IBM Smarter Transportation Website

Keeping Up With Public Transportation Research From TRB: Finding Publications, Conferences, Hearings, And RSS Feeds
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

MassDOT Developers: NYC MTA Says "Beat Boston!"
Commonwealth Conversations: Massachusetts DOT Blog

Metro "Leaks" The Date For CicLAvia
StreetsBlog LA

My Favorite Transit Apps
Information Week

OCTA Lowers Fines For Toll Violators
Orange County Register

Smart Phones + Shared Cars = Better Urban Living
New Urban News

Speeding Up Transportation Reformation
UCLA Daily Bruin

The State Of Metropolitan America ("A new seven-category typology of metropolitan America: next frontier, new heartland, diverse giant, border growth, mid-sized magnet, skilled anchors, industrial cores.")
Brookings Institution
Executive Summary (4p. PDF)
Full-Text Report, Part 1 (77p. PDF)
Full-Text Report, Part 2 (95p. PDF)

Train Plans Sound Familiar? One Side Says Too Similar
Las Vegas Sun

Wave Goodbye To W And V In Subway Signs; Make Room For More M (Disappearing trains and redrawn routes will render thousands of existing signs and maps throughout New York's transit system obsolete, a hidden cost of drastic service cuts. 3,000 signs and 25,000 maps must be switched out in a two-week period.)
New York Times

White House Proposes Lowering Barriers To Rail, Airline Unionizing
StreetsBlog DC


Transportation Headlines for Monday May 10, 2010

Are Pedestrian Malls The Future Or The Relic Of Antiquated Thinking?
Next American City

Backroom Politics And The Expo Line
LA Observed

California Offiicials Debate Usng Traffic Cameras To Help Close The State Budget Deficit
Government Technology

CicLAvia Has 12 "Sadik-Khan" Type Projects For L.A.: What Are Yours?
StreetsBlog LA

City Planning's Opportunity To Re-Make Los Angeles' Streets
StreetsBlog LA

Coastal Shipping: A Potential Solution To The Challenges Of A Growing Freight Sector
Environmental Defense Fund Way2Go Blog

Congress Must Be Careful When Addressing Rail Policy
The Hill

Dreaming Of Downtown's Central Park: Another Go-Round In The Effort To Cap The 101 Freeway In The Civic Center
Los Angeles Downtown News

Dump The Pump Day Is June 17 (toolkit includes links to media advisory, suggested activities, fact sheets, proclamation for elected officials, proclamation for boards, logo)

Gas Prices Jump To Highest Level Since 2008

Getting To Disney On Taxpayer Dollars? L.A. Audit Says Transit Funding Should Be Re-Examined

Hey Westside, 20 Months Of Traffic Hell Begins Tonight

Historic Train Chugs Into San Bernardino
Riverside Press-Enterprise

How 30/10 Could Give Us A Reason To Give It Up For Goldman Sachs
Huffington Post

How Cul-De-Sacs Are Killing Your Community

James Rojas: The City As Play
Dr. Pop

L.A. May Stop Footing Bills For Sidewalk And Driveway Repairs
Los Angeles Times

Left-Turn Bus Accidents, Like Fatal One In Downtown Portland, Alarmingly Common Among Transit Agencies

Los Angeles Chinatown Then And Now
Los Angeles Times

New Numbers For Data-Hungry Straphangers
New York Times

Parking Enforcement: Still Violating Laws

Parking Rates Go Up, Cities Make Bucks
("Nobody likes paying for parking, but with city budgets tightening more municipalities are eying the parking meter as a source of new funds." Includes a look at successful peak-hour parking pricing programs in New York City)
American Public Media

Prime-Time Parking Rates Coming To Downtown L.A.
LA Observed

Reinventing The Public Meeting
(Videoconferencing could revolutionize the public meeting because the entire proceedings could be broken up and digitized, along with public comment submitted via video prior to decisions being made)
Next American City

Santa Barbara's First Annual Bicycle Fashion Show
Bike San Diego

To Serve Mobility Needs Of Older Americans, Public Transit To Need Additional $3.9 Billion Annually By 2030 According To New Study
Funding The Public Transportation Needs Of An Aging Population
(57p. PDF)

Train Buffs Celebrate National Train Day At LA's Union Station
Southern California Public Radio

Transit Cuts Announced: Among Them, Announcers
New York Times

U.S. DOT Proposes Giving Minority-Owned Firms Greater Shot At Contracts
StreetsBlog DC

Why We Pay To Use A Public Highway
Orange County Register

Will They Change Elections? Cyclists Form The League Of Bicycling Voters LA
League Of Bicycling Voters Los Angeles Website