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405 Closure Next Month, "Light Rail For Dummies," Roadbuilding & Congestion, CAHSR, Cool Subway Stations, Mapnificent & More

405 Shutdown Will Be "Heard Around The World"
LA Observed

America Pays For Villaraigosa's Transit Legacy: You Can't Say No To Federal Funds For L.A.'s Empty Trains, Fake Transit Hubs, And Unfixed Potholes

An App That Organizes Your City By Travel Time
Mapnificent (Dynamic public transportation travel time maps)

Bill To Create Ontario Airport Authority Passes Senate
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Building More Roads Only Causes More Traffic: Expanding Highways And Roads Increases Congestion By Creating More Demand -- And Building More Public Transportation Doesn't Help The Problem
Fast Company
The Fundamental Law Of Road Congestion: Evidence From US Cities
Gilles Duranton & Matthew A. Turner

Fare Hikes Coming For LA City Buses (DASH and Commuter Express buses)
My Fox LA

Fast Train To Trouble: Now That High-Speed Trains Are Crisscrossing The Country, Enormous Costs And Other Shortcomings Have Been Exposed (8p. PDF : A leading Chinese rail engineer takes his nation's high-speed rail building boom to task)
Caixin Weekly

For And Against High-Speed Rail: Part III
A look back at Part I and Part II

Harbor Commissioners Approve $976.6M Budget For Port Of L.A.
Daily Breeze

HUD Secretary Pays Bergamot A Visit
Santa Monica Daily Press

Infographic: Light Rail Transit For Dummies
The Atlantic

Judge Tosses Engineers' Lawsuit Against Metrolink Video Cameras
CBS Los Angeles

LaHood Answers Questions About Bike Lanes, Fuel Economy, And HSR (video)
StreetsBlog DC

Lawmakers Introduce Reality-Based Plan To Achieve "Freedom From Oil"
StreetsBlog DC

Metro Board Votes To Reduce Day Pass Price
EGP News

Modern Metro: 14 Of The Coolest Subway Stations (photoessay)
Web Urbanist

Pioneering Sustainability Plan Takes Shape In San Diego Region ("Amid Regional Transportation Plans – not to mention regional comprehensive plans, county general plans, transportation funding schemes, and, of course, cities’ own general plans – it’s hard to tell where a region’s own initiative ends and SB 375’s mandate begins.")
California Planning & Development Report

Rejecting High-Speed Rail Is Not A Good Political Move

Repair Priorities: Transportation Spending Strategies To Save Taxpayer Dollars And Improve Roads (47p. PDF)
Smart Growth America & Taxpayers For Common Sense
Executive Summary (3p. PDF)

San Gabriel Valley COG Moves To Rectify One Complaint From Recent Caltrans Audit
Pasadena Star-News

Senate, Assembly Panels Diverge On Rail Funding
Bakersfield Californian

The Soulvine: The Usual Suspects
Los Angeles Wave

South Pasadena Mayor Seeks El Sereno Council's Help On 710 Freeway
Eastsider LA

Start Mapping Your 405 Getaway
Zev Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles County Supervisor, Third District

Tom Umberg Elected Chair Of California High Speed Rail Authority Board
California High Speed Rail Blog

World Likely To End When The 405 Shuts Down For A July Weekend
Curbed LA

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Expo Line Construction, Crenshaw/LAX, "Street Fleet" Beach Buses, Angeles Crest Highway, CAHSR, Value Capture, Debt Ceiling & More

Angeles Crest Highway To Reopen Friday: Closed For Nearly Two Years Since The Devastating Station Fire, The Portion Of Highway 2 Is Finally Re-Opening
Montrose Patch

"Come Ride With Us" On The Rolling Submarines Of Los Angeles: SCRTD's 1974 "Street Fleet" Beach Bus Service

Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Did Villaraigosa Kill Ridley-Thomas' Crenshaw-LAX Motion?: MTA Board Rejects Call That Portion Of Crenshaw/LAX Line Be Built Underground In Park Mesa Heights, But Leaves Open The Possibility For A Leimert Park Rail Station
Los Angeles Wave

Equal Access To Transportation: A Right For All Americans
("In the twenty years since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, there’s no doubt we’ve made significant strides forward. But we won’t rest until everyone has equal access to all forms of transportation.")
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Existing Roads Slide Into Decrepitude As States Splurge on Highway Expansion
StreetsBlog DC

Hollywood Landmark At A Crossroads ("
New York developers are reviving plans to surround the Capitol Records building with a mixed-use project covering 1 million square feet...Aarons has pushed his architects to think carefully about how the new development will work at sidewalk level — and in particular how to link it to a Metro subway stop at Hollywood and Vine.")
Los Angeles Times

Is Sen. Boxer's Highway Plan Realistic?
("Boxer revealed a broad set of parameters that will be included in the legislation, which allocates $339.2 billion over six years for surface transportation. That's the value of SAFETEA-LU, the previous six-year bill, adjusted for inflation.")

Let's Leave Our Roads To The States

Real Clear Markets

MacArthur Park Subway-Adjacent Mixed-Use Project Rising Fast

Curbed LA

Monrovia City Council Pushing Forward With $39 Million Land Sale To Gold Line

Arcadia Patch

Passenger Service Ends In Tehachapi

Tehachapi News

Paying For Infrastructure: Value Capture And The Use Of Private Land

State Senate OKs Bill To Overhaul High-Speed Rail Project's Authority

Silicon Valley Mercury News

Survey Accents Economy, Jobs, Transportation
("“Very few people are saying they’d get out of their cars to ride the Metrolink or the bus. Only 38 percent said they’d carpool more often. People definitely do like their cars.")
Inland News Today

Then & Now: The Landmarks Of L.A. Noire
("The video game's Sydney, Australia-based developers recounted how they studied over 180,000 historical photos, including Robert Spence's aerial photos, to bring '40s Los Angeles back to life.")

Town Council Waiting On County For Proposed Parking Ordinance
Altadena Patch

What The Debt Ceiling Vote Means For Transportation
StreetsBlog DC

The Wheels Start Moving On Expo Line Construction

Santa Monica Lookout

Where Will 500,000 Cars Go? I-405 Closure In L.A. In July

Orange County Register

Where's Your Bus? MTA Gives Riders Up-To-The-Minute Updates


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Orange Line, 405 Closure, Grapevine Bullet Train, Leimert Park, L.A. Bicycling History, TIFs vs. RDAs, UCLA FlyAway & More

Bicycling Is For Everyone: The Connections Between Cycling In Developing Countries And Low-Income Cyclists Of Color In The U.S. ("Many of these riders live and/or work in neglected parts of Los Angeles including portions of Westlake/MacArthur Park, Downtown, South LA, Pacoima/Van Nuys, and East LA.")
StreetsBlog LA

California TIFs May Be The New RDAs (As redevelopment agencies face the chopping block in California, new legislation could allow tax increment financing districts to essentially replace them)
Bond Buyer

Caltrans Exhibit Features Archived Images From L.A.'s Bicycling Past ("A new exhibit inside the District 7 headquarters of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) features images—many contributed by L.A. as Subject member archives—of Southern California's bicycling past.")
L.A. As Subject
Caltrans Opens Museum Exhibit "Everyday Bicycling: Gearing Up For Transportation"
Caltrans Press Release

Commuters Will Be The Bellwether For Google Wallet
New Scientist

Countdown To 405 Closure: Mark Calendars For July 16-17

Does Smart Growth Reduce Carbon Emissions? Bet The House On It
("The National Association Of Home Builders would have us believe that development patterns have nothing to do with carbon emissions. But the research paints a dramatically different picture.")
New Urban Network
Can Smart Growth Policies Conserve Energy And Reduce Emissions? (11p. PDF)
Victoria Transport Policy Institute

From Here To There: A Creative Guide To Making Public Transport The Way To Go
Full-Text Report (29p. PDF : Looks at brand identity, internal communication, user education, user information systems, marketing campaigns, public relations and external communication, user feedback systems and online engagement)

Good, Clean (American) Jobs ("Setting aside the cost of such investments for a moment, can there be a solid marriage between environmentalists, domestic-manufacturing advocates, unions, and the transportation community? Does it make sense for separate coalitions like this to come together to advocate for infrastructure investment?...Can highway maintenance be considered under the "green jobs" banner? Are domestic manufacturers a viable option for developers of high-speed rail or other transit products?")
Natioanl Journal Transportation Blog

The Grapevine: Back In Play As A Bullet Train Route ("Planners had a number of reasons to avoid the Grapevine when it was written out of the project in 2005. But more recently, a route following Interstate 5 has become appealing because of its shorter total distance -- roughly 85 miles -- as compared with two alternatives that would lay about 110 miles of track east of Bakersfield through Mojave and the Antelope Valley into Sylmar.")
Bakersfield Californian

Group Wants Congress To Use "Life-Cycle Budgeting" For Transportation Bill
The Hill

How Do We Build The Best Crenshaw/LAX Line?

Leimert Park Metro Stop's Future Remains Uncertain Following Board Vote
Southern California Public Radio

MTA: Think About Detours During 405 Closure July 16-17
Los Angeles Daily News

New Park Design In Los Angeles: Part One, Exhibition (June 2-8 : Six new Southern California parks make up an exhibit in Hollywood, including the Park 101 freeway cap park and Los Angeles State Historic Park (Cornfield))
Los Angeles Forum For Architecture And Urban Design

No More Play: Conversations On Urban Speculation In Los Angeles And Beyond

Orange Line Busway Makes Tracks For Chatsworth: Work On The $216-Million Extension From Canoga Park To Chatsworth Passes The Halfway Point
Chatsworth Patch

Pacific Coast Highway Sewer Project To Squeeze Summer Traffic
Los Angeles Times

Putting American Workers And Businesses Back In The Fast Lane (America Fast Forward article coauthored by President/CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce & Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor)
Fox & Hounds Daily

Southern California Leaders Commend Bipartisan Support Of America's Transportation Infrastructure: Mobility 21 Officials Highlight Key Provisions To Accelerate Jobs
Business Wire

State Senate Approves Bill Encouraging Transfer Of Ontario Airport Control
Daily Breeze

State's High-Speed Rail Draws Spaniards' Attention
San Francisco Chronicle

Study: Building Roads To Cure Congestion Is An Exercise In Futility
StreetsBlog DC

Transportation Dept. Gets $100 Million For Wireless Apps
Information Week

UCLA Community Proposes Solutions To Save FlyAway Shuttle Service
UCLA Daily Bruin

Visiting Some Great San Francisco Bike Facilities (innovative bike lanes, sharrows, bike boulevards, and "The Wiggle")
L.A. Eco-Village Blog

Wheels Come Off Transport Program: Service Designed for City's Youth Falls Victim To Slow Economy
Burbank Leader

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Gold Line In Claremont, Crenshaw & Leimert, FlyAway, High Speed Rail, IE Cargo, Metrolink Upgrade, Transpo Careers & More

Awesome Little Video On The Case For Smart Growth
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Bullet Train Hires Chief Of Staff

San Francisco Business Times

Bus-Tracking Technology Comes To L.A. County: Is The Bus Late? Or Did I Miss It? How Much Longer Will I Be Standing Here? Now Metro Riders Can Call Or Go Online To See Exactly When Their Bus Will Arrive At A Particular Stop

Los Angeles Times

California High-Speed Rail Project To Begin On Time


Claremont OKs Track Layout For Gold Line

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Complete Streets Bill Introduced In Senate

StreetsBlog DC

Did L.A.'s African American Community Just Get Passed Over For A Metro Light Rail Stop?

LA Weekly

Editorial: Cargo Baggage
("A rebound in international trade offers a reminder of unfinished business: The Inland region still needs aid with the heavy burdens of goods movement. And that task will require federal help in cutting the traffic congestion and air pollution that result from the cargo trade.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Freedom Riders 50 Years Later: Volunteers Protested Segregated Transportation
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Grapevine Route Emerges As Cost Saver For High-Speed Rail

California Watch

Helium Hokum: Why Airships Will Never Be Part Of Our Transportation Infrastructure

Scientific American

High-Speed Rail Authority Adds Executive

Central Valley Business Times

It Was A Train Wreck Of An Event: In 1906, On A Mile-Long Stretch Of Track Where The L.A. Coliseum Now Stands, Promoters Hurtled Two Giant Locomotives Toward Each Other. As The Engineers Leaped To Safety, The Climactic Moment Came
Los Angeles Times

L.A. Airport Panel Recommends Discontinuation Of Westwood FlyAway Bus Service To LAX: Commissioners Say The $5-Per-Trip Service Is Operating At A Loss, But UCLA And Its Students Are Trying To Negotiate A Way To Save It

Los Angeles Times

LA's Next BRT Line
("Now that the bus riders have won before Metro it is time to redouble efforts to convince the City Council that the transit needs of tens of thousands of daily Wilshire bus riders come first. A Wilshire Blvd without dedicated bus lanes is no longer an acceptable way to treat Metro’s customers. The bus riding public deserves better.")
Urban Times

LADOT Orders 84 MCI Commuter Coaches Powered By CNG: First Deliveries Will Replace Older Diesel Buses On Commuter Express Routes

MCI Coach

Lawmakers Move To Address Pedestrian Safety In The Wake Of Dangerous By Design
Transportation For America

Leimert Park Stop At Crenshaw/LAX Line: Approved But Not Funded
Huffington Post

Los Angeles Metro Gold Line: Time Lapse Tour
(video : travel from East L.A. to Pasadena in three minutes)
via YouTube

Los Angeles Parking Chief Jimmy Price To Retire Wednesday
Beverly Hills Courier

Lowering Expectations On Mass Transit: High-Speed Rail Is Now Considered A Less-Appealing Option, According To Regional Transit Planner

Los Angeles Wave

Metro Approves $4.1 Billion Budget

Los Angeles Daily News

Metrolink Crossing To Get $6-Million Upgrade: The Doran Street Crossing In Glendale Has Been Identified As The Riskiest Intersection In The Commuter Line System
Los Angeles Times

More Evidence That California Compares Favorably To Other HSR Routes
California High Speed Rail Blog

MTA Approves Bus Lanes On Wilshire: The Plan Will Now Go To The City Council's Transportation Committee
Brentwood Patch

National Transportation Career Day Among APTA's Initiatives For Developing Public Transportation's Future Workforce (audio : "Within the next five to 10 years, more than 50 percent of transit industry workers are expected to retire. The American Public Transportation Association has made filling those shoes one of its top priorities. Pamela Boswell, APTA’s vice president of program management and educational services, recently talked with Progressive Railroading about the association’s first National Transportation Career Day for students in kindergarten through 12th grade, as well as other ways APTA is trying to raise younger generations’ awareness of career opportunities in public transit.")
Progressive Railroading

A New Transit Problem: Excessively Wordy Train Station Names

Transportation Nation

Officials Hope To Avert Traffic Nightmare During 405 Freeway Closure: With A Widening Project Closing The Busy Stretch Of Freeway For An Entire Weekend In July, Officials Are Warning Locals And Visitors To Avoid Any Car Trips Around The Westside And San Fernando Valley

Los Angeles Times

Powering The Future: A Vision For Clean Energy, Clear Skies, And A Growing Economy In Southern California
(10p. PDF)
Southern California Association Of Governments

Pricey Gas Or No, Californians Get Out Of Town

Transportation Nation

Public Safety Officials Issue Ominous Warning About July Weekend Closure Of 405 Freeway

Los Angeles Times

Public Transit, Access To Jobs: Escaping Our "Exit Ramp" Economy


Reading L.A.: David Brodsly's "L.A. Freeway" (The 1981 book is the ninth title in the yearlong Reading L.A. series: "Most of us love to complain about our freeways -- about the bad air and gridlock they produce, mostly, and to a lesser extent about the way they cleave neighborhoods in two. Others -- a smaller group, admittedly -- have praised the freedom they enable and even the beauty of their form as monumental urban objects.")
Los Angeles Times

Senate Transportation Plan Could Cost $339 Billion
Land Line

Seniors Are Piling Onto Public Transportation

New Urban Network
How The Travel Patterns Of Older Adults Are Changing: Highlights From The 2009 National Household Travel Survey
(7p. PDF)
AARP Public Policy Institute

SGV Council Of Governments' Dues Surpass Those Of Others; Officials Plan To Review Costs

Pasadena Star-News

Senate Leaders Announce Vision For Transportation Legislation
National League Of Cities

Solar Roadways Could Power The Entire World
Government Technology

Trains To Angel Stadium Save Time, Money
Orange County Register

Transparency: Going The Distance
(infographic : "Take a look at the most common forms of transportation to see how much energy it really takes to get around.")

Transportation Leaders Propose New Direction For High Speed Rail ("
House Transportation Committee leaders today outlined a dramatic change in direction to develop true high-speed passenger rail service in the Northeast Corridor (NEC). Their proposal would transfer development of the nation’s most congested corridor from Amtrak to private sector competition.")
U.S. House Transportation And Infrastructure Committee
Will The Future Of The Northeast Corridor Include Amtrak?

U.S. Not Dense Enough For High-Speed Rail? Think Again ("Given the success of Spain’s rail system, it stands to reason that California would be fertile ground for high-speed rail.")
Per Square Mile

Westside Drivers Prevail Over Buses, Leimert Park (Sorta...) (audio)
KCRW Which Way L.A.

You'll Be Able To Drive Home And Leave The Parking To The Machine (automated parking garages around Los Angeles)
Los Angeles Daily News

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