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Election Impact On L.A. Transit, California HSR To Begin In Central Valley?, Future Of HSR Nationwide, New LADOT Head, Understanding John Mica & More

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Americans Want HSR, Politicians Don't Want You To

Amtrak To Buy 70 High Speed Electric Trains For $466 Million

California's First High-Speed Rail Segment May Run Through Central Valley
Los Angeles Times

Did Americans Reject Clean Energy By Voting Republican? US Environmentalists Concede Disappointment At The GOP's Surge, But Say The Defeat Of California Prop. 23 Shows Voters Were Motivated By The Economy And Not A Rejection Of Clean Energy
Christian Science Monitor

Eastbound Century Freeway Near LAX To Be Closed Saturday
Daily Breeze

Editorial: Tuesday's Environmental Impact: The Republican Takeover Of The House Puts An End To Hopes For A Federal Bill. But Headway Will Still Be Made At The State Level
Los Angeles Times

Eliminate Waste Or Kill Good Projects? Earmark Ban Could Cut Both Ways
StreetsBlog LA

How Tuesday's Election Affects L.A. Transit Projects: With The Republicans Wresting Control In The House, Some Plans Likely Won't Be Funded, But California Improvements May Go Forward
Los Angeles Times

Keeping Little Tokyo Alive Through The Metro Connector Needs A Team Effort
Rafu Shimpo

Leiweke Hopes To Bring 2016 Super Bowl To Downtown: Game Would Take Place In $1 Billion, Privately Funded Stadium And Convention Complex
Los Angeles Downtown News

Location Services Have Not Caught On, Report Says
New York Times
4% Of Americans Use Location-Based Services (10p. PDF)
Pew Internet & American Life Project

Money Available For Calabasas Interchanges
The Acorn

Oberstar Defeat Ends Era Of Transportation Policy Influence
Minnesota Public Radio
Oberstar As U.S. Secretary Of Transportation?
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Passons Boulevard Underpass Project On The Move
Whittier Daily News

Port To Get $200M For Bridge
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Reactions To San Gabriel Valley High-Speed Rail Plan Vary
Pasadena Star-News

Rumor: It's Fisher v Sedadi For General Manager Of LADOT
StreetsBlog LA

Southern California Freeway Pollution: Is Monitoring Adequate?
Los Angeles Times

Stroll 7th Street With The Los Angeles Conservancy
Blog Downtown

Subway Concern Prompts Debate Over Whether To Retain Transport Lobbyist
(p. 5, 39 of 40p. PDF)
Beverly Hills Courier

Top Ten Cities With Best Public Transit Systems

Touring Hall Of Justice, By Flashlight ("Later this month, the county Board of Supervisors will be asked to approve the selection of a firm to undertake the [1925 building's] historic rehabilitation and retrofitting.")
Zev Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles County Supervisor, Third District

Understanding Representative John Mica's Transportation Agenda
Transport Politic

Villaraigosa Says GOP Control Of House Could Cost L.A.
Los Angeles Times

Weekend Closure Announced For 110 Freeway
Pasadena Star-News

What's Your Vision For El Pueblo?
Blog Downtown

Young People On Car Ownership: Meh
StreetsBlog Network

Zev vs. Bev On MTA Subway Route: More City Lobbying May Be Needed To Persuade MTA To Avoid Tunneling Under Beverly Hills High School
Beverly Hills Patch


2010 Transportation Elections: Trends & Results, What Next For HSR?, Solar Santa Monica Fwy & More

2010 Transportation Ballot Measures: An Examination Of Key Trends And Results
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Amtrak To Pilot Close Call Reporting System
Occupational Health & Safety

Apple Transforms A Subway Station In Chicago (And Wants Everyone To Know It)
("The four-million dollar renovation to the station in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood was funded by the computer giant in conjunction with the construction of a new retail store on a nearby

Bicycle Community Unites Against L.A.'s Bike Plan

Can Intelligent Transportation Systems Be Woven Into The Future Design Of Transport Operations?
New Electronics

Councilwoman Backs New Sign District For Wilshire Grand
Curbed LA

Developers Of Dupont Underground Are Far From The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
(art galleries, restaurant, and wine bar are being considered for 100,000 square feet of the heavily-trafficked D.C. Metro station)
Washington Post
Dupont Underground

The Fiscal Argument For Transportation Reform ("Some information that may come in handy when your governor starts a high-pitched campaign against investing in transit. Or when the House starts debating the transportation bill.")
StreetsBlog Network

Fred Barnes: Americans Mainly Want To Stay In Their Cars
Coercing People Out Of Their Cars: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Bike Paths
The Weekly Standard

Key GOP Lawmaker Cool To High-Speed Rail Grants
Washington Post

Lack Of Transit Funds To Affect County Road Work
Ventura County Star

LAist Editor Zach Behrens To Move To KCET, Co-Editor Lindsay William-Ross To Take Over
KCET Gets $1-Million Ahmanson Grant To Facilitate Planned Exit From PBS
Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles: Before You Board, There's A Quiz (The entrance to and design of the Ellerbe Becket-designed Vermont / Santa Monica Station is analyzed)
Human Transit

Massive Solar Serpent Winds Along The Santa Monica Freeway (Includes illustrations : This design for a serpent-shaped solar skin for the Sana Monica Freeway would also capture the exhaust fumes to make algae fuel on the side of the I-10)

Measure K Winning By Wide Margin ("Measure K would double to nearly $1 billion the total amount of debt the Riverside County Transportation Commission can issue to accelerate construction of area roads.")
North County Times

Message Signs Without Much To Say
Eastsider LA

National Bike Leaders Weigh In On Tumultuous Elections
Bike Portland

New Congress Could Thwart High-Speed Rail Plans
San Jose Mercury News

Our National Archives At Risk: What The Government Accountability Office Found
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Scorecard: What Election 2010 Means For Transportation Around The Nation
Transportation Nation

Target Store To Open In Downtown L.A.: The Retail Giant Will Take Over More Than 100,000 Square Feet In The 7+Fig Mall And Feature A Product Mix That Emphasizes Food And Household Basics
Los Angeles Times

Telematics: Your Guide To The Second Information Superhighway

TIGER Stimulus Grants Benefiting Americans Across The Country

Transit-Friendly Neighbors Removed From Transit-Friendly Neighborhoods? ("New rail stations may be gentrifying neighborhoods to an extent that the people most likely to take advantage of transit services are being pushed out, forced to relocate because of higher prices.")
Next American City

Transportation Bill A Prime Chance For Bipartisan Achievement In A Divided Government
Transportation For America

Transportation Lobbyists Vow They'll "Work With The Winners"
Finance & Commerce

Updating The Bike Plan: Well, How Did I Get Here?
StreetsBlog LA

Vermont Station Expo Line Signage Appears
Curbed LA

A Very Bad Day For Sustainable Transportation And Urban Revitalization
Urban Places And Spaces

Voter Rejection Of Spending, Debt Cloud Transpo's Future
Transportation Nation

What Next For High Speed Rail?
California High Speed Rail Blog

With Oberstar Gone, Who Will Lead The Democrats On T & I Committee?
StreetsBlog DC


Election 2010: What It Means For Transportation, Oberstar Ousted, Electric Taxis, Hopstop vs. Google & More

2010 Transportation Ballot Measure Results (state-by-state breakdown of measures' outcomes : 41 of 55 passed, a 75% success rate)
Center For Transportation Excellence
Trends And Results From 2010 Transportation Ballot Measures (free webinar : Friday, November 5)
Center For Transportation Excellence

8th District Stunner: Oberstar Loses To GOP Newcomer (18-term House Transportation Committee Chair defeated)
Minnesota Public Radio

California Wins A Clean Energy And Climate Trifecta

Cities In Flux: Latino New Urbanism
("Latinos have been transforming U.S. communities for decades. Now their impact on planning and transportation in the country is being more formally acknowledged.")
The City Fix

"Cities" May Not Matter As Much As We Think: Regions And Neighborhoods Are Where Things Actually Happen
Sustainable Cities Collective

Election 2010: The Senate Gets Lots Of New Climate Deniers

Election Results: GOP Govs Win Big, Dems Take California, Oberstar Ousted ("Ohio’s John Boehner — a believer in wider highways — will wield the Speaker’s gavel.")
StreetsBlog DC

For Advocates Of Alternative Transportation, A Difficult Election Day
Transport Politic

High-Speed Rail Is Not Pork As Usual

Humble HopStop vs. The Goliath Google: A Pedestrian Battle Inspired By Springsteen
Fast Company

LA Architect Was Way Ahead Of Chinese On Car Swallowing Bus
Curbed LA
This Machine Swallows Buses While Going 60 MPH And Could Make The City Livable
New York Magazine (full-text article from February 24, 1969)

L.A. County Transit Leads Week In $740 Million Sale
San Francisco Chronicle

Metro And Foursquare: Can Check-Ins Boost Ridership?
Green LA Girl

Metro Offers Tidbits On Elusive Valley To Westside Plan
Curbed LA

New CCTV Technology Senses Aggression From Sound
("Cameras can tell if you're being aggressive or calling for help - and will alert security guards straight away.")

Politics, Friction Reshape Influential Cascade Bicycle Club
(A one-time fringe bicycle activist group in the Pacific Northwest has turned into a major player in mainstream politics)
Seattle Times

Republican Victories Not Good News For Transportation Advocates

Research Roundup: Social Media For Public Transportation, Funding The Needs Of An Aging Population & An Overview Of U.S. Parking Management Strategies
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

San Francisco Will Launch Electric Vehicle Taxi Program

Santa Monica Seeks To Replace Bridge At Landmark Pier: The City Has Applied For Federal Funds To Replace The 60-Year Old Bridge With An $8-Million Span That Would Be Wider, More Pedestrian-Friendly And Better Able To Withstand Earthquakes
Los Angeles Times

Still Putting Some Zip In It (changes to the UCLA Zipcar Alternate Commute Program)
UCLA Be A Green Commuter!

Top 10 Electric Car-Ready Cities (includes Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento)

TSA Plans To Overhaul Security Screening Plans
Los Angeles Times

Welcome To The Urban Revolution
(interview : for author Jeb Brugmann, urbanism is not some grand theory but rather the process by which a community taps into urban advantage to build a district of mutual benefit)
Policy Innovations

Westside Screwed Again On Transit

What A Republican-Controlled House Would Mean For Bicycling
Bike Portland

What Won, Lost: The California Proposition Roundup


Transpo Ballot Measures Around The U.S. Today, Mobility 21, Diverging Diamonds, Fear Of Transit, Congestion Pricing & More

2010 Transportation Ballot Measures
(state-by-state breakdown of measures)
Center For Transportation Excellence
Voters To Decide On 29 Transportation Ballot Measures: More Than $1.8 Billion In Transportation Funding At Stake On November 2 (1p. PDF)
Center For Transportation Excellence Press Release

2nd Avenue Subway Explained To First Graders
New York Times

Algae: Biofuel Of The Future?
The City Fix

Bike-Ped Funding Dips As Stimulus Spending Slows
StreetsBlog DC

California Air Board To Unveil Cap-And-Trade Program For CO2
Sacramento Bee

Cities In Debt Turn To States, Adding Strain
New York Times

Clients Of Pringle Have High-Speed Rail Interests
Voice Of OC

Draft Bike Plan Looks To Move Forward, Problems Still Remain
StreetsBlog LA

eBART Now Under Construction, Extending Rapid Transit Far From San Francisco
Transport Politic

Lawmaker Wants Tighter Ethic Rules For California Bullet Train Authority
Los Angeles Times

Local Money Crucial To Current Road Spending
Riverside Press-Enterprise

The Merits Of The Diverging Diamond Interchange ("A freeway-and-surface-street interchange system that reduces the number of conflict points and, in theory, traffic delays, by having drivers switch to the left-hand side of the road temporarily.")

Metro To Sell Bonds, Front Funds For Foothill Extension Phase 2A
Pasadena Star-News

Mobility 21: Small-Ticket Transportation Solutions Get Lost In The Big-Ticket Hubbub
StreetsBlog LA
Mobility 21: Another View
StreetsBlog LA

Nearly Two-Thirds Of U.S. Travelers Will Use High-Speed Rail: U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces $2.5 Billion Grants For High-Speed Rail
Consumer Travel Survey Questions On High-Speed Rail
(3p. PDF)

"Operation Upcycle" Applies Stimulus To Converting Gas Guzzling School Buses To Clean Energy
PR Web
Operation Upcycle

Opinion: The Westside Subway And Beverly Hills O-O-Oh-No
Los Angeles Times

The Safety Problem (Fear of crime and uncertainty about safety keep many people from using public transit, according to a new study. But how should transit agencies react?)
Next American City
Addressing Fear Of Crime In Public Space: Gender Differences In Reaction To Safety Measures In Train Transit (abstract)
Urban Studies

Second L.A. Council Committee Backs Protection Proposal For Bicyclists
Daily Breeze

Silicon Valley Looks At Pod Cars
Transit Wire

Strategies For Improving The Project Agreement Process Between Highway
Agencies And Railroads
(186p. PDF)
Strategic Highway Research Program

The Survival Of High-Speed Rail Comes Down To [Today]

A Tale Of Two Stadiums: Contrasting World Series Ballparks Showcase Advantages Of Transit-Oriented Development
California Streets

Transit And Transportation At Stake In Several Key Races
Transportation Nation

Transportation And Equality ("The poorest fifth of Americans, spend 42 percent of their annual household budget on an automobile budget, more than twice the national average.")
Think Progress

Wariness About Spending On Transportation And Infrastructure Accompanies Voters To The Polls
Transportation Nation

What Is Congestion Pricing? Is It Fair?


Beverly Hills Tunnel Opposition, El Monte Bus History, Downtown L.A. Stadium?, Hollywood & Vine Bike Hub, Green Transpo Experiments & More

AEG Lays Out Plan To Bring Back Football: Staples Center And LA Live Owner Also Would Upgrade Convention Center
Los Angeles Daily News

Arlington, Home Of The [Texas] Rangers, Largest City In U.S. Without Public Transit
SF Weekly

BART Trains Recycle Brake Energy
Oakland Tribune

Beverly Hills Could Be Obstacle In Subway Extension: City Leaders Voice Concerns Over Risks Of Tunneling Through Oil Fields And Areas Of Methane Gas On Route That Would Go Beneath High School, Which Houses Emergency Shelter
Los Angeles Times

Beverly Hills Schools Hires Subway Lawyer

Can Cities Help You Forget Your Troubles, C'mon Get Happy?
PlaceShakers And NewsMakers

Could Restructuing The Gas Tax Fund The Transportation Bill?
StreetsBlog Network

Does Right-Of-Way Make It The Right Way To Go?: "NIMBY!" Says Ruxton Neighborhood Residents When It Comes To The South Bay Metro Green Line Extension
Redondo Beach Patch

El Monte Station: Past, Present And Future
More Than Red Cars

Ever The Slick Salesman, Antonio Villaraigosa Turned To Twitter To Combat Opponents Of Subway To Sea
LA Weekly

Foothill Transit Granted $10M For New Energy-Efficient Buses
Whittier Daily News

Green Transportation Experiments Get Go-Ahead
("Seventeen innovative Bay Area transportation projects that aim to combat climate change - ranging from electric taxis and mobile bicycle repair shops to pavement recycling and dynamic ridesharing - will soon get the chance to show their stuff.")
San Francisco Chronicle

High-Speed Rail Leaders Receive Consulting Fees From Firms With Financial Interests In Project: Rail Board Chairman And Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle Has Been An Advisor To A Major Construction Supplier. Fellow Board Member Richard Katz Also Worked As A Consultant And For Several Years Has Advised Walt Disney Co., A Major Backer Of The Project
Los Angeles Times

Hubba Hubba: Checking Out The Hollywood And Vine Bike Hub
Curbed LA

L.A. Transit Spends $5 Billion To Decrease Ridership

Map: What's Next For The Westside Subway?

Opinion: Calif. Rail Project Is High-Speed Pork
Washington Post

Opinion: High-Speed Rail Folly: Feds Ignore Own Rules
San Diego Union-Tribune

Paving Work Continues To Slow Traffic On The 10 Freeway
Pasadena Star-News

Planned Closures Announced For 60 Freeway
Pasadena Star-News

Recovery In Building Is Forecast In 2011
Wall Street Journal

School Buses Test Fingerprint Scan
USA Today

Separating Cyclists From Air Pollution
StreetsBlog Network

TOD, Gentrification, TreeHugger And Why Environmental Justice Advocates Get Annoyed With So-Called Environmentalists
Sustainable Cities And Transport

Transportation Spending Is Big Election-Day Politics

Video: A Brief History Of The School Bus
(" Why are school buses yellow? How many miles to the gallon does the average school bus get? And how many miles does the average school bus travel?")

What's The Latest With Public Transit Connecting The Valley To The Westside?