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Transportation Headlines for Saturday July 5, 2008

30 billion fewer miles driven, and counting - According to AAA, the average two-car family now would spend about $6,200 a year to gas up its vehicles
Seattle Times

Apple Valley gets more bicycle-friendly
Victorville Daily Press

CurbedWire: Mariachi Players Get Street Back
Curbed LA

Drive a mile in MTA's shoes Re "MTA is trying to shed some wait," June 27,0,722240.story?page=3
Los Angeles Times

High-Speed Transit Comes to Second Life - UC Irvine student Cristi Lopes is writing software for "SkyTran", a virtual high-speed train based in Second Life. The virtual world will actually serve as a useful simulator for the real thing

Little-used Riverside bus routes tagged for elimination
Press Enterprise

Mayor announces expansion record-breaking Rapid Bus service
Sherman Oaks Sun

Metrolink growth strains station parking capacity - A ridership surge has already jammed lots, and the Orange County line's planned expansion will soon make it even harder to find a spot,0,4588707.story
Los Angeles Times

Oil field's neighbors aren't gushing over expansion plan - Residents in Windsor Hills and nearby communities -- with a 1,000-acre oil field at their center -- are concerned about decreased property values, noise and fumes,0,3409052.story
Los Angeles Times

New Infrastructure Woes: Gas Tax Bringing In Less Money
Tree Hugger

Rail 2 Rail riders decry transit cuts - NCTD board members say they will look at restoring service mid-year
North County Times

Sprinter revises its earlier limit on bicycles - Transit district will now allow as many as fit in marked area
San Diego Union Tribune

Subway sketchers create an online community,0,3609362.story
Los Angeles Times

Transit Fare-Beating Fines To Rise Steeply

Van Nuys bristles over bid for Burbank flight ban
Studio City Sun


Transportation Headlines for Friday July 4, 2008

4th of July Travel: Bikes, Car or Plane?

Coaster seeing bump in ridership
San Diego Union Tribune

Don't Fly, Levitate: German Maglev as a Travel Alternative in the U.S.
Business Environmentalist

Editorial: Congress should clear the tracks for Amtrak - A needed bill would help resolve conflicts with freight carriers over access to rails
Sacramento Bee

Fuel Costs Soar, DASH Operator Idles!

Fuel-efficient Cars Mean Less Funding from Gas Tax
Environmental Protection

High Tech Parking Meters
Larchmont Chronicle

Long Beach Aims To Be 'Most Bike-Friendly' City

Metro board considering ballot measure to up sales tax a half-cent for transit
The Argonaut

Metro gives its side of the 577X bus route story
Bottleneck Blog

Palm Springs International Airport looks for boost in traffic
Palm Springs Sun

Picking the mind of a French transit reporter
Bottleneck Blog

Politics Failed, but Fuel Prices Cut Congestion
New York Times

Pothole of the week
Bottleneck Blog

Rail Riders: Rosendahl Asking For Full Cent

Ten Reasons You “OTTER” Vote for a Half-Cent Transportation Sales Tax

The Real Infrastructure Crisis - The nation's roads and bridges are in pretty good shape. It's the national will that is suspect
National Journal


Transportation Headlines for Thursday July 3, 2008

America's Most Fuel-Efficient Neighborhoods

As the Ballot Turns

Baja region hit by new shortage of diesel fuel
San Diego Union Tribune

Bullet train takes Senate's medicine - Senate committee OKs changes to high-speed train bill, which will remain on November ballot
Contra Costa Times

California Requires 'Pollution Labels' For Cars

Council surveys Orange Blossom Trail plan
Redlands Daily Facts

First time Metro "color line" rider reports in

Greenway for the Expo line?
Los Angeles Times

How's your 'Metroquette' Been?

L.A. Drivers To Get Real-Time Info From Traffic Cams - TrafficLand will use up to 190 traffic cameras to show drivers the status of major highways
Information Week

LA toll roads, light rail eyed in Capitol political dispute
Capitol Weekly

Laugh at High Gas Prices With a 282-mpg VW

Metro Rider Relief Transportation Program (RRTP) provides fare subsidy coupons to eligible riders who purchase daily, weekly and monthly passes

Oil prices near $146 a barrel for 1st time ever

OUR VIEW: Our future's at stake (State Budget)
Whittier Daily News

Paris Prepares for Electric Car-Sharing

Positioned for savings - Foothill Transit soon will have all natural-gas powered buses
Pasandena Star News

Senator Romero Won’t Support Anything Without Guarantees for SGV

VICA: Build the subway to Burbank airport
Bottleneck Blog

Who’s the Best MPO?
The Ground Floor – Heard at ULI


Transportation Headlines for Wednesday July 2, 2008

Are the Airlines Now Like the Railroads Were 50 Years Ago?

Caltrain's bike cars
Bottleneck Blog

Carmakers shifting gears
Daily Breeze

Development of Crash Energy Management Performance Requirements for Light-Rail Vehicles
Transportation Research Board

Diesel fuel use drops statewide by largest margin in four years
Oakland Tribune

First-time Metrolink commuter, longtime sleepyhead
Bottleneck Blog

Hearing on the Role of the Surface Transportation Network in Moving People and Freight
Transportation Research Board

Hearing on the Future Federal Role for Surface Transportation
Transportation Research Board

Insane Blog Commenters (Foothill Extension)
With These Hands

Little Tokyo Mixed-Use Village Moves Forward
Curbed LA

John McCain and his agenda on Amtrak
Boston Globe

Map your worst neighborhood pothole (note to bus riders, here’s your golden opportunity…)
Daily News

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin: America Needs Transit, Now

Metro’s $40 Billion Plan

Review of First Responders' Ability to Detect and Model Hazardous Releases in Urban Areas
Transportation Research Board

Romero: Sales tax bill doesn't have her vote – yet
Bottleneck Blog

S.F. Mayor Newsom to explore run for governor,0,5504976.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

Southern California commute times have their ups and downs – Freeway performance was a mixed bag in June over last year, with higher gas prices among the many factors,0,3571353.column
Los Angeles Times

Technology Caps, Treats Ship's Air Emissions in Port
Environmental Protection

Tower of Babel, 1 Gateway Plaza (@ Metro Center)
Ditch the Car, Take the Metro

Trains to answer traffic, cost, pollution cries?
CNet News

Ventura County works on revising land-use, planning rules
Ventura County Star


Transportation Headlines for Tuesday July 1, 2008

Are folding bikes the answer?
Bottleneck Blog

Bridge to Somewhere: Retooling the U.S. Transportation System

Californians use less gas in March
Sacramento Bee

Freight train derails in Irwindale - Four cars jumped the tracks around 3:30 a.m., officials say. A hazardous materials team is cleaning a spill at the scene, but no injuries are reported and street traffic is unaffected,0,7035269.story
Los Angeles Times

Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Legislation to Expedite Funding for Transportation

Grant to be sought for railroad bridge - Project will ease traffic at intersection
Whittier Daily News

Guest blogger to new transit riders: Don't forget the hand sanitizer
Bottleneck Blog

I-15 Vegas-LA Route Closed Tuesday, Wednesday Mornings

Los Angeles City Council president proposes 'sharrows' to make roads safer for bicyclists - Eric Garcetti suggests special lane markings to guide bikers away from dangerous car-door zone. Readers react to bikes on trains, and Metrolink plans to lease rail cars from N.J., Utah.,0,5533762.column
Los Angeles Times

Lunch with Wendy Gruel
Bottleneck Blog

Political Interference in the CPUC Judicial Process
Fix Expo

Poll: Most feeling squeeze from high gas cost
Nearly half believe the financial hardship from fuel prices will be serious
Daily News

Price of oil sets fresh record,0,4908144.story
Los Angeles Times

Selling a tax increase
MTA needs to be more specific about projects
Press Telegram

Some relief for Metrolink on the way
Bottleneck Blog

Tesla Announces Model S All-Electric Sedan With 225-Mile Range, $60K Price Tag

Underground Adventure - Metro Red Line
Los Angeles Nomad

Villaraigosa says that subway could break ground in 2012
Bottleneck Blog

Villaraigosa To Chair MTA Board of Directors

Will Rush Hour Trains Be the Next Bike Battleground?


Transportation Headlines for Monday June 30, 2008

"Car-less" in Orange County-Tips

Document for June 29th: National Interstate and Defense Highways Act
National Archives

George Will: Build more roads!
Bottleneck Blog

Gold Line Extension Needed
Black Enterprise

How Will California Respond to $200 a Barrel Oil?
California Progress Report

Los Angeles Eastside construction
Light Rail

Mayor's Sales Tax Increase For Transportation: Racism & The Reverse Robin Hood
Mayor Sam 2

Oil price surges above $143 a barrel for first time

‘park 101′ vision downtown’s next big thing

Rated Expo - Gettin' Laid (Tracks, That Is)!
Militant Angeleno

Stepping up against odds (Foothill Extension)
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Subway to the sea, or the airport? Readers offer their ideal L.A. transportation plans,0,6144344.htmlstory
Los Angeles Times

Urban centers on the rise again - Subprime-mortgage crisis and $4-a-gallon gasoline are causing many to think twice about remote subdivisions, rendering long commutes untenable,0,147337.story
Chicago Tribune

What Environmentalism Could Learn from L.A.

Workshop for the OCTA Commuter Bikeways Strategic Plan
North O.C. Bicycle Advocacy Coalition


Transportation Headlines for Sunday June 29, 2008

Are 'Mega-Regions' the Future of Transportation?

Caltrans won't back bus rule
Contra Costa Times

City pushes sustainability - Being ecologically friendly is high on the council’s list of goals for upcoming fiscal year, which begins on Tuesday
Burbank Leader

Councilman Pushes to Make LA More Bike Friendly

Downtown Model Turns Planning Into Play

Editorial: Don't Blow Opportunity Offered By Rising Rail Ridership
LA Downtown News

Hands-free cellphone use while driving won't make the roads safer, studies show. Why? Brain overload,0,3192911.story
Los Angeles Times

How to Beat the High Cost of Gasoline? Move Closer to Work - Rising Fuel Prices Drives Homebuyers, Renters Out of County’s Suburbs
San Diego Business Journal

How to Pay for Rebuilding Infrastructure?

Malibu Ranks Highest in Crashes
Canyon News

Metro's Quotidian Service Interruption

Municipal fleets cope with fuel
Burbank Leader

New bus routes coming
Burbank Leader

Rethinking Grand Avenue - The price tag for the downtown mega-project keeps climbing. A new direction is needed,0,5214298.story
Los Angeles Times

Right Use for Taxes? (Colton Crossing)
Press Enterprise

Survey: MTA Buses are Late 40% of the Time
FOX News

This Week's Model - Planner James Rojas Takes an Interactive Look at Downtown
LA Downtown News

Union Pacific Moving Ahead With EIR, But Nobody Is Happy
Cunningham Report