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Transportation Headlines for Saturday July 29, 2006

Blue Line blues
Press Telegram

California Air Resources Board Awards Hydrogen Station Grants
Fuel Cell Works

California-LV train hopes are revived
In Business Las Vegas

Coalition maps plan to ease traffic: Unified front toward Sacramento at heart of four-county strategy
Daily Bulletin

Crime Spike On BART During Spare The Air Days

Edgar Could Become Transportation Secretary: Former Secetary Norman Mineta Retired Last Month

Fighting smog: at what cost and for what result? Were Free Public Transit Rides A Creative Solution Or A Waste Of Tax Money?
Mercury News

Gas tax will be repaid to cities: Funds borrowed to balance state budget
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Metrolink train hits vehicle in Pedley: Driver killed in crash
Daily Bulletin

New Coaster operator criticized for lateness, rudeness
San Diego Union Tibune

On the right track?: Proposed underpass may uproot residents (alameda corridor east)
Whittier Daily News

Orange train-station project picks up steam: OCTA moves forward with plan to dig underpass at the Santa Fe Depot
Orange County Register

PM Blair will visit L.B. port Monday: Leader, joined by governor, to discuss global warming, gas emissions
Press Telegram

U.S. Olympic Committee Is California-Dreaming
New York Sun


Transportation Headlines for Friday July 28, 2006

149 citations issued in van, limo and shuttle inspection
The Argonaut

Barstow Mayor unhappy about high speed rail proposal that would bypass Barstow
Desert Dispatch

Being ripped off at the pump: You might pay for more gas than you get
Daily News

Cross Valley Connector Might Have Weight Limits
Santa Clarita Signal

Derailment in SoCal desert disrupts Amtrak service
Mercury News

Developer Gone but MTA Lot Development Rolls On: Three Groups Appeal the Planning Commission’s Decision Laying Down Density and Height for the Site
Venice Paper

HOV lanes nearing finish - Antelope Valley Freeway car-pool lanes under construction south of Palmdale are expected to be ready for traffic in a few weeks, Caltrans says
Daily News/Santa Clarita Edition

Infrastructure bonds find general approval with voters, poll says
San Francisco Chronicle
Link to Field Poll: (.pdf)

Joshua Shaw: Transit systems need more than just bond money
Capitol Weekly

Montebello Bus line stops to reflect on 75 years
Whittier Daily News

MTA CEO gets job extension
Daily News

Norwalk center fights terror: Regional intelligence hub is the first of its kind in the nation
Press Telegram

Operation ‘Metro Clean Sweep’ Goes Into Action

Passenger group says train delays are too long: Members say riders are experiencing delays of up to 11½ hours on the Coast Starlight, a passenger train between Los Angeles and Seattle that was once one of the nation's most reliable
Daily Breeze

Patt Morrison: Everybody Cool Off, Will Ya? City leaders are feuding over schools, police and the color of the new MTA rail line. Chill, people.,0,6735642.column?coll=la-util-opinion-commentary
Los Angeles Times

Political Insiders Hear Wakeup Call On Big Infrastructure Bonds
Bill Bradley’s New West Notes

Port of Los Angeles Announces Three New Hires to Extend Community and Legislative Outreach Throughout the City and Southern California Region
Business Wire

Ports Extend Clean Air Plan Comment Period
Long Beach Gazette

Private solutions urged for gridlock - TRANSPORTATION: A construction executive says business can fix traffic problems
Riverside Press Enterprise

Schwarzenegger's bond package facing dicey fate at the polls
Sacramento Bee

Some see Gold Line success riding on Valley expansion (foothill extension)
Whittier Daily News (also appeared in Pasadena Star News and the San Gabriel Valley Tribune)

Support is slipping for big bond package
Sacramento Bee

Transportation options aired: Residents of San Bernardino Valley exchanged ideas last week for an option to have longer service on Metrolink transportation that could extend to midnight service
Highland News


Transportation Headlines for Thursday July 27, 2006

Are we really sparing the air? The Bay Area's recent six days of free public transit during hot, smoggy summer commutes were popular, but whether the Spare the Air program justified its hefty price tag is up for debate
Contra Costa Times

California Stuck in a Jam - GAS TAXES: They pay for roads but now don't buy as much, and fuel-saving actions will limit income
Riverside Press Enteprise

Condos to Rise by Red Line: Work starts today on a mixed-use tower at Wilshire and Western, another sign of a trend of building near transit,1,4478375.story?coll=la-headlines-business
Los Angeles Times

ESRI Develops Web-Based Mapping System for Emergency Medicine: Monitors and maps the location and status of emergency resources such as hospitals, air ambulances, and rescue helicopters
Spatial News

Free train rides Saturday in Orange: OCTA will offer Metrolink passes
Orange County Register

Lab Helps TriMet Glide to More Green Lights
The Oregonian

L.A. might be 2016 Olympics host: San Francisco, Chicago also in running
Daily News

Mobility Project Los Angeles (Personal Rapid Transit)
Cool Hunter Design

South county traffic project gets green light from OCTA: A pilot program will synchronize a stretch of 31 signals on Oso Parkway and Pacific Park Drive
Orange County Register

Timed Trials: The 217 vs. The 780 (Metro Local versus Metro Rapid)
Metro Rider Blog

Will region see maglev trains? Southern California officials consider adopting the quiet-yet-costly monorail system
Daily Breeze

Why Public Transit Boosts Bay Area's Economy
Beyond Chron


Transportation Headlines for Wednesday July 26, 2006

Agency seeks support for rails to Redlands
Redlands Daily Facts

BAY AREA: Calls raised for free transit all of the time - Ridership surges on Spare the Air days
San Francisco Chronicle

Big Blue space still in place
Santa Monica Daily Press

Carless culture: The bus, part 3
Green L.A. Girl Blog

Duarte works on bike trails: City to complete 2 park segments (emerald necklace project)
Pasadena Star News

Freebie 'Spare the Air' rides a BART free-for-all
San Francisco Chronicle

Gloria Jeff Resolves to Bring L.A. City’s Dept. of Transportation Up To Speed
Metro Investment Report

Metro Rider LA – (transit photography)
Flickr Group

New VICA President Huffman Looks Forward to Championing Valley’s Infrastructure Needs
Metro Investment Report

O.C. Board Places Transportation Tax Measure On Ballot

Pedestrian-friendly plan costs $91 million: Pasadena looks to improve `walkability'
Pasadena Star News

Program drives off ride-sharers' fears - COMMUTING: Stranded carpoolers and train users in participating firms get rides home
Riverside Press Enterprise

Push for transit funds: Board of Supervisors is expected to put new Measure M, which extends half-cent tax by 30 years, onto Nov. 7 ballot
Orange County Register

San Diego Emerges from ‘Unprecedented Turmoil;’ Now Turns to Planning & Infrastructure
The Planning Report

U.S. EPA grant goes to the Port of Los Angeles for community based air quality monitoring
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

White House mulls Mineta replacement
Seattle Post Intelligencer


Transportation Headlines for Tuesday July 25, 2006

Average Gasoline Price in U.S. Tops $3,1,819691.story?coll=la-headlines-business
Los Angeles Times

California Transportation Commission Allocates $380 Million in New Transportation Funding
Yahoo! Finance

Curious state: Lawmakers fuel new energy push
Santa Monica Daily Press

Google Adds Traffic Info to Mobile Maps App

O.C. Is Set to Sell Measure M Renewal Tax: Campaign for half-cent-on-the-dollar extension to 2041 for $12 billion in transportation projects begins in earnest today.,1,3055006.story?coll=la-headlines-california
Los Angeles Times

PierPASS reaches a successful peak: Ports: Officials say 2.5 million truck trips diverted from daytime traffic
Press Telegram

Subway riders testing tag that doubles as credit card: Device makes it easier to collect commuters' fares
Houston Chronicle


Transportation Headlines for Monday July 24, 2006

Best Reasons to Live Downtown
LA Downtown News

Crumbling Roads Message Board: Where should California start in fixing major roads and highways? Vote to see poll results,1,3244660.graffitiboard
Los Angeles Times

L.A. area called most economically segregated in nation: Researchers find more than two-thirds of residents live in mostly rich or mostly poor neighborhoods
Daily Breeze

Long waits looming for license renewals: DMV officials fear new federal ID rules will lengthen lines
San Francisco Chronicle

New Traffic Signal Program L.E.D. By Mayor and Councilmembers
Westside Chronicle

Ninth Spare the Air day issued for Monday
San Francisco Chronicle

TIMES PAST: L.A. to San Diego in just 5 3/4 hours,1,4955695.story?coll=la-headlines-california
Los Angeles Times


Transportation Headlines for Sunday July 23, 2006

After 25 years, the trolley keeps on moving: Rail service was a trailblazer, but some worry about its long-term health
San Diego Union Tribune

An Endless Summer for Metrolink Riders: Weekend trains between San Bernardino, Riverside counties and the beach cities will be extended year round. Riders leave costly fill-ups, freeway traffic and the heat behind,1,4055532.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california
Los Angeles Times

Carpool lanes to ease 60 travel: They would be added as part of the 60/91/215 interchange reconstruction
Riverside Press Enteprise

First Leg of Bike Trail Rolling to Finish: Two-mile segment just one stretch planned for route
Riverside Press Enterprise

Freeway In Moreno Valley To Receive Carpool Lanes

Import firm dreams big about tiny cars: High gas prices may boost market
Sacramento Bee

Let's get back on the rails with renewed spirit, America
Contra Costa Times

Light rail ridership increases: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority ridership is back and booming.
Mercury News

Ocean-bound residents flock to train for access
Riverside Press Enterprise

Rich, Poor Live Poles Apart in L.A. as Middle Class Keeps Shrinking,1,7441327.story?coll=la-headlines-california
Los Angeles Times

Smart Growth Resource Library: Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding
Smart Growth Online

Transportation Headlines for Saturday July 22, 2006

Cities consider transit projects: Metrolink hoped to go to Redlands
San Bernardino Sun

City Approves 51 Traffic Signal Improvements

Half-cent sales tax hike in the future for Kern county?
Ridgecrest Daily Independent

Neighbors Desperate To Get Out Of Freeway's Shadow (215-60-91)

No free rides, but Spare the Air anyway: LA's mayor wants to try it for a week
Inside Bay Area

Pain at the Pump
Canyon News

Spare the Air campaign catches L.A. mayor's eye: Bay Area inspires others to help the environment
Daily Review