Custom Searches

Custom searches of digitized collections: 

Search Board of Directors Records 1951-2015
Includes LAMTA 1951-1964, SCRTD 1964-1993, LACTC 1977-1993, RCC 1989-1994, and LACMTA 1993-2015.

Search Board Box/Correspondence
Includes correspondence from staff to the board of directors from 1993 to the present.

Search Metro Press Releases
Includes media and press releases from 1993 to the present.

Search CEO Daily Brief and Every Voice Counts Weekly
Includes the CEO Daily Brief from CEOs Roger Snoble and Arthur T. Leahy and the Every Voice Counts (weekly) from Phil Washington.

Search California Highways Magazine
The California Department of Highways, which became the California Department of Transportation, AKA CalTrans published a comprehensive monthly magazine detailing the development of the highway system in California.

Search Transportation Library's Digitized Documents
Metro's Transportation Research Library has been working on digitizing its collections and placing links in its library catalog online.  This search is a shortcut to just the items available online, currently about 25% of the collection.