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Metro Blue Ribbon Panel, TOD Summit, Shoup's Parking Agenda, Street Grids, Car Sharing & More

Blue Ribbon Transit Committee Mails It In ("The MTA panel charged with creating a new vision for public transportation in the region delivers a busload of status quo.")
Los Angeles Times

Car-Sharing Gaining Momentum, Maybe Saving The World

City Of Los Angeles Allegedly Writing Thousands Of Bogus Parking Tickets
LA Weekly

Fighting Carbon Emissions: Cities Take the Lead - From Los Angeles To Amsterdam, City Hall Is Becoming The Best Hope For Climate Action
Business Week

The Highway-Transit Alliance Strains The Senate Energy Legislation
Transport Politic

LAXCarShare: Car Sharing Returns To Los Angeles Neighborhoods
Green LA Girl

LEDs Lead The Charge Of The Lights Brigade In L.A.
Los Angeles Times

Miles Driven For Shopping Continues To Climb, But Pace Slows
New Rules Project: Designing Rules As If Community Matters

On Standard Street Grids
Human Transit

Opinion: 710 Tunnel Vote Changes Project Dynamic
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Seattle's Waterfront Streetcar: Not Coming Back?
Human Transit

Shoup's Parking Agenda Is More Profound Than You Think
Reinventing Urban Transport

State DOT Leaders' Perspectives Featured On New Transportation TV Video

Ten Suggestions For Those Who Write About Local GIS Implementations
Directions Magazine

[Today's] Big Urban Land Institute Conference Looks At 4 TOD's
(Monrovia Station Square Transit Village, Blue Line Slauson Station, Green Line Vermont Station, Jordan Downs)
StreetsBlog LA
Urban Land Institute TOD Summit 2010 webpage

The Transit Industry's Mystifying Protest Of A Transit-Friendly Energy Bill
Mobilizing The Region

Transit Leaders And DOT Administrators Discuss The Future Of Rail Transit

Transit Maps In The Palm Of Your Hand (No Refolding Required)
New York Times

Union Pacific's William Van Trump, Norfolk Southern's Ray Rumsey Talk Positive Train Control (PTC) At RSSI
Progressive Railroading

Walking In L.A.: What Is Happiness And Can It Run You Over? (Part 8 in a series, focusing on Sunset Boulevard)


710 Tunnel Foes Unite, Fate Of Spring St. Viaduct, Africa's First HSR, Decline In Youth Drivers & More

54 Years Ago: Tree Planting Advocated For Downtown
Blog Downtown

710 Tunnel Foes Unite: Approval Of Environmental Study Stokes Opponents' Concerns
La Canada Valley Sun

$239,000 Conductor Among [New York] M.T.A.'s 8,000 Six-Figure Workers
New York Times

Amtrak To Offer Free Wireless On Acela Express Trains
New Jersey Star-Ledger

Bombadier Demos Technology To Improve Track Worker Safety
Metro Magazine

Farmdale Station Idea For Expo Still Getting No Love From Locals
Curbed LA

Fight Over Fate Of Historic North Spring Street Viaduct Heads To Council (Historic elements that make up the 1928 viaduct, one of eleven river spans to officially be declared a Historic Cultural Monument in January of 2008. The North Spring Street structure connects the Los Angeles State Historic Park with Lincoln Heights)
Blog Downtown

The Great Shift Away From Driving
California High Speed Rail Blog

Is Digital Revolution Driving Decline In U.S. Car culture?: Shift Toward Fewer Young Drivers Could Have Repercussions For All Marketers
Advertising Age

Long Beach Transit Cuts Will Increase Time Waiting For Buses
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Measure R Independent Taxpayers Oversight Committee Of Metro Meets Thursday
StreetsBlog LA

A More Cheerful New York Subway Map (design review)
New York Times

Pasadena Builds A Road Through A Tunnel - 40 Years Later (Kinneloa Avenue at 210 Freeway)
Pasadena Star-News

Research Improving Sensor Technology For Bridges And Roadways
Government Technology

SFMTA Explores Demand-Based Parking Meters
San Francisco Examiner

Spotlight On The World Cup: South Africa Boosts City Transit Systems (Africa's first high-speed rail line opens June 8)
The City Fix

Superclogger: Freeway Theater For Traffic Jams

Transit Agency Cooperation In Mid-Century L.A. (Or Lack Thereof)...
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

The Variety Of American Grids
Greater Greater Washington


Emergency Operating Aid For Transit?, L.A. Traffic: The Data Driven City, National Intelligent Transportation Vision, Industrial Arts District & More

AFL-CIO Flexing Its Muscle For Senate Transit Operating Aid Bill
StreetsBlog DC

CHSRA's Backup Funding Plans Show Need To Win Federal Funding
California High Speed Rail Blog

City Hall's One-Time Neighbor
Blog Downtown

Dinky Or Bus? A Town Is Torn
(The Princeton Dinky Line, the nation's shortest regularly scheduled commuter route, is threatened with closure and replacement with bus service. It has operated since May, 1865)
New York Times

Dozens Of Bicyclists Ride To USDOT Friday To Tell Secretary LaHood "Thanks"
Transportation For America

Envisioning The Industrial Arts District: City Officials Ponder Recommendations For Transforming The "Cleantech Corridor"
Los Angeles Downtown News

Extreme Makeover: Reinventing The Parking Lot

Golden Gate Bridge To Charge Carpoolers $3 Toll (carpoolers lose free ride on all Bay Area bridges)
San Francisco Chronicle

How To Ride Transit To UCLA & A Call For Reviews
UCLA Be A Green Commuter!
Guide To Public Transit At UCLA
UCLA Public Transit Main Page

Increasing The Number Of Freeway Lanes Is Not A Cost Effective Way To Reduce Traffic Congestion
Bike San Diego

Is Cycling's Critical Mass In Critical Condition?

Keeping Tracks: Another Railway Company Unveils Plans For Train Routes From LV
Las Vegas Business Press

Kids Lose Safe Ride Home With DASH Cuts
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

King Of The Road (interview with John Fisher, head of transportation engineering at LADOT)
The Atlantic

M.T.A.'s Budget Ills Are Worse Than Accounts Of Spitting
New York Times

Musings On Trends And Challenges Of Increased Traffic Use
StreetsBlog LA

National Intelligent Transportation Vision Begins To Take Shape
(Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission intends to use wireless technology developed through the USDOT's IntelliDrive project to automatically detect how many passengers are in a vehicle, give drivers estimated commute times, and calculate and charge toll fees)
Government Technology

Regional Transportation Authorities Are Not Necessarily The Solution To The Urban-Suburban Divide
Transport Politic

Route 66 Hearings To Begin
Los Angeles Times

Should Mass Transit Get $2 Billion In Emergency Operating Aid?
National Journal Transportation Blog

Tech Tries To Solve SF Parking
San Francisco Chronicle

Walking In L.A.: The Data Driven City
(part 7 in a series, focusing on ATSAC, Los Angeles' Automated Traffic Surveillance And Control Center)

White House To Tie Together Mapping And Data Sites

Younger People Driving Less, Auto Industry Getting Nervous
StreetsBlog Network


Green Line NIMBYs, Raising The Gas Tax, Peak-Use Surcharges, Student ID Transit Passes, Building Your Own Subway & More

Backlash To Green Line Extension Already Kicking Off
Curbed LA

Combining Student IDs And Transit Passes: The Multi-Function, Multi-App Smart Card May Not Be Such A Mythical Beast
CR80 News

Cyclists Laud LaHood's Bike-Ped Advocacy
StreetsBlog DC

Getting More Real
I Will Ride

Hidden Health Costs Of Transportation

Latest Expo Line Signs Near Cheviot Hills, Land Buying Question
Curbed LA

Learning To Cope With Regulations On Transport Industry
San Bernardino Sun
2010 Southern California Transportation & Logistics Summit
Leonard Transportation Center, California State University, San Bernardino

The Livability Movement (A new set of strategies around the U.S. DOT's five-year strategic plan has generated a fair share of commentary...and controversy)
New Republic

A Manifesto For Sustainable Transport
World Streets

[D.C.] Metro Approves Broad Fare Increase, Peak-Use Surcharges
Washington Post

The Most Unusual Metro In The World ("Leonid Murlyanchik has been building his metro alone since 1984. All materials are bought for his retired fee. Construction is not over yet.")
English Russia

N. Spring St. Viaduct Threatened
(public meeting June 2)
Los Angeles Conservancy
Los Angeles River Bridges
Los Angeles Conservancy

Oberstar: Let's Build On Our Success Building Main St.
Roll Call

An Overhaul Of An Underground Icon: Next Month, The [N.Y.] Metropolitan Transportation Authority Will Unveil A Resized, Recolored And Simplified Edition Of The Well-Known Map, Its First Overhaul In More Than A Decade (includes interactive comparisons to 1968, 1972, 1979 and 1998 versions)
New York Times

Passenger Rail Symposium, Day 2: Stations And Sprinters
StreetsBlog LA

SANBAG Presents The Big Picture
StreetsBlog LA
Executive Summary (34p. PDF)

State Redevelopment Association Fights Taking Of Local CRA Funds
(Hundreds of projects are at risk after a recent Superior Court decision forced cities in California to hand over $1.7 billion to help balance the state budget)
The Planning Report

Walking Away From Oil Dependence, One Day At A Time
StreetsBlog Network

Where Trains Will Roam (video : As part of "Geek Week," Rachel Maddow goes underground to examine how New York's long-planned 2nd Avenue subway will be built)
Very cool tunnel excavation photos
via Gothamist

Why We Should Raise The Gas Tax, The Pundits Discuss
Fox Business via Infrastructurist

With National Parks As The Draw, Luxury Railroad Plans 2011 Debut
National Parks Traveler