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Expo In April?, Bullet Train Fight, Angels Flight, CRAs, Norwalk Transit & More

January 9: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History
January 10
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Angels Flight To Close Jan. 10 (for several weeks of regular maintenance. "Once it reopens the fare will likely double to 50 cents per rider.")
Los Angeles Times

Brown Separates Transportation And Housing In State Reorganization
California Planning & Development Report

Editorial: California's High-Speed Rail To Nowhere
Washington Post

Experimental Real-Time Transit Screens Come To Arlington And DC
Mobility Lab

Expo Line Could Be Ready For Rail Passengers In Early April
Los Angeles Times

A Fight For The Future Of San Diego ("75 percent of San Diego residents thought the region should complement its existing highway system by expanding the transit network and implementing programs like congestion pricing. The feeling is more than an abstraction: In 1987 San Diego voters approved a half cent sales tax to finance long-term transportation improvements, with a third of that money dedicated to transit, and when the tax came up for extension in 2004, two-thirds of voters agreed to support it for another 40 years.")
The Atlantic: Cities

The Freeways Are Not So Nice (Song and video from punk rock band named "It's Casual" vent at Los Angeles freeway traffic and tout other ways to travel around)
StreetsBlog LA

Garcetti, LaBonge Want Car Free Yucca Street
StreetsBlog LA

Guidelines On The Use Of Auxiliary Through Lanes At Signalized Intersections (92p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

The Health Impacts Of Transportation ("Are there accepted rules of thumb about how transportation impacts peoples' health? What are the most important health benefits of mass transit? What are the biggest health dangers of mass transit? Can we ask similar questions about road projects? Is it worthwhile to engage in detailed (and costly) health impact analyses? If so, when are such studies appropriate?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

High Speed Rail Grapevine Alignment Loses Support Of HSRA
Mountain Enterprise

House To Vote On Bill That Expands Drilling To Pay For Infrastructure
The Hill

Laws That Shaped L.A.: Why Los Angeles Isn't A Beach Town

Leaders Wrestle With Shuttering CRA While Not Losing Its Benefits
Los Angeles Daily News

Los Angeles Has Highest Gas Prices In America Right Now
LA Weekly

Metro Staff Taking Civil Rights Plans To Local Service Councils
StreetsBlog LA

Mixed-Use Project To Get Underway This Month In Downtown L.A. ("The $160-million One Santa Fe complex will consist of apartments, offices, shops and public outdoor spaces on Santa Fe Avenue between 1st and 4th streets.")
Los Angeles Times

National Workforce Grant Program Offers Opportunities For Public Agencies
Transportation Issues Daily

Norwalk Hires Consultant To Review City Transit System
Los Angeles Wave

One Santa Fe To Break Ground This Month ("The fully entitled project is slated for a four-acre portion of a 32-acre plot that is currently a Metro lot used for the maintenance and storage of rail cars. The property is bounded by Santa Fe Avenue, the First and Fourth streets bridges and Metrolink service tracks adjacent to the Los Angeles River.")
Los Angeles Downtown News

Planners Want To Discard Grapevine Route For Rail Project ("Though it was ruled out in 2005, the more direct Interstate 5-Grapevine corridor was revived for further study last May. But a new study by the California High Speed Rail Authority now indicates that the longer route through Palmdale and Lancaster is the better option.")
Los Angeles Times
Executive Summary: LA Basin Mountain Crossing (I-5 Grapevine Alignment)
California High-Speed Rail Authority
Press Release
California High-Speed Rail Authority

R, Ye Mateys! R Traffic Be Hurtin! ("When Westside Assemblyman Mike Feuer (D-Los Angeles) offers a way to fast-track the freeway and rail initiatives of the still-popular Measure R without raising new taxes, it’s worth paying close attention.")

RDAs Try To Push Stay Of Execution Past February 1, But Don't Know Which Projects Will Be Killed
California Planning & Development Report

SF's New Parking Program Reduces Ticketing Anxiety
San Francisco Chronicle

Stalled I-5 Project Gets Ready To Roll: Caltrans Will Host Community Meeting To Inform Residents Of What To Expect As Construction Of Carpool Lane Resumes
Burbank Leader

A Strong Case For A Rail- And Transit-Oriented California
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Study: Longer Commutes For Palos Verdes Residents
Palos Verdes Patch

Subversive Bicycle Photos: Los Angeles (Explore Southern California 100 years ago, when bicycling was more popular than one might imagine)

To GOP's Dismay, DOT Funds Disaster Relief Without Gutting Other Programs
StreetsBlog DC

The Whip Snaps At High Speed Rail...And More

With 3 Weeks Left, Everyone Looking For Redevelopment Fixes
Curbed LA

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