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January 27: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Metro's Gold Line Eastside Extension testing brings rail back to the area for the first time in 46 years and completes 3.7 million construction working hours without a single lost-time injury)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

3 Of 10 Procedural Hurdles To Enacting Transportation Bill May Be Cleared In Coming Week
Transportation Issues Daily

Agreement Requires Metro Construction Jobs Go To Low-Income And Disadvantaged Workers

Airports Fight It Out In Los Angeles ("Since LAWA only benefits from rents, and not from sales taxes, it isn’t as motivated to strike a deal on rents as Ontario would be.")
Bond Buyer

Almost Open: Expo Line To Start Pre-Revenue Testing Monday

Big Metro Projects Will Offer Jobs To Disadvantaged Workers
Los Angeles Times

Bold Vision For The Future Of Sustainable Transport
The City Fix

Compton's Martin Luther King Jr. Transit Center Reopens ("A joint project of the city and Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.")
Los Angeles Times

Editorial: Does California Need High-Speed Rail?: The Right Idea In The Wrong Place
New York Times

Fullerton Picked For Test Bike-Sharing Program
Orange County Register

Gold Line Authority Lobbies To Secure Funding For Project Shortfall ("With stalled progress on transportation funding at the federal level, the GLCA continues its quest to secure the remaining $600 million for the Gold Line extension.")
Monrovia Patch

Growing Commerce In The South L.A.'s Black Hub ("I’m not only hopeful, but confident that this is going to be a major destination for the City of L.A.,” he said. “We have the light rail traversing across the community with the Expo and the Crenshaw/LAX lines. That will bring a lot of transit-oriented development.")
Los Angeles Wave

House Bill Threatens To Eliminate Bicycle And Pedestrian Funding
League Of American Bicyclists

LAFCO Defers Action On East Los Angeles' Cityhood
EGP News

LaHood: Politics Means No Surface Transportation Bill This Year
Transportation Nation

Los Angeles Councilmen Offer Motion To Determine Way To Sell ONT To City Of Ontario
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Love In A Subway Car ("Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Philadelphia transit agency is asking couples who met on board to share their stories.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Mayor's New CicLAvia Video Pushes Business Benefits Of L.A.
StreetsBlog LA

Metro Art Tours
365 Los Angeles

Metro Begins Pre-Revenue Operations On Expo Line Next Week
StreetsBlog LA

Metro Board Unanimously Passes "Construction Careers Policy"
StreetsBlog LA

Metrolink Overhauls Website With More Information For Riders
Los Angeles Times
Creative Productions Develops New Robust Metrolink Website ("New user-friendly design, and enhanced functionality helps regular commuters, and those new to riding the train, plan trips and customize favorite routes within seconds.")

Metro's Expo Line To The Westside Enters Its Final Testing Phase
Southern California Public Radio

"No Train Please Act": Petition To Repeal California High-Speed Rail Approved
Huffington Post

NYPD Subway Police Now On The Same Channel As Precinct Police Upstairs
New York Daily News

Senator Boxer: 1000 Groups Urging Us To Pass Transportation Bill Now
Transportation Issues Daily

Should The Feds Fund City Transpo Projects? Blumenauer And Shuster Discuss ("If the Transportation Research Board annual meeting were a music festival, the headline act would have been yesterday’s panel of six secretaries of transportation, including Ray LaHood (the incumbent) and Alan Boyd (the first to ever hold the post).")
StreetsBlog DC

Transportation Bill Heats Up Again In Congress
StreetsBlog DC

Transportation Lobby Asks: How Do We Get Funded? ("Former House Transportation Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar and WaPo columnist George Will...discuss how the transportation industry can convince a spendthrift Congress to open the checkbook for infrastructure spending.")
National Journal

Wrapping Up TRB In Ten Tweets
The Transit Wire

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Metro Construction Jobs, L.A. Street Engineering, LA Street Grid History, Long Beach Bikes, LA/2B, CAHSR & More

The 10 Coolest Airport Public Transportation Routes
USA Today

2012: The Year Of Transportation Infrastructure
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

4,114 Stoplights In Los Angeles And The Intricate Network That Keeps Traffic Moving ("Yu is a soft-spoken engineer with great power: He sets the timing for all of L.A.’s stoplights. His department has to take it all in: bikes, trains, big events and, of course, lots and lots of cars. Los Angeles has one of the nation’s worst reputations for automobile congestion, but that’s a simplistic way of looking at things. Its freeways are still the most congested in the nation, but L.A. has 36 times as many miles of surface streets as it does freeways.")

Asthma Caused By Air Pollution Costs Long Beach And Riverside $18 Million A Year
Southern California Public Radio

Bike Lessons From Long Beach (video : "Over the past five years, Long Beach has been accelerating its bicycle amenities in innovative ways.")
Zev Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles County Supervisor, Third District

Blogging From TRB: Transportation And Air Quality
The City Fix

Building Your Brand Tweet By Tweet
Talking Transportation

Bus Agency Reports Record Number Of Riders ("Western Riverside County buses did booming business in late 2011, breaking previous ridership records.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Chamber Of Commerce Mobilizes Behind Highway Bill
The Hill

City Of Ontario Bids $50M To Take Back Struggling Airport
CBS Los Angeles

Creating "The Most Bicycle Friendly City In America"...In Southern California (" In just a few years, [Long Beach] has allocated more than $20 million for bike-related projects, adding new bike routes to city streets, building protected bike lanes, painting shared lanes, and installing the signage, signaling and parking that restate non-verbally the city’s new motto, now prominently displayed on a wall outside City Hall: “Long Beach, the most bicycle friendly city in America.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Editorial: Engineering A Jobs Program: Putting People From Low-Income Neighborhoods To Work On L.A. Transit Projects Is Worth A Try
Los Angeles Times

Flagging Westwood-To-LAX Shuttle Hangs On As Ridership Study Resumes
Los Angeles Daily News

Frequency And Real-Time Info Help Transit Riders Most
Greater Greater Washington

Funds OK'd For High Desert Corridor Passenger Rail Planning
ENR California

House On The Verge Of Releasing A Transportation Bill Tied To Increased Oil Drilling
Transportation For America

House Republicans To Introduce "At Least" Five-Year Transport Bill
Journal Of Commerce

House To Introduce Five-Year, $260 Billion Highway Bill
The Hill

In Kazakhstan, A Beautiful, Futuristic New Subway System (includes some must-see photos)
The Atlantic: Cities

LA/2B Townhalls -- Participate In The Mobility Element Update
LADOT Bike Blog

L.A. County Takes Step To Promote Exercise, Reduce Obesity ("Supervisors approve an ordinance requiring new developments in unincorporated areas to have bicycle parking and wider sidewalks, and to make it easier to start community gardens.")
Los Angeles Times

LaHood: Still Our Goal To Connect 80 Percent Of Americans To High-Speed Rail By 2036
Transportation Nation

New Urbanists Release Principles For Sustainable Street Networks
StreetsBlog DC
Sustainable Street Network Principles (32p. PDF)
Congress For New Urbanism Project For Transportation Reform

Public Transit Association Applauds State Of The Union Despite Rail Snub
The Hill

Signature Gathering Can Begin On Initiative To Repeal High-Speed Rail Project
San Francisco Examiner

Tomorrow's Metro Board Agenda: Construction Jobs, 710, Bikes, Bikes, Bikes
StreetsBlog LA

Torrance Opts To Consider Cuts, Fare Hikes Rather Than Leaving MAX
Daily Breeze

Train Wars: A Documentary Film About America's Culture War And High Speed Rail In California
Train Wars

The Unlikely Green Alternative To The Keystone Pipeline? Railroads

Video Summary Reports Catch On: TxDOT Shares Best Practices And Research Results On YouTube
Texas Transportation Institute

Why Jerry Brown Is Standing Firm On Shaky California High-Speed Rail Plan ("Another report critical of California's $100-billion high-speed rail project – the second this month – has not shaken Gov. Jerry Brown's faith in the plan. He has his eyes on his legacy, some say.")
Christian Science Monitor

Why L.A. Has Clashing Street Grids ("Several distinct political and cultural regimes have passed through Southern California, and each has left its distinct mark on the landscape. The result—clashing street grids, along with errant boulevards defying the grids' attempts at order—is a palimpsest of past cultural influences on the Los Angeles cityscape.")
LA as Subject via KCET

Will Congress Block Infrastructure Spending? President Obama's Defeat Is More Important Than Job Creation
Center For American Progress

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Metro Construction Jobs, SOTU & Transportation, Twitter & Transit, ONT, Redevelopment, LA Inspires Toronto & More

January 25: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Expanded transit for East Los Angeles)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

5 Big Proposed Changes In The New House Transportation Bill Proposal
Transportation Issues Daily

Boston Launches App Challenge To Link Transit And Bike Share
Transportation Nation

Building La-La Land: Fascinating Pictures Trace Life In Los Angeles From Rural Outpost To Bastion Of American Fame And Fortune
Daily Mail (U.K.)

California Sues San Diego Over Emissions

Check Out Ocean Park's New Look, Under Construction Now (Includes "a cornucopia of complete streets design features: 100 new trees, new crosswalks with overhead flashers, a stormwater collection system, 75 pedestrian-scaled light poles, wider sidewalks, painted bike lanes, bike racks, street furniture, and trash and recycling cans.")
Curbed LA

City, County, State Play Hot Potato With Los Angeles RDA
California Planning & Development Report

Congestion In America: A Growing Challenge To U.S. Energy Security (48p. PDF)
Securing America's Future Energy

The Economist And The Redundancy "Fallacy"
Human Transit

Editorial: Keeping Trains Safe -- Train Operators Wary Of Cost, Tight Deadlines
Los Angeles Daily News

FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith Calls For Transportation Policy That Rewards Fuel Efficiency
Commercial Appeal

Federal Transportation Bill Moving In House
Transportation Issues Daily

Fighting Over Labor ("Did Democratic leaders do the right thing in granting unionization changes in order to jump-start an otherwise popular and noncontroversial transportation bill? Did Republicans do the right thing raising the union issue, knowing that the FAA bill would be the only place they would get any traction? Does this deal set a precedent for labor negotiations in future transportation bills? When is it appropriate to address union rules in transportation policy?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

Find Hotels By Travel Time
Google Inside Search

For Long Beach And Los Angeles, What A Difference A Few Years Makes
StreetsBlog LA

Has Congestion Pricing Lost Its Buzz?
This Big City

Hollywood Bowl Park-And-Ride Bus And Shuttle Tickets To See Price Increase
CBS Los Angeles

How Los Angeles Found Religion On Transit: A Lesson For Toronto? ("The story of LA’s dramatic conversion puts us to shame...In just three years, LA laid the political groundwork, hashed out the plans, began collecting the revenue, established accountability mechanisms, and commenced construction. As it happens, some of the earliest projects have involved road/overpass repairs, which just strikes me as incredibly savvy staging.")
Spacing Toronto
A New Toronto Transit Proposal Delivers More Bang For The $8.2 Billion Buck
Toronto Star

"I Hate The Blue Line" And Other Things Transit Systems Can Learn From Twitter
The Atlantic: Cities

Infographic Of The Day: Could Twitter Help Us Create Smarter Transit Routes?
Fast Company Design

Infrastructure: It's Time For Congress To Act
National Journal

Is Nothing A Politically Acceptable Way To Pay For Transportation?
StreetsBlog DC

L.A. Council Members Want To Study Ontario's Airport Proposal
Los Angeles Times

Maglev Gone, But High-Speed Rail Remains ("The idea of a magnetic levitation train didn’t stick around for long in regional transportation plans developed by the Southern California Association of Governments. Local planners instead are concentrating on connections within Southern California, so that when — and if — bullet trains ever come, conventional trains have a steady and direct route to get to them.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Mass Transit's State Of The Union: Room For Improvement
Huffington Post

Metro Considers Construction Jobs Policies To Ignite Economies In Lower Income Areas
StreetsBlog LA

Metrolink To Address Community Concerns Over Cypress Park Maintenance Center
Eastsider LA

Mixed-Use Development Delivers Huge Public Returns Compared To Sprawl
StreetsBlog DC

Moody's Downgrades California Redevelopment Bonds (Updated)
California Planning & Development Report

New House Transportation Proposal Would Reform Project Environmental Review
Transportation Issues Daily

Obama Aims To Use War Savings On Infrastructure
Chicago Tribune

Obama's Vision For A Transportation Makeover Struggling To Leave The Station
Public Radio International

On Infrastructure, Hopes For Progress This Year Look Glum
Transport Politic

A Peculiar Parking Pattern ("A high number of cars parked at downtown L.A. meters carry disabled placards that let owners park for free.")
Los Angeles Times

The President's Transportation Transformation (audio : A year ago President Obama announced his plans for high speed rail lines and other cutting edge transportation for the nation. But after many defeats in Congress, including the de-funding of high-speed rail, the President’s transportation initiative suddenly seems less futuristic and more focused on rebuilding the old highways of the past. To answer where the president stands on the eve of his re-election is Alex Goldmark, reporter for Takeaway flagship station WNYC’s Transportation Nation team.")
The Takeaway

Rep. Mica Promises Highway Bill Next Week
The Hill

Right-Wingers Launch Effort To Repeal High Speed Rail At November 2012 Election
California High Speed Rail Blog

Republicans Eye Highway Bill As Vehicle For Keystone

San Francisco, Medellin Win Sustainable Transportation Award ("The ITDP award has become a coveted badge of honor for transportation directors, both in the U.S. and internationally. Its awards ceremony now draws a large cadre of major city transportation directors, as well as international mayors and federal transportation officials.")
Transportation Nation

"Social Equity" To Be Weighed In Transit Funding Under U.S. Rule
Business Week

SOTU: Is Obama Retreating On Infrastructure?
StreetsBlog DC

State Auditor Issues Financial Warning On California Bullet Train ("California bullet train project has become 'increasingly risky' because of fiscal uncertainties, auditor says.")
Los Angeles Times

Streetcar Study: Could We Get The System For Free?
Washington City Paper

Transit Apps Empower Riders With information
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Transportation Equity A Key To Winning Full Civil Rights
Urban Habitat

The Trenching, And The Spin, Go On In Beverly Hills (This post from yesterday has been updated)
StreetsBlog LA

The Urban Message Missing From The State Of The Union
The Atlantic: Cities

Villaraigosa Hails Progress On LAX's Bradley Renovation
Los Angeles Times

What The Downtown LA Skyline Would Look Like Without The Community Redevelopment Agency Of LA
Curbed LA

Why The Most Environmental Building Is The Building We've Already Built
The Atlantic: Cities

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710 Freeway Gap, Miracle Mile, MAX Service, El Monte Busway, Santa Barbara Ciclovia, Fare Cards & More

January 24: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Recalling more than 70 years of continuous employment for Metro's "Employee of the century")
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

10 Procedural Hurdles To Enacting A Federal Transportation Bill
Transportation Issues Daily

40 Years Ago This Week: Groundbreaking For El Monte Busway -- California's First Multi-Modal System & The World's First Bus Rapid Transit Station
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

After 57 Years, SigAlert Still With Us
Orange County Register

Ciclovia Inspires An Active Community: Bringing The Party Home To Santa Barbara ("Many of us in the transportation world were pleasantly surprised when we heard that the Sunday parkway concept was taking off in Los Angeles.")
Santa Barbara Independent

A Comic Take On The Sustainability Of The Word "Sustainable"
StreetsBlog DC

Communicating Winter Weather And Transportation Misery
Talking Transportation

Former El Monte Developer Executives Accused Of Fraud Speak Out Against City ("It was in the early 2000s that Lang and Leung became involved in the development of the Transit Village, envisioned as a "village" of homes and businesses centered around the El Monte bus station off of Santa Anita Avenue and the 10 Freeway.")
Pasadena Star-News

GM's 1950s Traffic Solutions: Perimeter Parking, More Buses ("The Metro Transportation Library and Archive has uncovered a gem at its YouTube channel--a General Motors-produced video from the fifties on "traffic solutions" in America's downtowns.")
Curbed LA

A Homeless Man's Unused Subway Card Empire ("John Jones says he's made $20,000 reselling tossed Metrocards. Should that be legal?")
The Atlantic: Cities

House Brass Adding To Gridlock Over Transit

Local Cities To Weigh In On Project To Close 710 Freeway Gap
Pasadena Star-News

Los Angeles Misses Out On Stimulus Grants ("Controller Wendy Greuel finds that the lack of oversight cost the city more than $125 million. She proposes a centralized body to pursue specific funding.")
Los Angeles Times

Main Street Road Diet Only Partially Completed Last Weekend
StreetsBlog LA

The Miracle Mile Is Back, Baby ("Optimism is strong, especially since two subway stations, and maybe a trolley, are on their way.")
Curbed LA

Municipal Area Express Service May Be Canceled
("With ridership dropping and costs increasing, Torrance appears likely to make good on a move telegraphed a year ago and pull out of operating the MAX commuter bus service to El Segundo.")
Daily Breeze

National Planning Awards, 2012
American Planning Association

Neighborhood Crime And Travel Behavior: An Investigation Of The Influence Of Neighborhood Crime Rates On Mode Choice -- Phase II (104p. PDF)
Mineta Transportation Institute

Renewed Efforts Keep 710 Freeway Debate Hot: Expanded Committee, New Research Initiative On Agenda For Closing The 710 Freeway Gap
NBC Los Angeles

Residents Give Input On City's Proposed Bicycle Transportation Plan
South Gate Patch

SigAlert Founding Honored On Day Of Slick Roads, Traffic Jams
Los Angeles Times

State Joins Suit Against San Diego Regional Transportation Plan ("The spotlight is on San Diego to lead the way on regional transportation planning that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. But critics say that the regional planning agency’s proposal is anything but a model for sustainable planning.")

Switching To A Connection: The Limitations Of Building Rail In L.A. County

Top 10 Ways To "Keep It Real" For LA Mobility

The Trenching, And The Spin, Go On In Beverly Hills
StreetsBlog LA

Trolleying Out The Same Old Arguments ("We need more systems like Los Angeles's Wilshire express buses, major successes in terms of ridership regardless of what the aesthetic experience may be like.")
The Economist

Villaraigosa: Washington Must Be Smart About Cuts, Investments In U.S. Cities
PBS News Hour via YouTube

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Measure R, Angels Flight, CicLAvia, State Of The Union & Transportation, Caltrans Funding, Bike-Ped & More

January 23: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Beverly Hills' subway soil testing groundbreaking...50 years ago today)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Abandoning Redevelopment: California's Big Experiment
Urban Land Institute

Angels Flight Back On Track, Is Resuming PM Service (And It's Still Only 25 Cents A Ride!)

Battle Brewing Over BART Extension To Livermore: Clash Reflects Deep Disagreement About Whether Funds Should Be Used For Expansion Or Maintenance
Bay Citizen

Bicyclists Tour Watts On A CicLAvia Ride
Los Angeles Times

Bike-Ped Traffic, Funding, And Fatalities All Inch Upward
StreetsBlog DC
Bicyling And Walking In The United States: 2012 Benchmarking Report (248p. PDF)
Alliance For Biking And Walking
Media Fact Sheet (2p. PDF)

Business Group Imagines Downtown In 2020: Updates On Six Projects That Will Shape Downtown's Future
Los Angeles Downtown News

Construction Plans For Downtown L.A. Federal Courthouse Announced
Los Angeles Times

Despite Busy Construction Schedule, Caltrans Director Dougherty Sees California Transportation Funding Uncertainty
AASHTO Press Release

East L.A. Can't Afford Cityhood, Study Finds
Los Angeles Times

East LA Cityhood: Is The Journey Ending?
EGP News

Editorial: Don't Let Bullet Train Derail More Important Projects
San Bernardino Sun

Eight Principles That Must Be Addressed In Any Discussion On The Nation's Infrastructure
Booz Allen Press Release

Good News For Subway: No Active Faults Found Under BHHS Yet
Curbed LA

Googling The City's Edge
The Atlantic: Cities

How To Talk About Making Driving More Expensive: Council of Governments Broaches The Subject, Delicately
Washington City Paper

How The "Right" To Cheap Parking Makes Streets Less Equitable

Interactive Chart: From One State Of The Union To The Next; A Shift From Building The New To Fixing The Old
Transportation Nation

Keyboards Ready? Comment Period On Final Regional Connector Documents Begins...Now...
StreetsBlog LA

LaHood Urges Action On Job-Creating Transportation Bills
National League Of Cities

Minimal Impact On Cities, Farms Helped Spain Avoid High-Speed Rail Opposition
Bakersfield Californian

Models To Support State-Owned Park And Ride Lots And Intermodal Facilities (46p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

The Municipal Feud That Made Hollywood
The Atlantic: Cities

Officials To Commemorate SigAlert's 57th Birthday
Los Angeles Daily News

Pedestrian Deaths, Blaming The Victim: Headphones Edition
Transportation For America

Pico-Union Intersection To Become Msgr. Oscar A. Romero Square
Los Angeles Times

Portion Of Gardena Freeway Renamed For World War II Hero
Rafu Shimpo

President Obama Previews State Of The Union Speech To State, Local Officials ("The topic of "insourcing" American jobs came up, and the President highlighted infrastructure -- investing in the nation's roads, bridges and high-speed trains.")
Huffington Post

State Of The Union -- Will It Again Highlight Transportation?
Transportation Issues Daily

This App Was Made For Walking -- But Is It Racist?

Traffic Congestion: Road Pricing Can Help Reduce Congestion, But Equity Concerns May Grow (60p. PDF)
U.S. Government Accountability Office
Highlights Page

Transportation Research Board 91st Annual Meeting (Washington D.C. : More than 4,000 presentations in nearly 650 sessions and workshops : January 22-26)
Transportation Research Board
Online Meeting Portal

Venice: Out Go The Car Lanes, In Go The Bike Lanes
Daily Breeze

What Would, Could Or Should An Extended Measure R Do?

Word On The Street: Mayoral Candidates On Progressive Transportation
StreetsBlog LA

World's Largest Bus Getting Ready To Roll Out In China
Digital Trends

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