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Transportation Headlines for Friday February 19, 2010

America's High-Speed Rail Options Remain Strong
(88% of Americans are open to high-speed rail travel for long-distance travel)
PR Newswire

Bay Area's Oakland Airport Connector Project Loses More Federal Funding
(After losing $70 million in stimulus funds last week because it failed to satisfy the Federal Transit Administration's minority and equity standards for federal funding, BART lost another $25 million it was expecting from TIGER to secure further federal loans to build the nearly $500 million OAC)
DC StreetsBlog

Blog's Ambitious Goal Of Yelping LA's 17,000 Transit Stops
Curbed LA

Cell Phones In Public Transportation
Mass Transit

A Day After Their TIGER Win, Freight Railroads Carve Out More Turf
DC StreetsBlog

Editorial: Unsafe At Any Speed: Governor’s Freeway Advertising Plan Rightly Deserves To Crash And Burn
Los Angeles Daily News

Eyeing High-Speed Rail, Siemens Buys 20 Acres Next To Its California Rail Plant
San Francisco Examiner

How do Americans Get To Work? Transit Patterns In Major Cities
(infographic for eight major U.S. cities)

Lag In Intelligent Transportation Could Hurt Economy

Large Landslide Shuts Down Transitions Between 3 Freeways

Lower Speeds Means Safer Streets
Next American City

North America’s Newest And Largest Year-Round Service Opens In Mexico City
Bike-Sharing Blog

O.C. Seeking Solutions To 55 Freeway Gridlock
Los Angeles Times

Parking Bombs
(the urban destruction caused by parking)
The Overhead Wire

Positive Train Control: Strategies For A Smooth Deployment
(upcoming webinar)
Progressive Railroading

Railroads Have Until April 16 To Submit [Positive Train Control] Roll-Out Plans
Progressive Railroading

Ruins Of Electric Train Turned Into Terribly Cool Amusement Park
(Lima, Peru)

U.S. Needs Stronger Transit-Rail Cars After Crashes, Board Says
Business Week

Washington’s Investment In Faster Bus Service Should Be A National Model
Transport Politic


Transportation Headlines for Thursday February 18, 2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger Promotes HSR - Will His Successors Do The Same?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Bulk Of Stimulus Spending Yet To Come: Most Cash So Far Has Gone To Services, Government Jobs; Infrastructure Surge Unlikely To Put Big Dent In Unemployment
Wall Street Journal

Does The Road To Bike Equality Run Through The Courts?
Biking In LA

Freight Rail, Streetcars Are Tops In Stimulus’ TIGER Chase
LA StreetsBlog

Frequency And Freedom On Driverless Rapid Transit
Human Transit

Gold Line Tour Unveils East L.A. Treasures (Part 2 of tour)

Gov. Hopes Future Carpool Lane On 405 Eases Traffic (and hopes for more, such as double-decking one day)
Los Angeles Daily News

High Speed Trains In US To Be Slower Than Those In Europe, Asia
Trains For America

How Do I Become A Transit Planner?
Human Transit

How Many Potholes Can You Fill With No Budget?

Kid Busted By The Food Cops
(14-year-old cited for unlawfully eating Cheetos on Big Blue Bus)
Santa Monica Daily Press

Local Officials Balk at State Granting Them Power To Enact Transit Fee
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Los Angeles Joins [San Fernando] Council Of Governments
San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Mayor's 30/10 Plan For Measure R Transit Projects Explained
LA StreetsBlog

Moving LA: There’s A Train A Comin’
Huffington Post

Moving Through The Recession, Part 1: Trends In Transit Ridership
The City Fix

Rail And Transit Benefit, Highways Lose Out In TIGER Grant Distribution
Transport Politic

Rail Expert Reutter: White House Misfired On High-Speed Rail Stimulus
DC StreetsBlog

Railroad Yards Still Help Propel Local Economies
Redlands Daily Facts

Road And Transit Groups Join Boxer To Push For Senate Jobs Bill
LA StreetsBlog

Simplifying The Open Transit Data Debate: A Comprehensive Guide To Providing Real-Time Information To Your Passengers
Fleet Beat
Printer-Friendly version (6p. PDF)

T4 Jobs Proposal Would Create Nearly Half A Million Jobs, According To Economic Policy Institute
Transportation For America

Proposed Funding For Transportation Infrastructure Within Senate Jobs Bill ($35.4 Billion)
Transportation For America

The TIGER Grants: Which States Were The Big Winners?

Urban Form, Behavior Energy Modeling In China: Sim City For Real? (The US Department of Energy has created a software tool not unlike Sim City that can project scenarios for an actual population's energy, transportation and fuel needs. The software made its debut recently modeling a development in Jinan, China)
Common Current

Who Lost Out In The Bid For A Piece Of TIGER Transportation Stimulus
DC StreetsBlog

Wishing Green To Succeed – In A Future That’s Red
(the federal government’s sustainable urbanism challenge)


Transportation Headlines for Wednesday February 17, 2010

$70M Transit Breakthrough In Restoring Civil Rights Title VI
Labor/Community Strategy Center

Airport Transit Center Advances: Commissioners Move Measure Centralizing Transportation To Burbank Council
Glendale News Press

Among Large Cities, San Jose And D.C. Lead In Well-Being (8 out of 10 metro regions ranked "happiest" by new Gallup well-being index have transit networks)

Can Living Near A Train Station Save You From Disclosure? Mortgage Defaults Higher In Neighborhoods Dependent On Driving, Research Shows
Chicago Sun-Times

Catching A Bus? There’s An App For that
(Chicago’s CTA launches “Transit Genie” iPhone application)
Chicago Flame
Transit Genie

The Economic Potential Of Portland’s New Bike Plan
DC StreetsBlog

FTA Kills Plan To Use Stimulus Funds For Oakland Airport Connector: $70 Million Will Be Redistributed For Operating Funds At Cash-Strapped Local Agencies; Fate Of $422 Million More Also Committed To The Project Is Unclear
Transport Politic

Gas For $8.87 A Gallon? You've Got To Be Kidding
Pasadena Star-News

Is Bigger Better? "Monster" Trains Vs. Freight Trains: In January, Union Pacific Tested A 3.5-Mile Long "Monster" Train, Using Extra Locomotives To Distribute Power Efficiently - Just What Are Monster Trains, And How Are They Different From Conventional Long-Haul Freight Trains?
Popular Mechanics

L.A. City Council Approves Support For A $30 Million 2-Mile Beach Bike Path

Mass Transit Announces Top Tech Innovations
Mass Transit

Meters Made Better: Poles As Bike Racks
New York Post

The OC Register Trots Out An Oil Company Executive To Attack HSR
California High Speed Rail Blog

Pasadena To Unveil Master Bike Plan
Pasadena Star-News

Pico & Sepulveda Hot Again

Reader Response: Finding Extra Benefits To High-Speed Rail
Public CEO

Supervisors OK Grand Avenue Park Development
Los Angeles Daily News

This Electric Car Rides The Train (It is designed to be easily loaded on special rail transport cars for long trips)

Top Five Rude Behaviors Aboard Metro
Plus Metro

Transit, The Stimulus And Jobs In California: Three Times The Jobs At Half The Price
National Resources Defense Council Switchboard

What Do You Think Of Obama’s Transportation Budget Request? (panel of insiders discusses key issues)
National Journal Transportation Blog

What’s Wrong With America’s Ambivalence About Crumbling Infrastructure?
DC StreetsBlog


Transportation Headlines for Tuesday February 16, 2010

The Amazing Race: Season 16, Episode 1 (video : The first leg of the new season kicks off in Los Angeles, requiring 11 racing teams to get from downtown to LAX solely via public transportation)

Architect Proposes Conceptual Plan To Improve Parking, Traffic Challenges On Culver Boulevard
The Argonaut

The Bikeway Network (includes a collection of bikeway types illustrations)
Reconnecting America

China Sees Growth Engine In A Web Of Fast Trains
New York Times

Editorial: Giving Transit What It Needs - California Senate Democrats And Gov. Schwarzenegger Are Offering Plans To Gut Prop. 42 And Raise The Gas Excise Tax. Sounds Bad? Not Really
Los Angeles Times

The Future Of Cities In The Internet Era
Next American City

High-Speed Rail Cash Lays Congressional Track For Billions More To Follow
New York Times

How To Properly Cross Rail Tracks On Your Bike
LA StreetsBlog

In Seattle, As In Most Cities, Transit Works Best When It’s Not Highway-Bound
Transport Politic

Is Privatization Inherently Bad, Or Just Botched?
Greater Greater Washington

LADOT And City Planning Revisit “The Errors Of The Past!”
SoapBox LA

Live Near A Freeway? Heart Disease Risk May Be Higher
Los Angeles Times
Study's Abstract

Metro CEO Art Leahy Talks Budget, Operations, Capital Projects
Planning Report

Monrovia To Explore Environmental Impacts Of Proposed Rail Maintenance Yard
(for Metro Gold Line extension)
Pasadena Star-News

A New Traffic Sign: "Take Turns"

Officials Question MTA's Spending On Protracted Legal Battle: The L.A. County Transit Agency Could Win About $15 Million In Damages From A 15-Year-Old Lawsuit Against Contractor Tutor-Saliba. The Agency Has Already Paid More Than Twice That In Legal Costs
Los Angeles Times

Olympic Transit System Hit With Bumps, Glitches
Washington Post

Olympics Host Vancouver Ranked World’s Most Liveable City (Los Angeles ranks 47th)

Post-Copenhagen Planning: Sustainable Countries Taking The Initiative On Sustainable Transport
The City Fix

Public Transit Options Provide Alternative Options For UCLA Commuter Students
UCLA Daily Bruin

Ridley-Thomas Calls For Review Of Grade Crossing Policy
Planning Report

Should Ridership Data Be Online?
Human Transit

This Is How You'll Get There: Cars, Roads, And Parking Could Be Transformed Completely - The Technology Is There, But Is Society Ready?
American Prospect

Vancouver Winter Olympics: Winning A Gold For Transportation?
The City Fix

White House Economic Report Touts TIGER, High-Speed Rail, Transit
DC StreetsBlog

White House: Transit Inflation Outstripping Private Transportation
DC StreetsBlog