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"A" Is For Arts District: Hand-Designed Signs Installed To Identify DTLA Neighborhood
Blog Downtown

As The House Transportation Bill Languishes, There's Still Time To "Fix It First"
Huffington Post

Big Names In Financial District Making Lawsuit Noises Over Regional Connector Construction Plan
Curbed LA

Breaking News: House Leadership Scraps 5 Year Transportation Bill
Transportation For America

Did The Gold Line Extension Just Clear Its Last Hurdle?
Curbed LA

Do Bike Paths Promote Bike Riding?
The Atlantic: Cities

Editorial: Is Lunacy Jerry Brown's Legacy? ("Governor seems committed to high-speed rail, a boondoggle, by all appearances.")
Orange County Register

Editorial: What To Do About $4 Gas
Los Angeles Times

For The Tech Sector, Bikes Are The New Cars
Transportation Nation

Gas Tax Falling Short In Paying For Transportation Needs
USA Today

Gold Line And Monrovia Reach Landmark $40.6 Million Deal ("The city and Gold Line Construction Authority signed an agreement that will expedite the Gold Line Foothill Extension.")
Monrovia Patch

GOP Will "Revamp" H.R.7 And Reportedly Restore Dedicated Transit Funding
StreetsBlog DC

House Dems Applaud Boehner Retreat On $260B Highway Bill
The Hill

House GOP Leaders Weigh Scaling Back Highway Bill, Dropping Transit Plan
Washington Post

Identification And Evaluation Of Freight Demand Factors (159p. PDF)
National Cooperative Freight Research Program

If People Got Rid Of Their Cars, They Could Afford An Extra House ("Present value cost of avoidable car ownership/operation over 30 years: $186,425.03.")

LA/2B Stops At City Hall On Way To Public Workshops This Weekend
StreetsBlog LA

LA Metro Board Moves Forward With Plans To Lock Fare Gates
Southern California Public Radio

L.A. State Historic Park: A Deserted Railroad Yard Is Transformed Yet Unfinished

Light Rail Gets A Name, New Logo (Minneapolis light rail and rapid transit lines are the latest system to be officially known as "Metro," but their new logo will be a "T," not "M.")
Minnesota Public Radio

Metro Offers Late Notes For Commuters Affected By Blue Line Outage ("Metro is offering "delay verifications" for commuters who were late to work or school this morning because of the power Blue Line power outage.")
Blog Downtown

Metro Pushes Again For Lockdown On Fare Evaders ("The subway and light-rail system has largely operated without locked gates, trusting that 97% of passengers would buy tickets. But that hasn't been so, with a loss of millions of dollars in revenue.")
Los Angeles Times

MTA To Lock Fare Gates At Dozens Of Subway Stops
Los Angeles Daily News

Northridge Residents Can't Get City To Fix Buckled Sidewalk ("Some 43 percent of the city's 11,000 miles of sidewalks are either cracked, broken or impassible, according to the city. They're also the subject of a barrage of civil-rights complaints.")
Los Angeles Daily News

Pass Transit Offers Bus From Beaumont Walmart To MetroLink In San Bernardino
Banning-Beaumont Patch

Report: Pollution From U.S. Parking Spaces Costs Up To $20 Billion Per Year
StreetsBlog DC
Parking Infrastructure And The Environment
University Of California Transportation Center ACCESS

Republicans Said To Consider Dropping Transit Funding-Cut Plan

SR-710 Review Process Moves Forward
EGP News

Start The Countdown To A Court Date: Trenching At Beverly Hills High School Reaches The End
StreetsBlog LA

Super Commuters Surge As Stuck Homeowners Fly "Greyhound" Routes
Business Week

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El Monte Bus Station, Car Sharing, Transit & Groceries, Mobile Payments, LA/2B, TRB Portal & More

February 23: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Tunneling begins on the Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension -- rarely seen photos tell the story)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

9th National Conference On Transportation Asset Management (San Diego : April 16-18)
Transportation Research Board

Agoura Citizens Voice Concerns About Proposed 101 Interchange Project
Agoura Hills Patch

APTA: Public Transportation Users Save $9,914 Annually
Metro Magazine

BART's New Car Fleet: Made In The USA, But Maybe Not In California
Transportation Nation

Buried Car, Other Debris Delay New El Monte Bus Station
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Bus Operator Restroom Use: Case Study And Practitioner Resources From Minneapolis (4p. PDF)
Transportation Learning Center

Compromise Is Necessary For Transportation Reauthorization
The Hill

End Of The Roads: When Highway Removal Works
Next American City

Expanding Peer-To-Peer Car Sharing To College Campuses
The City Fix

Film Crews Get Green Light To Park On Bike Lanes

The Grocery Store Of The Future? (How transit users waiting for buses or trains may soon be shopping for groceries)
The Atlantic: Cities

Heard Underground, In Your Dreams (Follow up to yesterday's "What would you like subway announcers to say?")
New York Times

House Bill Delayed, But Transit, Biking, And Walking Aren't Safe Yet
StreetsBlog DC

Houston Opens First HOT Lane For Solo Drivers Who Want To Beat The Traffic
Transportation Nation

How Climate Change Could Be The Ruin Of Los Angeles ("Few cities are facing the serious environmental double whammy that’s most likely in store for Los Angeles.")
The Atlantic: Cities

How Mobile Payments Are Revolutionizing Public Transit (Several specific systems are discussed)

The Human Cost Of Car-Centrism: Carwashes Are The New Sweatshops
StreetsBlog LA

Is The U.S. Out Of Love With Cutting-Edge Transit? (Are monorail, high-speed rail, personal rapid transit, car-sharing, electric buses, giant escalators and driverless cars just fads?)

LA Port Urges Supreme Court To Uphold Clean-Trucks Ruling
Journal Of Commerce

Lawmaker Wants To Put Brakes On Naming Freeways, Bridges ("Assemblyman Chris Norby (R-Fullerton) has introduced a bill that would strip the Legislature of the power to name roads and bridges, giving it instead to the California Transportation Commission, which he hopes will show more moderation.")

Malibu Looking To Make PCH Safer For Drivers, Walkers, Bikers
Curbed LA

Metro Board: Fare Gates, TAP But Regional Connector Postponed
StreetsBlog LA

Metro Set To Vote On Environmental Impact Of Downtown Rail Connector
NBC Los Angeles

Move L.A. Hosts "L.A. On The Verge" This Frdiay: What Would You Do With Measure R+
StreetsBlog LA

On The Money: Derailing The Bullet Train? -- Will Voters Get A Re-Do On High Speed Rail?
CBS Sacramento

One-Way Splits As Symbolic Transit
Human Transit

Operation Of Light-Rail Transit Through Ungated Crossings At Speeds over 35 MPH (124p. PDF)
Transit Cooperative Research Program

Orange County Transportation Authority Opposes Elimination Of Federal Transit Funding
Southern California Public Radio

Pocket $300 To Share Your Car

Promoting Bicycle Commuter Safety (176p. PDF)
Mineta Transportation Institute

Prospering In Place: Linking Jobs, Development, And Transit To Spur Chicago's Economy (48p. PDF)
Center For Neighborhood Technology

Public Still Wary Of Gas Tax Hikes

Putting TRB In The Palm Of Your Hand: The Transportation Research Board's Annual Meeting Online Portal & Research E-Newsletter
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

The Real Reason Cities Can Be so Much Greener Than Other Places
The Atlantic: Cities

Santa Monica Complete Green Street Breaks Ground

Share Your Ideas For Los Angeles Transportation At The LA/2B Think Labs (four upcoming events)

Stroll Around LA County's Only Freeway Cap Park
Curbed LA

Taxes And Transport: Taxes Pay For Things
The Economist

Transit Agencies Jointly Tackle Leadership Succession Planning ("During the past year, three agencies — LACMTA, Regional Transit District of Denver (RTD) and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) — have been working together on a new employee exchange program that helps prepare current middle-level managers for higher level management and leadership positions at their respective agencies.")
Progressive Railroading

Transit Officials Offer New Reason To Oppose HR7: Bond Ratings ("The most vocal opposition to the bill has been in defense of transit funding. As written HR7 would stop funding mass transit through a federal gasoline tax for the first time in about three decades. Instead it would provide mass transit with a one time grant that would need to be approved by Congress each year to be extended.")
Transportation Nation

Villaraigosa Looks To Position Himself For National Stage
Daily Breeze

Villaraigosa Named National Co-Chair Of Obama's Campaign
Los Angeles Wave

Vote on Regional Connector Final EIR/EIS Delayed To March
Rafu Shimpo

Zipcar Invests In Wheelz Peer-To-Peer Carsharing Network
Autoblog Green

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Green Line Noise, Gold Line Monrovia, Google Transit, Amtrak, HSR, Countdown Clocks, Downtown Projects & More

February 22: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (One of L.A.'s slowest stretches of freeway gets a carpool lane)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

All Aboard (Not): Why Has Amtrak Stopped Letting Children Take The Train On Their Own?

America's Crumbling Transportation Infrastructure
Minnesota Public Radio

Attracting, Recruiting, And Retaining Skilled Staff For Transportation System Operations And Management (163p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Billions In HSR Funds Could Be Spent Upgrading SoCal Trains
Curbed LA

Bringing Back The Building: The Latest Information On 70 Downtown Projects
Los Angeles Downtown News

Caltrans Pressured To Sell Homes Bought For 710 Freeway Extension
Los Angeles Times

Classic L.A. To Z: U Is For Union Station
Los Angeles Magazine

Editorial: Dump This $260 Billion Turkey Of A House Transportation Bill
Silicon Valley Mercury News

Expo Regional Connector Up For Final Vote
Santa Monica Patch

A Few Thoughts On Countdown Clocks And Subway Headways
Second Avenue Sagas

Fixing America's Freeways: The Private Sector Is Reinventing Our Expressways, One Lane At A Time

Gold Line Deals With Monrovia Appear Imminent ("Gold Line officials and the city have reached agreements on several parts of a critical land deal needed for the Foothill Extension to progress.")
Monrovia Patch

Google Transit: How (And Why) The Search Giant Is Remapping Public Transportation ("There’s been a dramatic shift over the last five years in the way people plan trips on public transportation and the way transit agencies communicate with their riders—and Google is the main instigator.")

Guide For Managing NEPA-Related And Other Risks In Project Delivery (70p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Here're Mayoral Candidate Jan Perry's Thoughts On LA Planning
Curbed LA

High Speed Rail: America's Rail Legacy Continues ("Celebrating the anniversary of Lincoln’s birth (and the birthday of George Washington) on Presidents' Day, I remembered a President who loved transportation, with his words as well as his actions, and who understood its importance to our nation's economy.President Obama’s vision for High Speed Rail is an extension of that legacy.")
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

A HopStop, A Skip, And A Jump: The Transit Website And Mobile App Continue To Move Forward ("The reason for HopStop’s success is the fans.")
New York Enterprise Report

House Transportation Bill Backs Offshore Drilling
San Francisco Chronicle

Infrastructure Becomes Campaign Fodder ("With lawmakers in a tangle, why shouldn't Obama propose what he really wants for transportation, even if it's a pipe dream? Does the White House infrastructure budget proposal give any hope to the transportation community that they might soon get some certainty on funding? Will it make a difference to the average American in deciding how to vote? Does infrastructure make a good campaign topic? Or is the recent infrastructure furor really just an inflated version of the same transportation conversations that have always taken place among same policymakers and lobbyists?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

Is Google Wallet Safe? A Recent Security Flaw Raises Questions About Mobile Payments
MIT Technology Review

K Street Pessimistic About Highway Bills
The Hill

Los Angeles Mayor Sets Sights On Bigger Stage
New York Times

Metro May Tackle Ear-Splitting Noise At Green Line Stations
Curbed LA

The More They See, The Less They Like: 10 Reasons Why The Opposition To The House Transportation Bill Is Growing
Transportation For America

Origins Of The Metro Code Of Conduct
StreetsBlog LA

Replay: 600 Business & Other Groups Oppose House Transit Provision
Transportation Issues Daily

Republicans Rebel Against An Oily Transportation Bill: Instead Of Fixing Roads, The House Leadership Proposes A Bonanza For The Oil Industry. Many Republicans Are Balking

SANDAG's 2050 Transportation Plan Drawing More And More Heat
StreetsBlog LA

Southland Gasoline Prices Reach Highest Amount Since Late May
CBS Los Angeles

There's A Train Comin': Light Rail Changes South L.A. Housing Market
Healthy Cal

Transportation Bills To Get Tune-Up During Recess

Two Tenths Of One Percent (How the cost of California high-speed rail stacks up against the overall state gross domestic product)
California High Speed Rail Blog

Villaraigosa For Transportation Secretary ("If President Obama wins re-election, the mayor would be a natural for the cabinet -- particularly the transportation secretary post.")
NBC Los Angeles

What's The Difference Between A Street And A Road?
Mental Floss

You Work 3.84 Minutes Per Day To Pay For Your Bicycle, 2 Hours For Your Car

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710 Houses, Move LA, Park 101, Mt. Lowe, "Drill & Drive," Walk/Bike, Gas Prices, Bus Benches & More

February 21: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (A landmark date for one of Southern California's world famous -- but now, mostly forgotten -- tourist attractions)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

2 Key Freight Elements In House Transportation Bill
Transportation Issues Daily

1891 Map Of LA Includes Drawings Of Long-Gone Buildings
Curbed LA

Airlines And High Speed Rail: Unholy Alliance Or Blessed Partnership?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Back-Seat Driver: U.S. Transportation Funding Rattles Nerves In Sacramento
Sacramento Bee

Bipedal? Curious? Americans Give Walking And Biking A Try

Brown Pins Legacy To Calif. High-Speed Rail Plans
Associated Press

Caltrain Plan Would Fast-Track Electric Rail ("Officials with Bay Area transportation agencies are in negotiations with each other, and with the California High-Speed Rail Authority, to craft an agreement that would fund an advanced train-control system, electrify the rails on the Peninsula and eliminate some of the rail crossings - perhaps as soon as 2016, five to 10 years earlier than previous estimates.")
San Francisco Chronicle

Caltrans Urged To Sell Homes: Spokeswoman Says The State Is Several Years Away From Unloading Residences In The 710 Corridor
Pasadena Sun

A Changing Of The Guard In Little Tokyo: Replacements At Three Prominent Organizations As Community Undergoes Vast Alterations
Los Angeles Downtown News

Code For America's Vision For Peer-To-Peer City Governance

Council Debates Parking Rules
Glendale News-Press

CSULB Commuters Deal With Traffic Woes
California State University, Long Beach Daily 49er

Divisions Deepen On U.S. Transportation Bills: March 31 Deadline For Transportation Legislation

Event Examines How To Make LA A Mobile City Again
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog
LA On The Verge Of A Transit Breakthrough: Move LA 4th Annual Transportation Conversation (February 24)
Move LA

Free Archaeological Tour At San Gabriel Railroad Site
Los Angeles Times

The Future Of Infrastructure Design: The Impending Infrastructure Crisis Provides A Unique Opportunity To Bring Infrastructure Into The 21st Century ("Another possibility for roadways is to incorporate solar power elements directly into the infrastructure, enabling long stretches of pavement to essentially become part-time power plants. Whether with incorporated solar paneling, newly developed solar ‘paint,’ or a variety of other innovations in the solar power market, roadways provide a near ideal medium to tap into the power of the sun..")
Construction Digital

Gas Price Hike Has Drivers Worried
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Gas Prices Surging Beyond $4 A Gallon -- And They Will Go Higher
Silicon Valley Mercury News

Gold Line Bridge Work On Track, More 210 Freeway Closures Ahead
Pasadena Star-News

Highway Bill Stalled; Chamber Campaigns Outside Beltway
The Hill

How Public Perception Of Light Rail Influences Its Economic Benefits
The Atlantic: Cities

L.A.'s New Bus Benches Look Better, But Still Don't Serve Riders
LA Weekly

LACMTA To Host Community Meetings On LAX Rail Link Study
Progressive Railroading

Maybe It's Time For Public Transit: High Pump Prices Have Drivers Looking For Other Ways To Get Around
NBC Los Angeles

Motion Activated Pothole Sensors...In Your Phone
The Atlantic: Cities

Native American Monitors On San Gabriel Dig Help Ensure Cultural Preservation (Alameda Corridor East San Gabriel Trench project)
Whittier Daily News

Nighttime Full Closures Of The Southbound I-405 Freeway Scheduled For Tuesday Night, Feb. 21
Orange County Breeze

Officials Stand By High-Speed Rail Estimate
Fresno Bee

Offshore Drilling Approved In House, But Rest Of Transportation Bill Is In Conservative Crosshairs
Huffington Post

Optimal Transport Policy For An Uncertain Future ("The House bill reflects the older transport planning paradigm, which assumes that transportation means driving, so transport problem refers to constraints on driving and transport improvement refers to reducing constraints on driving. The new transport planning paradigm recognizes that mobility is seldom an end in itself...")

Our View: Driving Debate On Mass Transit ("The White House's 2013 budget includes $50 million for Los Angeles' Westside subway extension and $31 million for a downtown underground light rail to tie several regional lines together. How about more funding for the Gold Line extension along our foothills, too?")
Pasadena Star-News

Park 101 Keeps The Ball In The Air ("Four freeway caps are under active consideration in Southern California right now, including three along Highway 101 -- Park 101, a cap to accommodate a park along Highway 101 in Hollywood, and a cap on Highway 101 in Ventura that would reconnect the downtown to the beach. Santa Monica is considering a cap on Interstate 10 that would reconnect the Civic Center with the rest of the its downtown. All are the subject of planning efforts funded either by their respective cities or by the Southern California Association of Governments.")
California Planning & Development Report

Pounding Pavement In Search Of A Smoother Drive ("In California, researchers are trying to stretch those resources by developing next-generation pavements that are quieter and more fuel-efficient to drive on.")

QuickPay Makes Your Smartphone A Parking Attendant

Reducing Vehicle-Miles Traveled Through Smart Land-Use Design (232p. PDF)
New York State Energy Research And Development Authority / NY DOT

Reminder: States Already Control Transpo $, And They Waste Billions
StreetsBlog Network

Roads To Ruin: Why "Drill And Drive" Is The New Motto In Washington ("We spend an estimated $186 billion each year to maintain our ground transportation system in this country. Despite that, we’re losing ground. The Federal Highway Administration estimates that just getting “structurally deficient” bridges up to snuff will require more than $70 billion...Perhaps the wisest choice is to kiss some of our beloved blacktop goodbye. Ultimately, we may have no choice. Besides, the real road to he future looks more like a set of train tracks or a bike lane.")

SGV Board Backs Completion Of Highway 39 To Wrightwood
Whittier Daily News

Silver Lake Boasts L.A.'s First Polka-Dotted Pedestrian Plaza

Sonia Romero's Urban Oasis At The MacArthur Park Metro Station ("Recognizing that art can engage transit riders, beautify public space, and reflect the diverse communities that use these systems as well as the region’s rich history, Metro initiated an ambitious public art program in 1989 that has become an important component of its planning and construction programs.")
Curating Los Angeles

Southern California Cities Rally Behind Ontario Efforts To Take Control Of L.A./Ontario International Airport
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Surface Transportation Reauthorization In The 112th Congress: Summary And Sources (28p. PDF)
Congressional Research Service

Transit Tax Break Buried In Partisan Debate
Transportation Nation

Transpo Bills Delayed In House And Senate As Congress Enters Recess
StreetsBlog DC

Transportation Agencies Seek Bullet Train Funds To Upgrade Local Corridors ("New proposals call for spending an additional $4 billion from a $9-billion bond fund to improve existing tracks in Northern and Southern California that would later become part of the bullet-train system.")
Los Angeles Times

Washington Delivers For Regional Connector
Los Angeles Downtown News

What Do You Want The Future 2B? LA City Planners Ask For Help
Blog Downtown

What Would You Like Subway Announcers To Say?
New York Times

Would Mitt Romney Invest In The Highway System?

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