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January 12: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

After Timing Snag, Metro Service To Start In Glendale Canyon
Glendale News-Press

Amtrak: In 2012, We Want eTickets, Electric Locomotives, And Speedier Trains
Transportation Nation

Amtrak Chief Outlines "Aggressive" Plan For 2012 Investment
StreetsBlog DC

Bay Area's Urban Planning Must Address Public Health
(A new study has created unexpected tensions between public health advocates and smart-growth-oriented urban planners. Bernice Yeung looks at recent analysis by Oakland's Pacific Institute and public health advocates that document the friction between California state law mandating smart growth to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the negative health impacts of certain urban environments)
California Watch

A Closer Look At Parking On San Vicente: A Recent Study Shows There Is More Parking On Brentwood's San Vicente Boulevard Than You Know, But The Area Is Still "Over-Subscribed"
Brentwood Patch

Data Analysis Of Grade Crossing Incidents
(4p. PDF)
Federal Railroad Administration Research Results

Death Watch Of CRA Leaves Transportation Projects In The Air
StreetsBlog LA

[U.S.] DOT To Explore Mobile Apps For Public Transit
Washington [D.C.] Business Journal

How Santa Monica Almost Became A Commercial Harbor
LA as Subject via KCET

LA Won't Take Responsibility For Redevelopment Projects
Curbed LA

The Law Of Traffic Congestion, According To "The Flash!"

Opinion: Invest In Interregional Rail
San Bernardino Sun

Public Meetings Set To Discuss High Desert Corridor
Antelope Valley Times

Report Urges City To Relinquish CRA/LA Role
Los Angeles Daily News

Restoring The "Water Freeway" (With strong advocates in Washington and in City Hall, planning continues for an ambitious multi-billion dollar effort to overhaul the Los Angeles River and its relationship to the city)

Road Forward Seen For Transportation Bill ("As federal transportation funding is set to expire, a new piece of legislation is being hammered out to pay for projects.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

The Science Of How We Walk (Pedestrianism incorporates elements of physics, engineering, statistics, and cognition)
The Atlantic: Cities
The Wisdom Of Crowds: The Strange But Extremely Valuable Science Of How Pedestrians Behave
The Economist

A Sculpture Of Our Transportation Future ("Metropolis II is the new installation opening this weekend at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Created by artist Chris Burden, the piece is a massive mini-city of towering buildings interwoven and surrounded at all heights by tiny street-like tracks that carry 1,100 toy cars quickly and noisily around, like blood cells in a network of veins.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Smartphones To Make Airport Check-In Desks Obsolete, Study Says
From Chaos To Collaboration: How Transformative Technologies Will Herald A New Era In Travel (48p. PDF)

State Assembly Undermines Bill To Let California Cities Build Safer Bikeways
StreetsBlog SF

Subway Blues: Car Commuters Are Getting Bigger Tax Breaks Than Transit Riders

TCRP Annual Report Of Progress: 2011 (106p. PDF : Background and an overview of the program, status of each of TCRP’s projects, and a summary of some of the program's accomplishments)
Transit Cooperative Research Program

Three Cities, Three Tales Of Tenuous Transit Plans ("In 2008, the county of angels passed Measure R, a ballot initiative that hiked sales taxes up by half a percent, over 30 years, to fund an ambitious $40 billion transit program. Since then, Mayor Villaraigosa has been on an aggressive prowl to speed the project up.")

What Neighborhoods Need To Succeed At Walkability
The Atlantic: Cities

When Shops And Services Are Within Walking Distance, We Walk More And Drive Less ("New research from Southern California has found that residents of neighborhoods with a central core of shops and services – a pattern typically found in older, traditional communities – walk nearly three times more often than do residents of neighborhoods whose nearest shops and services lie along a major arterial roadway – a pattern typically found in newer suburban development.")
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

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