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Transportation Headlines for Sunday May 11, 2008

Airport Parking Garage Approved
Grunion Gazette

County mulls adding commuter trains - Some say extra activity on rails used by Amtrak would worsen commute
Ventura County Star

Eli Broad to Fund the Subway to Sea? Curbed Asks

Every transportation dollar counts
Land Line

Game Of the Name - How a Few Well-Placed Deals Could Save the City's Financial Neck
LA Downtown News

New speaker takes over just in time for Calif. budget crunch
San Francisco Chronicle

Next phase of 118 project funded - More lanes and ramps to be added
Ventura County Star

Next Week is Bike Week in LA County

Pelosi supports Port of L.A. truck program
Press Telegram

Q&A: De-car-ing in the Valley
Los Angeles Time/Emerald City

Readers and the Dodgers - Plan for a Half-Billion Dollar Stadium Renovation Draws a Strong Reaction From the Fans
LA Downtown News

Report says SoCal needs $531 billion for transit
San Francisco Chronicle

Transit panel planning tolls - Pact with feds for SGV freeways wins approval
Daily Bulletin

Video Contest Seeks Winning Pitch for Transit

Walking and Driving to Dodger Stadium

Transportation Headlines for Saturday May 10, 2008

Activist turns L.A.'s traffic islands into national parks,0,840613.story
Los Angeles Times

Economy's ills zap toll-road use - Columnist Jon Lansner ponders why many drivers are avoiding O.C.'s 3 toll roads
Orange County Register

Evade Train Fare & the Police Might Shoot

Found in LA: The Future of Parking

Free Train Ride on Metrolink from Riverside to San Juan Capistrano/Oceanside

Gas Prices Send Surge of Riders to Mass Transit
New York Times

Man Shot At When He Doesn't Pay For Train Ride

Metro Goes Facebook with 'Subway to the Sea'

Metro’s Narrowed Options (Westside Corridor Study)

Nevada law would raise state gas tax if federal tax is cut
San Diego Union Tribune

North County Light Rail System Drawing Rave Reviews - Transit System Praised For Cleanliness, Safety

O.C. Metrolink ridership up with gas prices
Orange County Register

Oil prices breach $125 a barrel to new record high,0,557563.story
Los Angeles Times

Orange County toll road agency hails wildlife deal - Backers say it gives new life to the proposed Foothill South extension. But fish and game officials say further permits are needed, and environmentalists call the accord insignificant,0,4001143.story
Los Angeles Times

Portrait of an oil-addicted former superpower - How rising oil prices are obliterating America's superpower status

Rand Answer: ‘Toll Booths on All LA Freeways’

Regional transit projects could cost $531 billion
Press Telegram

Riding a bike to work is more than a healthy commute: It's a sign of adulthood,0,6959657.story
Los Angeles Times

SCAG OKs regional transportation plan
Press Enterprise

Thousands of rail passengers are delayed by ruptured gas main in Orange County,0,1204981.story
Los Angeles Times

Toll lanes roadblock - Rep. Gary Miller authors bill to stop conversion
Pasadena Star News

Traffic crunch takes a toll - Fees, taxes may be needed to move transportation projects
Daily News

Train that would connect SLO and San Francisco on the forward track

US Senators Step up for High Speed Rail
California High Speed Rail Blog


Transportation Headlines for Friday May 8, 2008

101, 405 Plan Draws Environmental Criticism

Better transit service sought - La Mirada to put contract bid out for Dial-A-Ride program
Whittier Daily News

Bicycling Magazine Gets It WRONG
Westside Bikeside

Bike to Work Day 2008 - Pit stop locations (via Google Maps) will have refreshments and giveaways on Thursday, May 15, 2008 from 6 am to 9 am.
Los Angeles County Bike to Work Day 2008

Commerce, CA - Has free public transit
Free Public Transit

Commuting costs hit Inland residents hardest, determines
Press Enterprise

Council opposes June 3rd ballot Prop 98, endorses 99
The Argonaut

County Supervisor drops opposition to Green Line
The Argonaut

Daylong activities highlight dedication of Civic Center (Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension)
Wave Newspapers

Delaware Senator Dares to Utter the Word “Transit”

East L.A. Civic Center Grand Opening this Weekend (Metro Gold Line)
LA Eastside

Forget selling land to balance L.A.'s budget, city is giving it away - The council is set to vote on a proposal to give a three-acre site in North Hollywood to a developer building offices and a movie theater near the Red Line station,0,2929440.story
Los Angeles Times

Fuel plan spells trouble
Daily Breeze

Getting Closer to the Westside: Subway, Bus, Aerial, Nothing?

Governor meets with automakers on gas emissions
San Diego Union Tribune

Great FEEway Debate

Greuel talks transportation strategy at First Friday Club
Sherman Oaks Sun

Hearing on airport's ordinance restricting jets set for May 15
The Argonaut

Hub City Celebrates 120 Years This Weekend - Big street party expected to draw thousands
Compton Bulletin

HR 1650 - Re-regulation and Increased Burdens for Freight Rail
A Fix for Something that isn't Broken
Transit Sleuth

LA has potential to be bike friendly
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

LA MTA, MARTA propose FY09 spending plans
Progressive Railroading

Metro’s Plans for 2009: No Fare Hike, Completed Gold Line

Regional Connector Down to Two Alternatives

Rising fuel prices are a driving force for change - away from autos,0,5598202.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

SANBAG OK's regional transportation plan
Press Enterprise

Sens. Boxer and Inhofe reject suggested automated mileage reporting
LandLine Magazine

Sneak Peak at Subway to the Sea Alternatives (Updated)

Speed Racer Alongside the Subway
Battle On
Also see video:
And also video:

Taking a Bike to Dodger Stadium

Veggie oil burners get burned by state's regulatory red tape
Fryer grease users frustrated by legal hurdles blocking way
San Francisco Chronicle

Viable public transit is L.A.’s ticket to decongestion
UCLA Daily Bruin
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Westside Extension Transit Corridor Update Meeting Set for Monday, May 12
WeHo News


Transportation Headlines for Thursday May 8, 2008

101-405 improvement project may slice into wildlife refuge
Daily News

A freeway decongestant - L.A.-area commuters should give toll lane proposal a chance
Daily Breeze

All aboard! A SLO-SF train is on the way
NewTimes SLO

APTA Transit Vision 2050 Blog
American Public Transportation Association

Bike to work next week and win a folding bike
Los Angeles Times/Emerald City

Bring California a Gas-Free Option: High Speed Rail
California Progress Report

Commissioners face deadline on regional transportation plan
Press Enterprise

Daily News Repeats Others’ Arguments Against HOT Lanes

Gas Prices Skyrocket, Students Ditch Cars
LA Valley Star

`GotARide'? Web links commuters
Press Telegram

In Contempt of Traffic (scroll down page)
L.A. City Beat

Innovative Flipbook Style Ads on L.A. Subway System
Vuthy Blog

Introducing the Rail Riders Union

Jackson Browne to perform at Lummis Day festival
Wave Newspapers

L.A. Port's record $1.06B budget under review
Press Telegram

Laura Richardson - The new member of Congress wants to be a champion for L.A. transit projects and the Subway to the Sea
LA City Beat

Mid-City Crenshaw Vision & Implementation Study
Crenshaw Vision

No on 98 and on 99
Whittier Daily News

Oil Hits Record $120.93 on Fear of Tight Supply
Mass Transit Magazine

Pelosi is supporting L.A. port truck plan
Daily Breeze

ReaderPoll: It's the Free Lunch Express - What should Eli Broad fund next?
LA Curbed

Some Thoughts on Your Gas Tax Comments
USDOT FastLane Blog

The right price to pollute - Should governments be taking any action to encourage or discourage use of sensitive commodities? Is a federal gas-tax holiday like the one proposed by John McCain and Hillary Rodham Clinton the right way to handle a finite resource? Gary Gardner and Gregory Clark debate,0,3374813.story
Los Angeles Times

Think Southern California's freeways are jammed? You should see the calendars of upcoming road work,0,1714312.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

Think Pink, Says Metro
LA Curbed

Transit Talk: Think Pink! - Santa Monica Blvd. Line
MetroRiderLA Forum

Transportation and the Economy – The Brookings Institution’s Opportunity 08 project examined the issue of transportation in America in a forum featuring U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters and a panel of Brookings experts
Brookings Institute

Urban Motorboarder's backup: Bus + fare card
Los Angeles Times/Emerald City

Westside Extension Meetings
The Transit Coalition/Discussion Board

Westsiders Slam Villaraigosa's Push for Apartments Citywide - Is slow growth back, or is this the eve of construction?
LA Weekly


Transportation for Wednesday May 7, 2008

5 Lessons Every Transportation Engineer Should Learn

and now: Lexus lane transit offsets
Capricious Commuter

Amtrak touts specials for National Train Day
Los Angeles Times

Aviation bill amendment proposes to replenish Highway Trust Fund, finance high-speed rail projects
Progressive Railroading

Concert at Union Station on National Train Day, Saturday
Los Angeles Times/Emerald City

HOV lane conversion plan is a taxpayer rip-off
Daily News

Judge: Pico-Olympic Plan Requires More Analysis

L.A. bus shelters often last resort for homeless
Daily News

Los Angeles Congestion Capital of the US
Toll Road News

Los Angeles Streetcar Workshop

Man who caused L.A. Metrolink crash had long had mental problems, his wife says,0,3248120.story
Los Angeles Times

Money talks, this city listens - Who gets heard by local leaders? A traffic project stalled by wealthy westsiders and poor oversight of a South L.A. hospital gives us a clue,0,4219650.column
Los Angeles Times

National Train Day… in L.A.?

Ports plan shift to LNG trucks to reap savings
Press Telegram

Private Capital Eyed For Transit, Roads
Cascadia Prospectus

Revisiting the Los Angeles Congestion Pricing Plan: Good Idea After All?

San Onofre tollway would not jeopardize animals, U.S. wildlife service says,0,3897669.story
Los Angeles Times

Silver Lake's golden opportunity
The draining of the reservoir has revealed its potential as a new kind of urban park,0,4408377.story
Los Angeles Times

Status of Implementation of GAO Recommendations on Evacuation of Transportation-Disadvantaged Populations and Patients and Residents of Health Care Facilities
Transportation Research Board

Subway Is Public’s Top Priority
Rail Riders Union LA

Suspend the federal gas tax? Pander politics redux
Sacramento Bee


Transportation Headlines for Tuesday May 6, 2008

Amtrak plans multi-city celebration of 'National Train Day'
Associated Press

Building boom gives Hollywood pause,0,6818117.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

California may run out of cash by August
Sacramento Bee

Can the CRA Save the LA River? Can a Pig Fly?

Chatsworth Station keeps historic feel
Daily News

Is There Enough Clean Fuel For Clean-Air Ships? Not Yet
Cunningham Report

Judge puts hold on L.A.'s Olympic-Pico traffic plan,0,982990.story
Los Angeles Times

L.A. motorists downsizing to ease high cost of gas
Daily News

McCain-Clinton Gas Tax Plan to Cost California 23,107 Jobs?
California Progress Report

Most Secure Bicycle Protection to Date Installed at California's Riverside County Transit Stations

National Train Day May 10 Complete California locations - Join Amtrak, the CCJPA, NARP,and RailPAC in celebrating National Train Day May 10th
Rail Passenger Association of California and Nevada

NRDC: No Unholy Alliance, No Suit Against Long Beach
Cunningham Report

NY’s Anti-Pricing Lawmakers Dismayed by Potential Backlash

Oil Breaks Records... Again

Pico-Olympic Traffic Plan Hits Roadblock,0,7147025.story

Ports plan shift to LNG trucks to reap savings
Press Telegram

Quick Path to Transit? Transit Building on Freeways
Metro Imagine

Race and Rail Infrastructure
Ditch the Car, Take the Metro

RIGONOMICS: Toll road to cost millions more for us
Daily Pilot

Sky may be limit for gas prices
Whittier Daily News

Sneak Peak at Subway to the Sea Alternatives

State invests $1 billion to rebuild path over Sierra
Sacramento Bee

Students Push for Bullet Train (California High Speed Rail)
New University

Using Twitter in Car Culture

Vegetable oil fuels cars -- and tax bills - Drivers who use cooking grease to run their diesel vehicles often don't realize they're supposed to obtain permits and pay a state tax on each gallon. Even the governor has to comply,0,6562739.story
Los Angeles Times


Transportation Headlines for Monday May 5, 2008

Airport agency chief to face questions over LAX pacts,0,2661672.story
Los Angeles Times

Bus deal gets OK from City Council - Two members vote against three-year, $5.26-million BurbankBus plan, citing higher price tag than the previous one
Burbank Leader

Dan Walters: California faces huge upheaval
Sacramento Bee

Exhibit tracks routes that created L.A. - Banning Museum will show how dirt trails evolved into hub that links modern city, port.
Press Telegram

Gas-tax holiday risks causing a hangover - Treated by politicians like a party favor, plan doesn't even guarantee lower pump prices
San Francisco Chronicle

Man completes 25,000-mile bike ride
Daily Review

New London Mayor Talks Up Buses and Bikes

Next speaker's agenda is short but ambitious,0,6956963.column
Los Angeles Times

San Gabriel Valley needs to speed things up,0,6975558.column
Los Angeles Times

Tollway is meeting officials' expectations - Weekday vehicles averaging 30,000
San Diego Union Tribune

Transportation alliance eyed - Los Angeles County funds could flow to Burbank and two of its neighbors as the City Council examines Arroyo Verdugo Transit
Burbank Leader

Westside-Eastside subway could cost $6.5 billion - Agency building support for line linking Westside
Daily News

Westside Transit Corridor Meetings

Westside Transit Corridor on Facebook


Transportation Headlines for Sunday May 4, 2008

Booming elsewhere, high-speed rail sees delays in US
AFP News

Death, taxes and traffic - All week, the Transit Coalition's Bart Reed and USC Professor Peter Gordon debate traffic, growth and transit in Los Angeles (complete series),0,5450022.storygallery
Los Angeles Times

Levy is needed on oil profit windfalls,0,2254623.column
Los Angeles Times

More Than a Pretty Face - Miss Traffic, Star of Metro's Beauty Pageant Spoof, Speaks
L.A. Downtown News

Right Track: Light Rails Ahead of Autos

Turning the corner at Hollywood and Vine - One of the world's most famous intersections has had its shares of ups and downs, but not even a recent fire can stop a major face-lift underway in the area (Metro Red Line),0,2431816.story
Los Angeles Times

Videos from the Transportation Library and Archive Collection on Youtube

Metrolink – 1992

Metrolink-MetroThink – 1992 (Rail Safety)