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Women In Transportation, HSR To Phoenix, L.A.'s 1954 Underground Bus Proposal & More

The 1954 Plan For Los Angeles' Underground Bus Network (Yes, Underground!)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

APHA Tallies "Hidden Health Costs" Of Transportation Status Quo
StreetsBlog LA
Full-Text: The Hidden Health Costs Of Transportation (12p. PDF)

Baldwin Park, Home Of First In-N-Out Burger, Considers Moratorium On Drive-Through Business
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Bus Riders Protest Transit Fare Hikes
Los Angeles Times

Commercial Property Owners May Be Asked To Pay For Part Of Streetcar Costs
Washington Post

Confronting Words From U.S. Transit Administrator
Human Transit

Did Metro Forget To Tell Their Drivers It's Bike To Work Day?

DOT And Women's Transportation Seminar Partnering To Seize, Create Opportunities
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Gone But Not Forgotten: The Embarcadero Freeway
San Francisco Chronicle

High-Speed Rail Authority Pushes For Money For San Diego, Sacramento Lines
Curbed LA

Is The Senate Transportation Committee "Adversarial" To HSR?
California High Speed Rail Blog

It Tolls For Thee: Flexibility On Highway Funding Would Make All The Difference
The Economist

Making Cycling Easier: Utrecht And The U.S.
Environmental Defense Fund Way 2 Go Blog

The Man Who Reivented The City (30th anniversary of New Urbanism)
The Atlantic

Metro Approves FY 2011 Budget: Fare Hikes, Ridership Loss And Union Contracts All Discussed
StreetsBlog LA

Our View: Cars And Bikes On The Blacktop
Pasadena Star-News

Push Begins For LA-Vegas-Phoenix Rail
(Yet another HSR proposal from a different group, extending to Phoenix)
Phoenix Business Journal

Redevelopment Agencies Ponder Next Move After $2 Billion Raid
California Planning & Development Report

San Clemente OKs Bike-Rental Experiment
Orange County Register

Several Steps Closer To Subway To Sea Or Westwood
UCLA Be A Green Commuter!

Walking In L.A.: Los Angeles Plays Itself
(Part 3 in a series focuses largely on Culver City)


Subway To The Sea Meeting Recap, Selling Ontario Airport, Colton Crossing, High-Speed Rail Conference & More

Bikeside Speaks (Times Seven)
StreetsBlog LA

California High-Speed Rail Authority Seeks New Federal Funds
PR Newswire

Colton Crossing Gets $125M, Construction To Begin September 2011 (unanimous State Transportation Commission approval)
San Bernardino Sun

Foothill Transit Governing Board Approves Plan To Reduce Service
Pasadena Star-News

High Speed Rail 2010 Conference
(Universal City, Los Angeles : June 17-18 - "Business and political leaders will come together with the world's top experts to bring high speed rail to America.")
U.S. High Speed Rail Association

[Houston] Metro Transit Authority's New Policy Preserves E-mails
Houston Chronicle

I'm Just Sayin': Caltrans Determined To Build 710 Extension
Glendale News Press

LA Council Asks LAWA To Look Into Selling Ontario Airport Back To Ontario
Daily Breeze

L.A. Streetcar Announces Fundraiser And Video Campaign
Blog Downtown

New Turnstiles At Lake Ave Gold Line Station
Pasadena Real Estate With Brigham Yen

Officials Hold Meeting On Westside Subway Plan

Should Public Transit Be Private?
Wall Street Journal

Sidewalk Cycling Draw Frowns From City Planners And Cycling Enthusiast
Pasadena Star-News

Technology Behind The Scenes To Grow
Trucking Info

Tour Of California To Bring Big Crowds, Big Closures To Downtown
(Saturday, May 22)
Blog Downtown

Transit Industry And State DOTs Agree: Senate Climate Bill Needs "Rewrite"
StreetsBlog DC

Transportation Lobby Girds For Assault On Kerry-Lieberman Climate Bill
New York Times

UCLA Bicycle Coalition Hosts Bike To School Day To Promote Alternative Transportation Options
UCLA Daily Bruin

U.S. DOT's Strategic Plan Creates Controversy With Its Emphasis On "Livability"
Infrastructure USA

Westward Ho, Subway To The Sea: Latest Meeting Brings Talk Of Century City, Westwood Stops
Curbed LA

What Does "Livability" Mean To The U.S. Government?


Westside Tunneling Plans, The Next Interstate System, Busway Architecture & More

After Spurning The State, Monrovia's Redevelopment Agency Faces The "Death Penalty"
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Bicycle Plans Continue: City Will Use A $150,000 Grant To Upgrade Bike Infrastructure
Glendale News Press

Construction Workers Launch Campaign To Pass Highway Repair Bill
The Hill

Does Busway Architecture Matter?
Human Transit

Feds Want Cell Phone Limits On Railroad Operators
Mass Transit

Ford Foundation To Send $200M To Local Transit-Oriented Development
StreetsBlog LA

L.A. The Least Gentrified Major City?
New Geography

Ports Seek 25 Percent Of TIGER II Grants
Journal Of Commerce

Riding A Bike In Los Angeles
Tucson Velo

Seeking The Next Interstate System, This Time Without Asphalt
StreetsBlog Network

Subway To The Sea Tunnel Meeting (video)
Fox Los Angeles

Transit Industry To Join State DOTs In Blasting Senate Climate Bill
StreetsBlog DC

Transportation: Following The Money
Rail Passenger Association Of California & Nevada

Transportation Moving Votes In Harman's L.A. Congressional Race
StreetsBlog DC

Update: [LADOT] Releases Sharrows Test Ride Dates And Times
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

U.S. FTA Head Rogoff Paints Grim Picture Of Nation's Transit Priorities
Transport Politic

Walking In L.A.: An Introduction
(First in a series. "Los Angeles is the future of transportation in America. And it's always been...Fully 12 percent of all trips in Los Angeles are by bicycle or on foot—that's more than Austin or Portland. In sheer numbers, L.A. has more bikers and walkers than Washington, D.C., or Chicago, or even San Francisco. And it happens to be far safer for biking and walking than all three, according to a 2010 Benchmarking Report by the Alliance for Biking and Walking.")

Westside Residents To Hear Metro Tunneling Plans
Los Angeles Daily News


High-Tech Interactive Bus Stops, Telecommuting Trends, Bike To Work Week, Love-Hate Affair With The 405 & More

Alternate Strategies For Safety Improvement Investments (28p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

America's Layoff Capitals: Soaring Unemployment Rates In California, New York State Tops The List (California cities are 6 of the top 10, Los Angeles-Long Beach is #1)
ABC News

Bike To Work Week Kicks Off; Full Calendar Of Downtown Activities
Blog Downtown

Breaking News: Metro Reverses Rush Hour Ban On Bikes On Trains
StreetsBlog LA

California Transit Association 44th Annual Spring Legislative Conference
(Sacramento : May 18-19)
California Transit Association

Capping The 101 - Big Dreamers Needed
Los Angeles Downtown News

City Hall To Add Over 170 Bike Racks Downtown
Santa Monica Daily Press

Cycling For Bike-Friendliness: Two-Wheelers Dominate Foothill Blvd. In An Effort To Promote Riding
Glendale News Press

Design For America: $40K Data Visualization Competition ("Sunlight Labs, a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on the digitization of government data and the making of tools to make it easily accessible, has organized a unique competition to help nurture the field of information visualization in the context of government data.")
Information Aesthetics

DOT Aims To Prevent Rail Crew Distraction
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Fixing Public Transit In L.A. Requires Both A Carrot And A Stick (Third in a 3-part series on public transportation in the Southland)
Los Angeles Times
Fixes For L.A.'s Public Transit Woes (video)
Los Angeles Times via YouTube

In San Francisco: People, Parklets, And Pavement To Parks
StreetsBlog DC

Keeping An Eye On Our Roads (interview with Janet Kavinoky, head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's transportation infrastructure programs, as well as the Americans For Transportation Mobility campaign and Let's Rebuild America coalition)
DC Velocity

London's Big Red Double Decker Bus Reincarnated With Green Tech
Fast Company

Looking Ahead
(telecommuting trends could have significant impacts on the built environment and the future of urban planning, including civic spaces and different transportation patterns)
The Atlantic

MTA's Bike Week L.A. Aims To Encourage Commuters To Bicycle More And Drive Less
Los Angeles Times
New Metro Bike Map For Los Angeles Area

On The Market: Homes Near Bike Paths
Los Angeles Times

Our Love-Hate Affair With The 405 Freeway
LA Observed

Parking Fines Could Go Up $5 Under New Budget Proposal

Redesigning The Bus Stop: Teague's Traffic 2.0 Makes Transit More Friendly
Fast Company

U.S. DOT Holding Five Public Meetings On Its National Rail Plan
StreetsBlog DC

You Can Do It: The No-Excuses Guide To Biking To Work


DIY Bike Signage, How We Commute, HSR, Train Etiquette & More

$100 Million Of Road Projects To Support "Evolution"
StreetsBlog LA

Amid Recession, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank Consider Sharing Some City Services
(including a bus service linking the three cities)
Los Angeles Times

Anaheim "Outfoxed" By San Francisco On High-Speed Rail
Voice Of OC

The Authentic City (A look at branding, and how some cities actively abandon what makes them unique in favor of what works for other cities, which only hurts their marketing efforts)

Better Bikeways: Guerrilla Improvements And DIY Signage
(A Los Angeles dream of turning 4th Street into a bike-friendly thoroughfare)

Celebrations Throughout The County For Bike To Work Week
StreetsBlog LA

Council Approves Parking Rate Hike
Santa Monica Daily Press

Cyclists In La Crescenta Trying To Change Foothill Boulevard's Commuter-Centric Image
Los Angeles Times

Democratizing The Streets ("An unprecedented political consensus on rethinking roadways is belied by nasty clashes over how to pay for it.")
San Francisco Bay Guardian

From "The Voice Of Transportation," A Call For More Of The Same
Mobilizing The Region

How We Commute: Moving Into The "State Of Metropolitan America"
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Is Park-And-Ride A Bad Idea?
Reinventing Urban Transport

League Of Bicycling Voters LA Holds Inaugural Meeting
StreetsBlog LA

Mass Transit And A Public Works Pilgrimage To Hoover Dam ("Mass transit, Los Angeles and Hoover Dam - for me it's all about well conceived infrastructure and a vision of what is possible.")
Huffington Post

Moving To The Suburbs
(video : Part 2 - Richard Florida explains why long commutes used to make sense - and why they no longer do)

Norco, Corona Differ Over High-Speed Rail Proposal
Riverside Press-Enterprise

On Privatization Nostalgia
Human Transit

Only Californians Have Veto Power Over The HSR Project
California High Speed Rail Blog

The Potential For Private Investment In Transit
StreetsBlog Network

Preservationists: Don't Change West's 1st Freeway
Associated Press

SVA Student Creates ViolationReport.Org To Shame Straphangers Into Changing Poor Train Etiquette
New York Daily News
Violation Report Website

Under Dodger Stadium And More: Latest High-Speed Railway Routes Through L.A.
(includes several possible routing maps)
Curbed LA