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Transportation Headlines for Saturday May 17, 2009

After 18 months, ports say air plan is working
Daily Breeze

Bike to Work Day Photo Diary

Cities with the worst pain at the pump,0,3460917.story
Los Angeles Times

City of San Diego to negotiate with private firm to run airport - Council OKs talks after hearing from 2 bidders
San Diego Union Tribune

Forbes Lists Worst Cities For Commuters
NBC News

Gas may be expensive, but riding the bus remains a hard sell
Los Angeles Times

Gas prices drive man to boycott
Daily Bulletin

Los Angeles Turns To Mass Transit During Gas Crunch

Nevada Toll Road Plan Endorsed
Las Vegas Now

New National Poll Shows Americans Dislike Larger, Heavier Trucks on U.S. Highways
Common Dreams

New segments of Santa Ana River Trail finished - 19-mile swath crosses county lines
Daily Bulletin

Oil sets record near $128; pump price at high, too,1,6312590.story
Los Angeles Times

Port of Los Angeles and South Coast Air Quality Management District Roll Out World's Most Powerful Heavy Duty Electric Truck
Yahoo! Business

Region's most clogged traffic areas targeted - Orange-Los Angeles border under study for transportation improvements
Orange County Register

Riverside, Calif., tops gas prices list

Siemens announces biggest US light rail order
Railway Gazette

Several injured as trolley crashes at The Grove shopping center - The vehicle was nearing the end of its quarter-mile track when it struck a set of planter pots. Two people were taken to the hospital,0,7254985.story
Los Angeles Times

Streetcar Workshop Comes Downtown
LA Downtown News

Suicide attempt disrupts morning train commute in Placentia - Authorities tried to negotiate with a despondent 18-year-old man for two hours before he jumped from the top of a train and injured himself,0,5340508.story
Los Angeles Times

Transit target of state budget axe - $4 billion siphoned from public transportation this decade
North County Times/Californian

Trucks Gone Green?


Transportation Headlines for Friday May 16, 2008

Aerospace industry workers answer 2-wheel challenge
Daily Breeze

APTA Business Plan 2008-2009
American Public Transportation Association

As America's Aging Adult Population Continues to Grow, Transportation Becomes Key Issue for Senior Drivers and Their Families
Yahoo! Business

Best Photo to be Featured on 2009 Amtrak Calendar

California Public Transit Advocates Urge No Funding Cuts
Environmental News Service

Donald Shoup: Planners Are Versed in Parking Politics, Not Policy

hail-a-taxi gets a go, downtown to be test subject

Industry Fuels Up for Environmental, Economic Benefits of Natural Gas
Metro Magazine

L.A. agency plans low-income homes, new offices for HollywoodCommunity Redevelopment Agency - REVAMP: Vine Street Tower, an eight-story office building, is planned for Vine Street and Selma Avenue. CRA commissioners approve a five-year revitalization plan for the area,0,2637595.story
Los Angeles Times

L.A. streetcar workshop May 22 at the Orpheum
Los Angeles Times/Emerald City

Mainstream Media Covers Gas Crisis, Mass Transit Spike, and Changing World

Maya Emsden - Public artisan
LA Weekly

May Or May Not- A Month Of Militancy, Part 2: Buck The Stereotypes - 1. "Nobody takes transit in L.A./This is L.A., everybody drives a car."
Militant Angeleno

More "Great Big Freeway" L.A. commuters bike, ride
Yahoo! News

Planning Board Reviews Transportation Strategies
Santa Monica Mirror

Ports Move Ahead On Nuts and Bolts Of Clean Truck Plans
Cunningham Report

Regional Connector Down to Two Alternatives

Six LAX modernization options presented for public comment
The Argonaut

Soaring gas prices are putting many Southland residents on bicycles
Daily News

Taxi Cab Commisson Approves Hail-A-Taxi
Curbed LA

USDOT: Train accident decline can be traced to national rail safety plan
Progressive Railroading

UPS Adds 500 Alternative Fuel Vehicles to "Green Fleet"
Trucking Info

Yes, You Can Take Photos on the Metro Red Line

WeHo’s Subway Inches Toward Reality
WeHo News

Will funds find the way? (Gold Line Foothill Extension)
San Gabriel Valley Tribune


Transportation Healdlines for Thursday May 15, 2008

710 tunnel issues
Pasadena Star News

A Rough Ride - Bicyclists complain that City Hall shoves them off the road
LA City Beat

Effort to cut diesel pollution
San Francisco Chronicle

Getting Buses to Crawl a Little Faster; A Los Angeles Program May Have Something to Teach New York New York Times

Gold for highways, pennies for public transportation

Governor's Transportation budget will hit public transit
San Francisco Chronicle

Flashing lights pay off for transit agency UPI

Import dip is disappointing, economist says - PORTS: Despite the setbacks in 2007, improvement is expected in 2009, with exports seen as a `huge opportunity
Press Telegram

John Walsh, Chris Shabel and Miki Jackson - Hollywood gadflies
LA Weekly

Live internet chat May 21: Join Metro Board Chair O'Connor in Imagining a More Mobile Region
and Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

LRT News: April 2008 Edition
Transportation Research Board

Metro Unveils Alternatives for Future Subway Routes
Beverly Press/Park La Brea News (See Page 1 and 22)

MTA displays ads in tunnels,0,6367311.story
Los Angeles Times

MTA narrows transit options
Santa Monica Daily Press (See Page 1 and 10)

New Schwarzenegger budget for California would divert gas taxes,0,5652117.story
Los Angeles Times

Oh the Places You'll Go! (Train travel series)
LA City Beat

Ports Expected to Keep Growing
LA Business Journal

Sempra completes LNG terminal in Baja
San Diego Union Tribune

Streetcar Workshops Come to Los Angeles Next Week

The Cruel Desert Wind Hoax - Rescuing Amtrak from a journey to oblivion
LA City Beat

The Free Way (Miller Free Way Act)
Pasadena Weekly

Travel through port's history with new book
Press Telegram

Video: Residents Give Ideas about MTA "Subway to the Sea" possibility,0,296026.htmlstory

What should be done to ease traffic between O.C. and L.A.?
Orange County Register


Transportation Headlines for Wednesday May 14, 2008

$4 gas seen throughout California
San Francisco Chronicle

Bipartisan Pandering on Congestion Pricing

Bus drivers and MTS reach labor agreement
San Diego Union Tribune

California High-Speed Rail Authority Announces New Website with Virtual Trips Throughout the State
PR Newswire

Cautionary tale from nation's traffic signals
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Clearing the Air in California’s Central Valley (Amtrak)
California Progress Report

Council Celebrates Bike Week by Reforming Advisory Committee

Council supports transit-survey bill (AB 2018)
Daily News

County: Let there be (synchronized) lights
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Ditch Cars for Bikes Thursday, Officials Urge Motorists
Santa Monica Surf/LookoutNews

Ditch that car, hop a train - As the price of gas soars, more and more commuters are leaving their cars in the garage and boarding the train
CNN Money

For ports' sake let the spending spree begin
Cargo News Asia

Gas Prices and the Transit Surge on the TODAY Show

Is the Bay Area Ready for Congestion Pricing?

LONG BEACH - Free bus rides for bicyclists
Press Telegram

Metro Adds High Tech Advertising

MTA budget would add 6 Rapid lines - Agency also wants to extend Gold Line to East L.A.
Daily News

Northeastern Lines: A Viable Alternative to the Foothill "Sprawl Line"
Ditch the Car, Take the Metro

Port trade forecast is gloomy
Daily Breeze

Privacy Issues with the Use of Smart Cards
Transportation Research Board

Review of the Challenges and Investment Options for the Nation's Infrastructure
Transportation Research Board/Government Accountability Office

Schwarzenegger's new budget proposal to give voters option of borrowing against state lotteryIf that plan is rejected, a 1-cent sales tax increase would be implemented,0,4865683.story
Los Angeles Times

Standardized Procedures for Personal Travel Surveys
Transportation Research Board

Streetfilms Looking for Freelancers

Tejon Ranch sprawl?,0,2929704.story
Los Angeles Times

This Morning at the Bicycle Blessing

Toyota Prius Supply Shrinks as Waiting Lists Grow

Truckers: No independent drivers by 2013?
Daily Breeze

US Rep.: High speed rail will ease transport woes - US Rep. Mica: High speed rail network is first step to easing transportation problems in US
CNN Money

Video of the Day: Speed Racer in the Red Line Tunnel

Will Nissan Revive The Electric Car? The automaker has announced plans for a fully-electric vehicle by 2010, and says it wants to lead the industry towards zero-emission vehicles


Transportation Headlines for Tuesday May 13, 2008

$531 billion...
Los Angeles Times/Bottleneck Blog

Amtrak's Choice: Wi-Fi Or Die
Information Week

BNSF asked to lower rail pollution
San Bernardino Sun

City Council Celebrates "Bike Week" by Reorganizing Bicycle Advisory Committee

'In a city ruled by cars, why is it that you can get places faster on bikes?'

In Celebration of “Bike To Work” Week

Investment in public transit can help save the world
Vancouver Sun may end service from Los Angeles - The bus company, which touted $1 fares, will stop taking bookings on several routes and expects to decide by Friday whether to pull out of the city,0,6862809.story
Los Angeles Times

Midnight Movie: Bike on a Bus Rack

Mobility Management -- A New Role for Public Transportation
American Public Transportation Association

More drivers forced to cope with $4 gas,0,5297826.story
Los Angeles Times

O.C. agency approves $12 million to study transit ideas- A monorail in Anaheim and trolley system in Santa Ana are being considered to lighten traffic load,0,2290152.story
Los Angeles Times

Quentin Kopp on High Speed Rail
California HighSpeedRail Blog

Rail Plan Introduced In House – Bill would provide $24B over ten years
Bond Buyer

Report on Los Angeles National Train Day

Rising Fuel Prices Leads To Road Decongestion

Second Life for corporate America,0,2472150.story
Los Angeles Times

State air board takes aim at diesel pollution
Press Enterprise

Surging Oil Is Hurting Public Transportation
4 Reasons Why

That infrastructure thing
Congestion pricing might come in handy

Thomas J. Umberg Appointed By Speaker Fabian Nunez to the California High-Speed Rail Authority
Yahoo! Business

WeHo Subway Possible
WeHo News

Working in Wiki - How to assemble real ideas in a virtual world


Transportation Headlines for Monday May 12, 2008

A cure for congestion
Press Telegram

Altadena commuter trades in bus pass for car keys
After five years opting for a 4-hour daily work commute, he now drives 25 minutes each way in a used BMW because his mass transit route grew even longer,0,6706500.column
Los Angeles Times

Are L.A. freeways the roads less-traveled? A sampling of residents, traffic reporters and technical data indicates that as gas prices climbed and the economy faltered, there were notable traffic decreases on some freeways,0,3131880.story?track=rss
Los Angeles Times

Bike to Work Day 2008 - Pit stop locations (via Google Maps) will have refreshments and giveaways on Thursday, May 15, 2008 from 6 am to 9 am. Angeles County Bike to Work Day 2008

California High Speed Rail Authority Director to Speak at May CAC Meeting
Metro Citizens Advisory Council

Eye On The Environment: Make pit stops on Bike to Work Day
Ventura County Star

No on 98, Yes on 99 - The Times endorses state ballot measures,0,62073.story
Los Angeles Times

Regional Connector update
LA Visions

U.S. exporters face cargo container shortage at ports,0,3407915.story
Los Angeles Times