710 Tunnel Studies, New Caltrans Director, "Augmented Reality" For Transit, Car-Less L.A., HSR Funding & More

74-Year-Old Tagger Pleads No Contest To Misdemeanor Vandalism (MTA buses)
Los Angeles Times

710 Tunnel Project Takes Big Step Forward Despite Protest Meeting Takeover
Pasadena Star-News

California Receives Some FRA Planning Money
California High Speed Rail Blog

CHSRA Looking At Just One San Fernando Valley Station - At Burbank Airport
California High Speed Rail Blog

Council Moves To Slow Down Traffic In Two Well Off Residential Areas
StreetsBlog LA

Federal Highway Administration Launches New Technology Tool To Pinpoint Freight Congestion
U.S. DOT Office Of Public Affairs

First Round Of High Speed Rail Funds Flowing To States
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff Delivers Tough Love To Transit Advocates

Governor Schwarzenegger Appoints Cindy McKim Director Of Department Of Transportation
Office Of The Governor

Helping Those Who Help Themselves
(pilot programs in transportation financing)
New Republic

LaHood Envisions The Future Of Transportation
National Public Radio

Metrolink's New CEO Wants To Make Commuter Rail An Experience That Will "Wow" You

MTA Board Approves New Studies Of 710 Extension
(The measure calls for the MTA to hire a consultant to explore options for relieving congestion, improving safety and addressing concerns in building the link from Alhambra to Pasadena)
Los Angeles Times

MTA Considers Green Line Extension
Beach Reporter

Passenger Rail Symposium, Day 1: Hooray For High Speed Rail
StreetsBlog LA

Personal Car Sharing: Save The Environment Without Moving A Muscle
Environmental Defense Fund Way2Go Blog

Running On Empty (video : time-lapse photography of car-less Los Angeles)
Ross Ching via Vimeo

Schwarzenegger Appointee Dumped After Voting Against Administration
Los Angeles Times

Social Media Enabled Instant Organizing For Streetcars
Greater Greater Washington

There's More To Life Than Transit Expansion
Transport Politic

TriMet Offers "Augmented Reality" For Riders With IPhones

Walking In L.A.: Transit Activism Is Cooler Than You Think
(Part 6 in the series includes stairway walks of Los Angeles)


Gas Tax Hidden Costs, Westside Subway, Emergency Transit Bill, OC Carpool Project & More

710 Tunnel Vote Coming At Thursday's MTA Meeting
Pasadena Star-News

Downtown's Civic Park Likely Finished By Mayan Apocalypse
Curbed LA

Emergency Transit Funding Bill Introduced, Tell Your Senators To Support It
Transportation For America

Glendale's Glendale Narrows Riverwalk Coming Soon
L.A. Creek Freak
Fairmont Avenue Extension Project
City Of Glendale Public Works

Hand-Held Museums: Is The Future Of History On Your Phone?
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Is The Low Gas Tax Costing You More Money On Car Repairs?

Metro Chimes In On Bus Riders Union Hunger Strike

Metro/LADOT Prefers The Imports Over The Locals ("Los Angeles is the largest city in the most populated state in the most powerful country in the world, and yet when it comes to transportation planning, apparently the experts are nowhere to be found.")
SoapBox LA

Plan: Tolls On All Seattle-Area Freeways By 2030
Seattle Times

Shaky Economy Still Keeping Americans Off The Road (Americans driving at 2005 levels)
USA Today

Westwood Residents To Metro: Bring Us The Subway! Please Be Careful!
LA Subway Blog

When Stop Signs Stop Working
StreetsBlog Network

Work To Connect Car-Pool Lanes On I-405, I-605, 22
Orange County Register

Would Your Hellish Commute Be Less Hellish If It Were A Game?
Curbed LA
Waze Los Angeles


Metro Rapid For Venice Blvd, Expo Phase I, Pod Cars, Offshore Drilling And HSR & More

Airport Planners Look To A Futuristic Transit Solution: "Pod Cars"
San Jose Mercury News

A BART Rider's List Of Least-Favorite Commuters
Contra Costa Times

Bike To Work Wrap: Thanks To Metro And LAPD, But Where's Our Bike Plan?
StreetsBlog LA

Bus Riders Hand Out Bags Of Groceries Symbolizing Cost Of MTA Fare Hikes
Los Angeles Daily News

Crackdown On Dirty Trucks Skirting Rules At The Port Of L.A.
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

D.C. Rings In Bike To Work Day With Big Bike-Sharing Announcement
StreetsBlog DC

Expo Phase I Coming June 1, "The Last Battle Of Farmdale"
StreetsBlog LA

How Portland Sold Its Banks On Walkable Development

In Defense Of Los Angeles
The Atlantic

Irvine To Get $121 Million For Citywide Public Transit
Voice Of OC

LaHood: Tolls Can Pay For Transportation Bill
Transportation Nation

The Man Who Could Unsnarl Manhattan's Traffic (The data-driven key to New York congestion. Charles Komanoff has been trying to measure how traffic affects the city and its people, from time lost to money spent. He also has an eye on how understanding the patterns of transportation in the city can help improve its flows)

Metro Rapid Service Coming To Venice Boulevard
StreetsBlog LA

O.C. Grand Jury Criticizes Santa Ana Council Over Transportation Contract: A Report Says The Bulk Of A $4.85-Million Consulting Agreement For A Streetcar Project Went To A Firm That Experts Had Rated The Least Qualified Of All The Bidders
Los Angeles Times

Offshore Oil Drilling And High Speed Rail
California High Speed Rail Blog

San Mateo County May Require Employers To Give Commuters Incentives To Use Transit
San Jose Mercury News

Tracking The Fault Lines Between Public And Private Transit Operators
StreetsBlog DC

Traditional Railway Battles High-Speed Foe With Lunch Boxes
Focus Taiwan

Transit And The Hierarchy Of Needs
(Which features of a technology or transit plan are truly essential in motivating ridership vs. which are just really nice? People care about a particular set of needs only if lower-level needs are met.)
Human Transit

Walking In L.A.: Race And Rail Lines (series author Ryan Bradley explores Compton and Watts)

When Passengers Spit, Bus Drivers Take Months Off
New York Times


Crenshaw Corridor, HSR At BUR?, Fillmore Station Remodel, BRT, Amtrak Wifi & More

Amtrak's Wifi Failures
The Economist

Cal Expo Monorail Saved
Sacramento Bee

Cars Suck ("In almost every instance where we rely on a car, we could be using an alternative mode of transportation.")
Daily Kos

Coming To A Head: Expo Line Farmdale Station
Curbed LA

Competing LA-Vegas Train Emerges, But Union Pacific Breaks Up The Party
Curbed LA

Editorial: A High-Speed Ride To Nowhere: Californians Love The Idea Of A Bullet Train But They Won't Like What It Costs
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Feds To Start Scoring Transportation Potential Of Housing Grant Applicants
StreetsBlog DC

Fillmore Gold Line Station Remodel Almost Complete
Brigham Yen

Is Seattle's Downtown Ride Free Area In Jeopardy?
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Light Rail Line Raises Concern In Local City
(Crenshaw Transit Corridor)
USC Annenberg South Los Angeles Report

Obama's Fuel Economy Announcement: A Gift To Truckers' Kids
Environmental Defense Fund Way2Go Blog

Peter Calthorpe's Vision For California: Save The Cities, Save The World
(California Assembly Bill 32, the law mandating a state-wide reduction in carbon emissions, is the key to pushing through great urbanism)
Fast Company

Rail Official Eye Airport: Transportation Authority Is Considering A Station At Bob Hope For Planned High-Speed System
Glendale News Press

Reclaiming The Streets (explores how bus rapid transit systems and other innovations are transforming transportation in cities across the world)

Solving Urban Challenges With Open Data
(IBM has been busy repositioning itself for several years around the idea of using the technology and process management techniques it specializes in to help develop solutions for some of the enormous social challenges of the world - many of which are concentrated around cities - including traffic, energy use, and public safety)
Next American City

Times Editorial: People That Object To Highway Projects Too Provincial, Victims Of Bizarre Thoughts
StreetsBlog LA

Traffic Paint Shortage Threatens Roadwork
New York Times

Walking In L.A.: Trees As Sidewalk Vandals

What Do You Think Of DOT's Draft Strategic Plan?
National Journal Transportation Blog


Cleantech Corridor, 710 Freeway, Metrolink, "Original Downtown Regional Connector?," Party Train To Vegas & More

4 Plans Compete To Provide LA-Vegas Train Service
Associated Press

405 Reasons For Optimism

All Aboard For National Rail Symposium In Long Beach (May 23-28)
StreetsBlog LA

Colton Crossing Reveals Silver Lining
San Bernardino Sun

The Crash Of Carpooling
Seattle Weekly

Editorial: Interstate 710: A Chance To Close An L.A. Freeway Gap
Los Angeles Times

FRA Accepts Applications For State High-Speed Rail Planning
Transport Politic

Getting The Masses To Ride Mass Transit In L.A.
Huffington Post

Helping Rural Residents Use Google Transit
Reconnecting America

Is Location-Based Social Networking Practical In Spread-Out Los Angeles? Sure, You Can Beam Your Location Through Foursquare, Loopt Or Gowalla, But What's Unanswered Is Whether Anyone Is Likely To Face A Freeway For A Meet-Up
Los Angeles Times

LA Department Of Transportation To Recommend Fare Hikes
Southern California Public Radio

Los Angeles: Columnist's Insight Solves Everything
Human Transit

Many L.A. Transit Systems Never Got A Move On: The Funicular Cars Of Angels Flight Are Again Rattling Up And Down Bunker Hill, But Don't Expect Comebacks From The Camel Train, The Aerial Swallow Monorail Or Other Failed Conveyances From The Past
Los Angeles Times

Metrolink Locomotive Cameras Lead To Probes Of 2 Engineers
Los Angeles Times

Metrolink Secures $99M For Automatic Braking Systems
Southern California Public Radio

No Guarantee Local Workers Will Build Colton Crossing
Redlands Daily Facts

The "Original Downtown Regional Connector?": The 1954 Underground Bus Network Maps
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

An Outside Perspective: Urban Land Institute Takes Stock Of The Cleantech Corridor (interview with ULI Vice-President Tom Eitler)
Los Angeles Downtown News

Party Train To Vegas? Union Pacific Says "Not On Our Tracks!"

Proposed CleanTech Corridor In Downtown L.A. Gets Boost: Land Use Experts From The Urban Land Institute Issue Recommendations For The Area Envisioned As A Hot Spot For Environmentally Sustainable Companies
Los Angeles Times

Public Transportation: Social Service Or Utility?
Santa Monica Lookout

Rick Caruso's Monorail Dreams, Possible Mayor Run
Curbed LA

Should We Redesign Our Bus Network? And How?
Human Transit

Train Station Searches, Simplified
Google Lat Long Blog

Truck Industry Welcomes Obama's Fuel Efficiency Plans For Big Rigs
Los Angeles Times

Two Wheels Work: Event Urges Commuters To Opt For Self-Propelled Transit
Burbank Leader