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Gold Line Groundbreaking Tomorrow, Renaming Pasadena Freeway, CicLAvia Route, Beverly Hills Tunneling & More

Arcadia Relocates Proposed Gold Line Station (to a more visible spot downtown)
Pasadena Star-News

Busway Linkage Obsession Puzzler
StreetsBlog LA

The Commuter Diaries: Riding And Walking On Wilshire Under The 405 Just Got A Little Safer
UCLA Be A Green Commuter!

CPUC Rules: An At-Grade Station Is Just Fine for Expo At Farmdale
StreetsBlog LA

Don't Tunnel Under Our Beverly Hills Homes: Homeowners Association
Beverly Hills Courier

The Future Comes Down To Where We Live v. Where We Work
("The costs of commuting to work in the U.S. have gone up 1000% in the past few decades...Cars eat up to 70% of family budgets in parts of California.")

Getting LA Off Oil
Huffington Post
How Can Los Angeles Get Off Oil?
Huffington Post

A Glimpse Of A Car-Friendly Urban Future, Courtesy Of -- No Surprise -- A Car Company
Scientific American

Gold Line Foothill Extension To Break Ground Saturday
Groundbreaking Ceremony Invitation (PDF : "Food, entertainment, and activities for the entire family")
I Will Ride

Graffiti Costing LA Millions
Los Angeles Daily News

Help CicLAvia Turn Los Angeles Streets Into A Temporary Park
Planned CicLAvia Route For September 12, 2010

Improvising And Improving LA's Transit (June 26 : Sustainability Stage of the West Coast's largest design event)
Dwell On Design

Ingenious Flipper Bridge Melds Left-Side Drivers With Right-Side Drivers
(Preventing crashes between drivers between Hong Kong and China)
Fast Company

L.A. Businesses Oppose Closing At-Rail Crossing
Glendale News Press

Open Data Standards For City Agencies
Urban Omnibus

Opinion: Time To Alter Map On High-Speed Rail?
Ventura County Star

Our View: Onboard With Transit Options
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Pasadena Freeway Getting A New Look And A Name: L.A.'s Oldest Freeway Will Be Renamed The Arroyo Seco Parkway As Caltrans Adds New Lighting, Improves The Center Divider And Adds Decorative Low Walls To The Shoulders
Los Angeles Times

Sustainability In Transportation: A New International Exhibit And Metro Library's Up-To-The-Minute Resources
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Test Will Give Buses The Green Light In Riverside
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Transportation For America Proposal Creates More Jobs Than Current Transportation Law, Economic Policy Institute Finds
Transportation For America

Two New Studies On Density And Driving
World Changing


Expo Line At Dorsey, 710 Tunnel, Gold Line Art Tour, Tagging Injunction, Gas Prices & More

4 Calif. Rail Yards May Face Emissions Reductions
San Jose Mercury News

Deployment Of High-Tech Meters Underway
Blog Downtown

Expo Line Gets OK For Street-Level Crossing Next To Dorsey High: California Public Utilities Commission Hearing Officer Backs A Revised Plan For The Light-Rail Project That Includes Speed Restrictions For Trains And Motor Vehicle Gates - Critics See Risk To Students
Los Angeles Times

How Fast Can Trains Run Between Los Angeles And San Diego?
Rail Passenger Association Of California & Nevada

It's Official: Bike Lanes Open Down America's Main Street
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

L.A. City Attorney Seeks Injunction Against "MTA" Tagging Crew
Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Parking Meter Signs: Get Out Your Slide Rule To Figure Them Out
Huffington Post

Minimizing Car Travel By Changing How We Think About Development

New Traffic Signal Aimed At Making Banning High Crossing Safer
Daily Breeze

Officials Mull Another Layer To 710 Tunnel Talk: Transportation Group Is Looking Into Community Advisory Committee
Glendale News Press

On Gas Prices
Riding In Riverside

Tour Of Art Along The Gold Line
Cheri Gaulke
Art Along The Gold Line Tour (Sunday, June 26 fundraiser)
Avenue 50 Studio

Trolley Buses: Could Seattle Save Them With Cheaper Power?
Seattle PI

The United States Of Transportation Inequity
Huffington Post

USDOT Forms Transit-Rail Safety Advisory Committee
Progressive Railroading

What A Bus Rider Wants

Why Gas Is Too Cheap
The City Fix


Lost Parkways Of L.A., Protecting Transit Money, Green Transit Facility, CleanTech Corridor & More

8 Ways Public Comment Has Changed The Planning Of the Westside Subway Extension

Bid To Ban Tolls For Carpools Dies In Assembly Committee
Los Angeles Times

The Bright Green Future Of L.A.'s CleanTech Corridor
Brand X Daily

Broadway Battle A Sign Of The Times: Effort To Force Property Owners To Improve Their Street-Front Spaces Creates A Divide
Los Angeles Downtown News

Data.Gov's Next Big Thing: Mashing Up Federal Stats With Maps

Free Ride To Continue For UCR Students
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Ground Broken On Simi's Green Transit Facility
Ventura County Star

How Bikes Saved America's Roads: A Historical Perspective

Lost Parkways Of Los Angeles: The 1946 Proposed Interregional, Regional And Metropolitan Plan
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Measure That Would Protect Transit Money Qualifies For Ballot

Metro's Hollywood & Vine TOD: A Fortress Surrounded By A Moat Of Traffic And Malfunctioning Traffic Signals
StreetsBlog LA

Opinion: It's Time To Get On Board With Transit
Jewish Journal

Opinion: Mass Transit - Is It Good For The Jews?
Jewish Journal

Paris Metro's Cheaters Say Solidarity Is The Ticket: Scofflaws Who Jump The Turnstiles Or Enter Through The Exits Have Formed An Insurance Fund That Pays If They Get Caught
Los Angeles Times

Philadelphia May Accept Money To Privatize Station Naming; Pittsburgh Considers Similar Move
Transport Politic

Response To The Spill Must Include Smarter Land Use, Transportation
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Student Has A Plan To Revitalize Oakland (The 20-year-old spent nine months producing a detailed and ingenious plan to revive Oakland's economy: build a 2.5-mile streetcar line that runs through the heart of the city)
San Francisco Chronicle

"Tax Holiday" Seen Helping Port Of Los Angeles, Officials Say
Transport Topics Online

Transit Fare Arrangements For Public Employees (93p. PDF)
U.S. Transit Cooperative Research Program

Why Digital License Plates Are A Great Idea


Red Line Turning 10, CA Digital License Plates, Sepulveda Pass Widening, Port Trucks, HSR To Vegas & More

AECOM Picked To Design Gold Line Basket Bridge
Curbed LA

BRT For Free In Bangkok
The City Fix

Calif. License Plates Might Go Digital, Show Ads
Associated Press

Current Practices In Greenhouse Gas Emissions Savings From Transit
(90p. PDF : LA Metro is one of 3 case studies)
U.S. Transit Cooperative Research Program

Fans Take The Trains In Droves To The Lakers' Parade
Los Angeles Daily News

Federal Bike-Ped Funding Sets New High, With Much More Room To Grow

The Gold Line Carries House Music To Downtown L.A.
Los Angeles Times

It's Electric: Two Promising Port Truck Innovation Projects
Environmental Defense Fund Way2Go Blog

LA Looking To Make Parking Meters Perform Better
Southern California Public Radio

Live Tube Map Shows The Power Of TfL's Data
Wired U.K.

Metro Board And BRU On Collision Course?
StreeetsBlog LA

Nimble Cities: Help Slate Make Transportation In And Between Cities More Efficient, Safe, And Pleasant

OCTA Features Mobile Applications, Developer Data Feeds
TransitRider OC

Parking Garages Are So Last Century

Red Line 10 Years Old But Still In Its Infancy
Los Angeles Daily News

State Law Will Have Bicyclists Fined For Texting While Riding

Subway -- $$$uper Costs, But Super Opportunities

Sustainable Street Resurfacing (New York City's Department of Transportation has been experimenting with "warm-mix asphalt" which emits fewer emissions because it only has to be heated to 200 degrees)
New York City DOT

Metro CEO Art Leahy Speaks To The Transit Coalition
StreetsBlog LA

Tragic Turn At The Hollywood And Vine T.O.D.
StreetsBlog LA

Transportation, Oil And A Powerful Gulf Video
Environmental Defense Fund Way2Go Blog

Vroom! Eleven More Miles Of Faster Cars Coming To The Valley
StreetsBlog LA

Walking And Cycling In America: Restoring "Forgotten" Modes Of Transport
The City Fix

We Need New Infrastructure, So How Do We Pay For It?

Why High Speed Rail To Vegas Will Eventually Happen
California High Speed Rail Blog

Widening Of Sepulveda Pass An "Amazing Ballet" With Cast Of 18,000
Los Angeles Daily News

You Spend More Money On Driving Than Groceries


Lakers Parade Impact, Transportation Security Lab, Historic California Traffic Signs, Angels Flight Closed & More

Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee Recruiting Southern Californians
StreetsBlog LA

Angels Flight Closed After Car Found With Open End Gate
Los Angeles Times

Are We There Yet? (D.J. Waldie, who interviews LACMTA CEO Art Leahy in the July issue of Los Angeles Magazine)

Barstow To Have A Seat On San Gabriel Valley Railroad Project Board
Desert Dispatch

Battling Our Oil Dependence Once And For All: A Blueprint

Better Than Boycotting BP: Getting Out Of The Car
StreetsBlog LA

Bullet-Train Bidding Could Start In '11
San Francisco Business Times

Cartoonist Asks What It'd Look Like If LA Just Kept On Sprawling
Curbed LA

CHP Unveils Traffic Application For Mobile Devices
Santa Cruz Sentinel

Chronicling California's Early Traffic Signs
Franklin Avenue

Clogged Rail Lines Slow India's Development
New York Times

The Economic Impacts Of High-Speed Rail On Cities And Their Metropolitan Areas (28p. PDF)
The United States Conference Of Mayors

Evaluating The Economic Impact Of Transit-Oriented Development In California
The City Fix

The First Citywide Car Sharing Program Launches...In Hoboken!

High-Speed Rivalry Picks Up Steam: As Foreign Operators And Equipment Makers Chase $8 Billion In U.S. Rail Projects, Amtrak's Role Remains Uncertain
Wall Street Journal

L.A.'s Economy Is Not Dead Yet

L.A. Gets Moving On Transit
Next American City

Lakers Parade Will Close Wide Swath Of Downtown Monday (Fans are urged to take public transit, and some commuters will have to find alternate routes into downtown L.A. - scheduled to begin at 11:00 AM at Staples Center)
Los Angeles Times
Metro Press Release

Las Vegas Train: Will It Ever Happen?
(Competing plans are afoot for rail service to the desert, but questions remain, such as where to put the western terminus; which technology will be used; and will car-crazy SoCal buy in?)
Los Angeles Times

Long Beach Puts Roads On A Diet

The Longest Traffic Light In America
WABC New York

Massive Urban Development Projects Put In Question The Necessity Of Easy Transit Connections
Next American City

Minneapolis Launches America's Largest Bike-Sharing System

Modeling Los Angeles' Transit Future
Blog Downtown

New Bikeways Create Buffer
San Francisco Examiner

Nine Of The World's Most Promising Carbon-Neutral Communities
(In the global race to reduce carbon emissions, these eco-minded communties, from Kansas to the Maldives, lead the pack. Here's how they are making their carbon footprints disappear)
Popular Science

The Push Is On To Improve Existing Lines, Add New Ones
Los Angeles Daily News

A Rare Look Inside The Transportation Security Laboratory
Government Security News

Reversing Roles: Should Washington Cover Operations Costs?
Transport Politic

Searching For Interest In The Daily Commute
Transport Politic

Southland Firms Get Gold Line Extension Contract
Pasadena Star-News

Think Gas Is Too Pricey? Think Again
Washington Post

To Address Demand For Oil, We Must Focus On Transportation
StreetsBlog DC

Urban Planning's Black Eye (Traffic engineers use traffic lights far too often when a simple stop sign works better and is much less expensive)
Daily Journal Of Commerce - Oregon

What's In Trucking's Future?
National Journal Transportation Blog