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Transportation Headlines for Friday November 7, 2008

California to get first bullet train in US
Earth Times

Call to Obama: We Want Transit
Extraordinary Observations

City Council Takes Aim at CALTRANS Safe Routes to Schools

Election success!
LA Visions

Despite Dramatic Dip In Gas Prices, Public Transit Users Save Almost $9,000 Per Household Annually
American Public Transportation Association

Fixing the Financing of Transportation

Getting To Claremont

How Will Measure R Affect Your Wallet?
KHTS 1220 AM

In 20 years UCLA might have a subway. YAY FOR MEASURE R!!!!
The Bus Bench

Jobless rate at 25-year high - Unemployment claims hit 1983 levels nationally
Pasadena Star News

L.A. must retain Palmdale airport plan
Daily News

LAX FlyAway Wins Innovative Transportation Solutions Award

Map of Measure R results
Bottleneck Blog

Proponents say Measure R results will stand
Bottleneck Blog

Prop R Scores—What Does It Mean for You

Metro Board Members Thank Voters for Approving Measure R

Nighttime DASH Supported, But Not Yet Funded

Over 70% of Public Transportation Ballot Measures Pass -- At least $75 billion approved for public transportation on state and local ballot initiatives
American Public Transportation Association

Railroads, rail labor unions recognize Obama Administration's potential
Progressive Railroading

Sales tax to rise to 8.75% for transit
Santa Clarita Signal

Schwarzenegger calls for sales tax hike, cuts in services
Los Angeles Times

Statement by William W. Millar, President of the American Public Transportation Association -- Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama and Vice President-Elect Joe Biden
American Public Transportation Association

UCLA students play a role in success of critical LA County transportation measure
UCLA Sustainability

Visa to Improve Payment Experience for Commuters
Mass Transit Magazine

Voters Approve $71 Billion for Transportation Funding

With Election Over, It’s Time To Focus on Federal Transportation Policy


Transportation Headlines for Thursday November 6, 2008

AIG fallout - Transit agencies weakened financially
Watertown Daily Times

Approval of transit funds paves the way for new challenges - Voters say yes to Proposition 1A and Measure R, but tough decisions remain.
Los Angeles Times

Big Day for Transportation in LA
Living in Los Angeles Without a Car

CALIFORNIA ELECTIONS - 1.6 million ballots are uncounted in California
In L.A. County, an estimated 566,000 votes have yet to be tallied. In Orange County, about 239,000 await counting. All must be counted by Dec. 2.
Los Angeles Times

Coalition of Whatever - Bizarre outcomes in California bond measures, social issues, taxes. Mystery voters have their say
LA Weekly

Come On Ride the Train(s)

Energy Thinkers Ponder The Future
New York Times

Full Steam Ahead for California's High-Speed Rail

High-Speed Rail Authority readies action plan
San Francisco Chronicle

L.A. County voters approve MTA sales tax
Daily Bulletin

LAX FlyAway Wins Innovative Transportation Solutions Award

Los Angeles Measure R passes, allowing for massive transportation infrastructure upgrades
Force Change

Massive budget deficit keeps growing, California's Senate chief says
Sacramento Bee

Measure R… by the numbers

Measure R holding its own
LA Now

Measure R: Now What?

Measure R: MTA effort below bar
Press Telegram

Measure R and High Speed Rail passes. Roger Snoble where is my Gold Line!!!
The Bus Bench

Measure R: Public works projects in Los Angeles

MTA moves ahead on Measure R plans
Pasadena Star News

Pols take their victory lap for Measure R
Bottleneck Blog

Port vital to economy
Ventura County Star

President Obama on Smart Growth
Pooling Resources

Transit Agencies Seek Aid in Avoiding A.I.G. Fees
New York Times

This Friday: A Future Without Cars? People, Bikes and Community

Transit authorities seek aid in avoiding AIG fees
Investment News

Transportation infrastructure: Obama win may help bring infrastructure front and center
Logistics Management

Transportation and Obama

Two-front war - Southern California clean-trucks case is before courts, FMC
Journal of Commerce

Vast majority of tax measures across L.A. County win - All but four among dozens sail to victory, some by huge margins. One observer says young people were voting their self-interest: improving schools and reducing gridlock
Los Angeles Times

Voters say YES to transit


Transportation Headlines for Wednesday November 5, 2008

Measure R: Transit sales tax Yes 67.4% No 32.6%
(2/3 vote needed to pass.) Precincts reporting: 100.0%

17 Pasadena voters talk about Measure R -- some even can remember how they voted on it!
Bottleneck Blog

How often do those who oversee transit actually ride it?
Bottleneck Blog

In downturn, LAX in tough fix on improvements - Executives say tighter borrowing costs and a drop in passenger and cargo volume in the near term won't halt crucial upgrades. Mayor Villaraigosa is expected to unveil designs this month
Los Angeles Times

LADOT Ready for Late Night DASH Service

Mark Ridley-Thomas wins election for L.A. County supervisor -The state senator beats City Councilman Bernard C. Parks in the 2nd District
Los Angeles Times

Measure R Campaign Wraps Up

Measure R funds won't get rolling soon - Projects intended to relieve congested traffic are at least five years away, officials say
Los Angeles Times
Yes on R

Measure R sales-tax passes
Daily News

Metrolink malfunction delays some trains
Los Angeles Times

Sales tax hike for transit projects in L.A. County wins approval
Los Angeles Times

Stimulus plan: Bypass environmental reviews - Governor proposes shortcuts on reports for public works
San Diego Union Tribune

Transportation officials consider toll lanes
Press Enteprise

Visa offers payWave contactless payment to transit operators
ATM Marketplace

voters pass measure ‘r’ and high-speed rail bond

Westsiders decide on development, college bonds, telecom tax - In Beverly Hills, a hotel development is too close to call. Santa Monica voters defeat initiative that would have capped commercial projects
Los Angeles Times


Transportation Headlines for Tuesday November 4, 2008

Ask Curbed: Hope Street Bottleneck

Angels Flight Railway Cars Return - Crane Lifts Sinai and Olivet Over Arch Onto Track
LA Downtown News

Car sales skid 32% nationally
Daily News

Dan Walters; State budget gap widened mysteriously
Sacramento Bee

Deciphering L.A.'s tax measures
LA Now

Feinstein asks Paulson to look into lease-back deals
Botteneck Blog

Gasoline prices plunge below $2 a gallon in parts of U.S. - Nationally, the average price for self-serve regular has fallen 25.6 cents to $2.40 a gallon over the last week, while in California it's down 34.7 cents to $2.783
Los Angeles Times

LACMA major backer of sales-tax measure for transit
Daily News

Mayor Elects To Ease Parking Rules Around Polls

Measure R: it pays for groceries, too!
Bottleneck Blog

Metro Day LA: First Annual College Student Summit

Metro Holds Final Rund of Regional Connector Meetings
Rafu Shimpo

Metrolink board lacks firsthand passenger experience - Some transit agencies have one or more public positions on their governing boards. In Metrolink's case, not one board member rides the rails regularly
Los Angeles Times

THE PROPOSITIONS: Measure R - Alan Mittelstaedt says: YES

One day left: How Bruins for Traffic Relief rallied for Measure R
Valley Girl Urban Planner

One Last Look at “Yes” and “No” on Measure R

Plan to bar jets at airport during the day is voted down
Los Angeles Times

Pols plan one last push for Measure R
Bottleneck Blog

Public Transportation: Benefits for the 21st Century
Green Changemakers

Questions on Prop R

Visa to Improve Payment Experience for Commuters in Los Angeles and Paris; Working with Transit Operators to Enable Visa Payment at the Fare Gate - No More Fumbling for Cash; Transit Operators in the World's Most Populous Areas and Visa Are Collaborating to Take the Hassle out of Payment for Mass Transit Commuters