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March 15: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (FlyAway airport shuttle service is launched between Union Station and LAX)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

2012 One For The Record Books: Safety Up On America's Rails
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Census: Riverside County Growing Steadily
Desert Sun

City's Bundy Drive Bike Lane Proposal Opposed By Brentwood Residents
Brentwood Patch

Editorial: Ventura County Is Riding The Rails And Enjoying It ("In Ventura County...ridership on Amtrak increased 52 percent from 1997 to last year, due in part to the public perception that taking the train is a nice alternative to driving on Southern California’s often-frustrating freeways.")
Ventura County Star

Hearing Highlights Importance Of Implementing MAP-21 Reforms
U.S. House Committee On Transportation And Infrastructure

High-Speed Rail Targeted For Derail
San Diego Union-Tribune

Homelessness And Traffic Top Santa Monicans' Concerns, Survey Says
Santa Monica Lookout

If Only All Subway Sandwich Stops Were Actual Subway Stations (fantasy map)
The Atlantic: Cities

Immigration Offsets Resident Flight From Southern California, Census Data Show
Los Angeles Daily News

Is There A Link Between Walkability And Local School Performance?
The Atlantic: Cities

Is This A Good Way To Reinvent The Recumbent Bicycle?
The Atlantic: Cities

Long Beach Port Sees Sharp Increase In Cargo
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Long Beach Transit To Celebrate 50 Years Of Service
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Mapping The Growth Of OpenStreetMap
The Atlantic: Cities

MARTA Privatization Could Affect As Many As 800 Jobs
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Mass Transit Use Isn't Up Everywhere ("There's a close connection between metro areas that declined to pass funding measures tied specifically to transit last year and ridership declines.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Models For Culture Change In Bike Advocacy
Urban Adonia

Obama's Energy Visit Involves Oil Policy Jujitsu
Washington Post

On L.A.'s Crowded Streets, It's A Smoother Kind Of Slow ("The city's high-tech tools help keep cars moving. Studies show travel times have dropped. Tell that to drivers.")
Los Angeles Times

Practical Highway Design Solutions (106p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Rail Traffic Confirms That The Economy Is Humming Along
Business Insider

Sweeping Intersection (A look back at a spectacular aerial photograph of the I-10/110 interchange)
Los Angeles Times

A Westside Regional Transit Center We Can Be For

What's Missing From The Earliest-Known Drawing Of Los Angeles?
LA As Subject via KCET

Which Major Cities Are Leaders In Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Why Gas Taxes Are Coming Back Into Fashion
Fox Business

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L.A.'s Promising Transpo Future, Public Transit Pope, CAHSR, L.A. Crime & Zoning, Port Railyard, Gas Tax, MAP-21, Rail Reauthorization & More

Ambitious Transit Plan Needed For Twin Cities ("Instead of two separate worlds -- one of roads, bridges and vehicles, and another of buses, light rail and other mass transit --planners want to create an integrated system that makes it easier for people and goods to move around using different kinds of transportation.")
Minnesota Public Radio

Broadway To Become A Whole Lot Brighter With Grants For New Facade Lighting
Blog Downtown

CA4HSR Calls For Using Cap And Trade Revenues For HSR
California High Speed Rail Blog

Eleven Things To Look For In The Passenger Rail Reauthorization
StreetsBlog DC

Environmental Group To Appeal Planned Rail Yard Near Port Of L.A. ("The Natural Resources Defense Council says the cargo complex would be near schools and residents who already breathe some of the foulest air in the region.")
Los Angeles Times

Irvine Shuttle Expansion Is A No-Go
Orange County Register

Lawmakers Question "Risky" $5.5B Loan For High-Speed Vegas Train Amid Sequester Cutbacks
Fox News

The Limits Of Bus Rapid Transit: A Cape Town Case Study
The Atlantic: Cities

Mixed-Use Neighborhoods May Be Safer, Too
The Atlantic: Cities
Reducing Crime By Shaping The Built Environment With Zoning: An Empirical Study Of Los Angeles (58p. PDF)
University Of Pennsylvania Law Review

New Trends Mean Fewer International Flights At LAX In Next Five To 10 Years
Los Angeles Daily News

Opinion: 10 Reasons To Salute L.A.'s Promising Transportation Future ("Los Angeles is often criticized for being a transportation nightmare, but there are many reasons to be optimistic. The city is leading the way with creative and thoughtful developments and initiatives that will probably be replicated in car-centric cities around the world as they shift toward more sustainable and equitable futures. Here are 10 indicators that prove Los Angeles is on the right track in reinventing itself as a transit-rich city.")
Los Angeles Times

Planned Freeway Expansion Hinges On Money
The Acorn

Private Contractors May Not Be The Answer To Public Transportation Cuts
Transportation Nation

The Problem With Entertainment Districts
StreetsBlog Network

Providence Is Top City In Contest Of Ideas ("Santa Monica will get its $1 million to carry out its Wellbeing Project. An index will look at economic vitality, education, social relationships, health and environmental indicators to create a single view on the well-being of residents of the beachside city.")
New York Times

A Public Transit Pope: Francis Rode Buses Instead Of Limos Through Buenos Aires
The Atlantic: Cities
New Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Rode The Bus Because He Gave Up His Limo
Washington Post
The New Pope Rides Public Transit, So Will He Ditch These Old Popemobiles? (Photos)
Transportation Nation

Santa Monica: Defining Sustainability
StreetsBlog LA

Scion: Using Bikes To Sell Cars (To Sell Bikes?)

Senate Restores MAP-21 Funding Through 2013
StreetsBlog DC

State Of The Commute: Transportation Statistics, January-December 2012 (10p. PDF : "In 2012, UCLA’s drive-alone rate was 53.4% for employees, much lower than Los Angeles County as a whole, where nearly 72% of all commuters drive alone to work according to 2010 U.S. Census data. The drive-alone rate for UCLA’s commuting students is even lower at just over 26%. These rates continue to decline as both alternative modes use and membership in the Bruin Commuter Club grows.")

Three Groups Ask LA City Council To Reject Railyard Project Near The Ports
KPCC Southern California Public Radio

Transit Ridership Falls Since 2008 ("The lies begin right in the headline of the American Public Transportation Association’s annual press release patting the industry on the back for carrying heavily subsidized riders last year.")
Cato Institute

Which Transit Agencies Added, Lost Riders Last Year? ("Passengers made nearly 22 million additional light rail trips last year, led by noticeable gains for the Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority, Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Utah Transit Authority systems.")

Who Took The First Photo Of Los Angeles? (Is this photograph, taken between 1858 and 1862, the oldest known image of the City of Angels?)
LA As Subject via KCET

Will An Upcoming Tax Reform Finally Be The Place To Hike The Gas Tax?
StreetsBlog DC

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LA Metro Commercial, Downtown Streetcar, California Rail, Bike Lanes, Long Beach Buses & More

California Rail Renaissance Or Reluctant Locomotion? ("Have you noticed that news headlines seem to be taking a friendlier approach to California's high speed rail system, which is slated to begin construction this summer in the San Joaquin Valley? Whereas a year ago the buzz about the expensive train system rumbled with hostility and doom, today's buzz bears a melodious tenor of optimism.")
California Economic Summit

Car Sharing, Transit And Bike Access Could Render D.C.'s Parking Minimums Moot
Transportation Nation

Closer Look At DTLA's Streetcar-Adjacent Olympic/Hill Project
Curbed LA

Closing Streets To Cars -- For Good (Identifies and explains 8 stages in the cycle of automobile dependency. Includes several photos and infographics)

Get Ready To Talk Bike Lanes! Again... ("Anyone with an opinion (especially business owners) on having a bike lane in the NoHo Arts District along Lankershim Boulevard at the cost of losing a traffic lane will have another opportunity to speak their mind on Wednesday.")
North Hollywood Patch

Historic Preservation Board To Consider Transit Village Tonight
Highland Park-Mount Washington Patch

Introducing The $32,000 Lamborghini...Bicycle
The Atlantic: Cities

LaHood Video: Record Transit Ridership, But We Can Do Better
Transportation Issues Daily

Long Beach Electric Buses Made In America, By Chinese Company
PlugIn Cars

Los Angeles Reconsidered By Drew Austin ("Instead of a suburban sprawlscape, Los Angeles is better understood as the highest possible density that is traversed primarily by automobile.")

The Mayoral Race And The State Of Transit In New York
Next City

Movement For Green Space Next To Westwood Expo Stop
Curbed LA

Nevada Lawmakers Defend High-Speed Rail Proposal
Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nexus 4: Live In The Now (Los Angeles' Metro Rail subway is featured in a commercial for Google Now, watched by more than 28.4 million viewers during the recent Grammy Awards. While people in other cities are shown checking the weather or looking up restaurants, the creative team behind the commercial chose to feature Metro Rail and a fashionable transit customer to represent Los Angeles)
Google via YouTube

Now These Could Be Useful: Pedestrian Penalty Cards
The Atlantic: Cities

Opinion: In The Pipeline: The Ghost Of The Red Car Trains
Huntington Beach Independent

Public Transit Forces Celebrate Near Record Year

Rebuilding Scenic Road After San Pedro Landslide Up For Debate
Daily Breeze

Remembering L.A.'s Other Trolleys: The Yellow Cars (A single image from our Metro Transportation Library archive inspired this brief history of Los Angeles Railway. While "LARy" is less widely known than the Pacific Electric "Red Cars," it carried twice as many passengers)
LA as Subject via Los Angeles Magazine

Senate Restores MAP-21 Transportation Funding Levels Cut By House
Transport Topics

Silver Lake Street Loses Traffic Lanes After Being Put On A "Road Diet"
Eastsider LA

Silver Lake's Rowena Slimmed To 2 Lanes Plus Room For Bikes
Curbed LA

Solar Road, Charging Roads, And The Future Of Transportation
Fast Company Exist

The Streetlight Of The Future Will Do So Much More Than Light Your Street
The Atlantic: Cities

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Rating BRT: An Interview With Walter Hook
StreetsBlog Chicago
The BRT Standard 2013 (50p. PDF : "Despite the increasing prevalence, prominence, and success of BRT, many people remain unaware of the characteristics of the best BRT corridors and their ability to provide levels of service more typically associated with metro and subway systems. This lack of awareness frequently results in desire for rail when BRT is a comparable, more cost-effective, and equally elegant solution. The lack of awareness stems partly from the lack of a common definition for BRT. Without a definition, oftentimes, modest improvements to standard bus service are inaccurately labeled as BRT.")
Institute For Transportation & Development Policy

U.S. Refiners Turn To Rail To Tap Canadian Oil
Wall Street Journal

Villaraigosa, LA City Councilmen In Washington For Conferences
KPCC Southern California Public Radio

Voices From The National Bike Summit 2013 (video)

WeHo Bicycle Advocates Worry La Brea Redesign Leaves No Room For Bike Lanes

While Amtrak Subsidies Draw Fire From Congress, Aviation Gets A Free Pass
StreetsBlog DC

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Expo Greenway Project, Van Nuys Busway, Big Blue Bus, Metrolink, Vegas HSR, Buy America & More

March 12: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Los Angeles gets a grand proposal for a 244-mile Countywide rail network just 13 years after what was once the world's largest streetcar system goes out of service)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Abuse Pollutes State Environmental Law ("The California Environmental Quality Act, signed into law by Gov. Ronald Reagan, is being used for unintended purposes and needs fixing.")
Los Angeles Times

Big Blue Bus: How To Get Around On LA Marathon Day This Sunday
Santa Monica Mirror Checks In On Bike Nation Anaheim
StreetsBlog LA

Busway Or Light Rail On Van Nuys? Metro Opens Up The Debate
Curbed LA

CEO: Effort To Curb Las Vegas High-Speed Rail Project Based On "Faulty Data"
Vegas INC

A Conflict Resolution Scholar Explains How To Resolve Conflicts In The Quiet Car
The Atlantic: Cities

Congressional Republicans Try To Block Federal Loan For Vegas HSR
California High Speed Rail Blog

Expo Board Approves Construction Funding For First Part Of Greenway Project ("The Expo Greenway project would transform the area between Westwood Boulevard and Overland Avenue adjacent to the future bikeway and rail project into a sustainable urban greenway that would provide a corridor of native species, a stretch of open space, and a place where rainwater is sustainably moved back to the ground.")
StreetsBlog LA

In Time For International Women's Day, DOT Adds Web Exhibit: Women In Transportation History
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

L.A. Harbor Commission Certifies Final EIR For BNSF Railyard
Long Beach Business Journal

Let's Talk About Buy America ("What is the purpose of Buy America? Is it necessary? How does it affect private-sector investments in infrastructure? How does it affect employment in the transportation industry? In its current form, is it doing what it was intended to do? Would it be more or less effective with the changes suggested by House Democrats?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

Mass Transit Ridership At Highest Level In Decades

Metro To Run Free Shuttle From Culver City Station To Santa Monica For Sunday's Marathon ("The shuttle from the Culver City Expo Line Station will run every 15 minutes from 5 a.m. until the race ends.")
Brentwood Patch

More People Taking Public Transportation, L.A.'s Metro System Leading The Way
Los Angeles Daily News

NYC Subway Ridership At 62 Year High, Despite Sandy Disruptions
Transportation Nation

OCTA Directors React To Metrolink Audit
Voice Of OC

One Reason Federal Funding Is So Important To Transit
StreetsBlog Network

Paul Ryan Trying To Kill High-Speed Rail To Vegas
Curbed LA

Public Transportation Getting Stretched As Hiring Picks Up
NBC News

Public Transportation Hits 10.5B Rides In 2012
USA Today

A Renewed Look At Federal Funding For Transit Operations
The Transport Politic

Republicans Want High-Speed Rail From California To Las Vegas Spiked
KPCC Southern California Public Radio

Researchers To Develop Automated Track Inspection Tool
The Transit Wire
Automated Railway Inspection System Can Help Prevent Train Accidents
University Of Massachusetts, Lowell
Project Website

South Pasadena Eases Parking Space Rules To Spur Commercial Business Growth 
Pasadena Sun

Study Links Autism To 10, 405 Freeway Traffic
Culver City Patch

Transit Trips Rose Faster Than Driving In 2012, Despite Impact Of Sandy
StreetsBlog DC

Trolley Buff Guides Others Down The Tracks Of Memory ("In his talks, Jeff Arnett, 88, paints portraits of an earlier L.A., when he grew up riding trolleys and life moved at a slower pace.")
Los Angeles Times

Why Do People Quit Riding Transit? It's The On-Board Delays, Stupid
StreetsBlog DC

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SCIG, Metrolink, 405 Work, Metro Red Line, 6th Street Bridge, LA Roads, 710 Tunnel & More

March 11: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (A Los Angeles-San Pedro railroad opens, and LACMTA breaks ground on the third segment of the Metro Red Line linking Hollywood to North Hollywood)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

405 Freeway Work Continues Amidst Resident Complaints And City Worries
Long Beach Press-Telegram

"Abundant Access": A Map Of A Community's Transit Choices, And A Possible Goal Of Transit
Human Transit

After 7 Hours Of Public Comment, Controversial SCIG Rail Yard Approved
Long Beach Post

At Sundown, Train Station Trades In Drab For Dazzling ("Flexible, light-emitting diode strips -- 1,275 feet in all -- have been mounted along three sides of the building, which overlooks Interstate 95. At night, the strips offer a riot of colors that is complemented by 24 lights that are beamed onto the walls from across the street.")
New York Times

Audit Details Metrolink's "Screwed Up" Finances
Orange County Register

Audit Finds Financial Mismanagement At Metrolink
KPCC Southern California Public Radio

Behind The Scenes Of Capital Bikeshare
Bike Portland

Bicycling Means Business: How Cycling Enriches People And Cities
StreetsBlog DC

California Is Least Improved In Highway Conditions

California Supreme Court Overturns Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Discrimination Decision
Santa Monica Lookout

City Awards Design Firm $30 Million Contract For New 6th Street Bridge
Blog Downtown

The End Of Federal Transportation Funding As We Know It ("This month marks 120 years since the federal government got involved in funding road transportation...Today the federal transportation program faces perhaps its greatest challenge since that shaky start. The most urgent problem is funding.")
The Atlantic: Cities

An Epic Transit-Oriented Development Fail
The Atlantic: Cities

Everything To Know About The Great Coldwater Canyon Shutdown
Curbed LA

Exploring Eric Garcetti's Street Repair Bond Idea
USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

Follow The Money In MAP-21
League Of American Cyclists

How Gender Matters On American Roads
Transportation Nation

Imagine A Digital Library In Every Bus Or Train ("A group of students at the Miami Ad School envision putting that technology to decidedly more pleasurable use. "Underground Library," designed by Max Pilwat, Keri Tan and Ferdi Rodriguez, proposes a series of advertisements for the New York Public Library where a quick swipe could send the first ten pages of a book right to your phone.")
The Atlantic: Cities

It's Official: Metro Will Have Ara Najarian To Kick Around For Awhile
StreetsBlog LA

Map: Downtown Los Angeles Streetcar Will Help Create A Car-Free Urban Core
KPCC Southern California Public Radio

Metro Board Certifies EIR For Azusa To Montclair
San Marino Tribune

Metro's Van Nuys Boulevard, Sherman Oaks-To-San Fernando Light Rail Plan Opening To Public Comment
Los Angeles Daily News

Metrolink Begins Making Financial Repairs ("Steps to improve record-keeping and financial reporting follow a scathing internal audit.")
Los Angeles Times

Multi-Agency Emergency Drill In Alameda Corridor Was A Success
LAFD News & Information

Najarian Wins Re-Election To MTA Board Despite His 710 Freeway Tunnel Stance
Glendale News-Press

Public Transportation Surges As Americans Return To Work

Regional Connector Work Postponed In Financial District
Los Angeles Downtown News

Road Projects Like Gold Mines For Metal Theft ("Crooks are making off with everything from rebar and copper to half-ton steel beams from construction sites across the region.")
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Scenic Historic Route For California Zephyr Train
Las Vegas Sun

Senate Unlikely To Challenge House Cuts To MAP-21 Budget
StreetsBlog DC

Union Station Transit Users Want More Access, Signage, Food
Curbed LA

Walk It Out: Urban Design Plays Key Role In Creating Healthy Cities
Science Daily

Want To Show People The Benefits Of Transit? Build A Pretend Train Station
The Atlantic: Cities

What The Steamship And The Landline Can Tell Us About The Decline Of The Private Car
The Atlantic: Cities

What Transportation Stakeholders Need To Know About The Federal Short Term Funding Proposals
Transportation Issues Daily

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