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Removing L.A. Sidewalks, LA Bike Plan, LA Bike Share, CAHSR, Gas Tax, Intelligent Transportation Systems & More

Absent A Transportation Bill, DOT Can Innovate All On Its Own
StreetsBlog DC

Santa Monica Daily Press

Bike Progress: No Way, No How ("Finally, what LA cyclists have been waiting for: The impenetrable maze that is the City of LA’s Bike Plan Impedimentation Flow Chart!")
Bikeside LA

New York Times

California High Speed Rail Blog


Natural Resources Defense Council
High Street Consulting Group; Natural Resources Defense Council

Gas-Tax Issue Could Be The Next Political Fight
The Hill

Transportation Nation

Los Angeles Times

Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Opinion: Develop Public Transportation, Help Economic Recovery (The Reply) ("In fact, while rebuilding a rapid transit infrastructure in Los Angeles is no easy task, we’ve already begun. 30/10 is an exciting initiative because its focus is accelerating that effort." Response to this opinion piece from Monday)
Los Angeles Times


Problems Continue For China In Aftermath Of Deadly Rail Crash ("As if the rail sector’s problems weren’t enough, some worry that the safety failures suffered by the high-speed lines might indicate problems with the nuclear sector.")


Rethinking The Streetspace: What's Next? (Two years ago, several cities developed new street standards. Revisiting the same cities today, they discovered significant advances in street planning, and some new challenges as well)


Transit Secrets: Learning From Hong Kong (Public transit is expensive, and most transit agencies don't make money. But Hong Kong's MTR is different. It is so profitable, "it's listed on the stock exchange, although the government still owns a majority share.")

Wall Street Journal

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