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New Smart Card Technology, Making Buses Cool, "String Rail," World's New Fastest Train, Train Operator Q&A & More

The Age Of General-Fund Financing Is Already Here, But It May Not Matter
Transport Politic

America's 100 Deadliest Highways (Two of the top 5 are in Southern California)
Daily Beast

Another Train Enters Fray For L.A. To LV Route: Developer Wants Federal Money To Conduct Study (A 5th proposal for rail service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas)
Las Vegas Sun

Answers From A Train Operator, Part 1
Answers From A Train Operator, Part 2
Answers From A Train Operator, Part 3
New York Times

Bing Destination Map: Automatic Napkin Sketching Of Maps
Information Aesthetics

Bullet Train To Devise Backup Funding Plan
San Jose Business Journal
Press Release (3p. PDF)

California High Speed Rail Soldiers On Because Of Budget Deficit
California High Speed Rail Blog

Caveats On Congestion Pricing
The Atlantic

China's Fast Track To Development: High-Speed Rail Is About More Than Passengers, The New Lines Will Free Up Valuable Space For Freight
Wall Street Journal

City Council Motion: Developers Traffic Counts Should Look At All Modes
StreetsBlog LA

High-Speed Rail Chief Looking For Partners
Mass Transit

L.A. Plans For More Rail Lines Gets A Boost In Washington
Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles DASH Bus System Fares Set To Double
Los Angeles Times

Mapping L.A. Neighborhoods
Los Angeles Times

MBTA GM: "We're Trying To Make Buses Cool"
Transit Wire

Nominees For 2010 America's Transportation Awards (2p. PDF)

Opinion: Transit Crunch Also A Livability Crisis
Sacramento Bee

RailLA Wants You To Envision The Future Of Transit
RailLA Call For Ideas Competition
RailLA - The Coalition For A High-Speed Future: Website

Report From ULI Conference: The Future Of Los Angeles Is Transit And TOD
StreetsBlog LA

Smart Cards Tap Into Future Of City Transit Systems
Government Technology

Stores Ditch Shopping Carts To Discourage Vehicle Use
The City Fix

String Rail: A Low Cost, Low Impact, High Speed Transport Alternative

Vroom? Old Limit Increases, And One New Limit Hold Are On Agenda
StreetsBlog LA

When You Get The Chance To Build A New Subway Station, Take Full Advantage
Next American City

World's Fastest Train Rolls Off Production Line
(236 mph)