Metro Blue Ribbon Panel, TOD Summit, Shoup's Parking Agenda, Street Grids, Car Sharing & More

Blue Ribbon Transit Committee Mails It In ("The MTA panel charged with creating a new vision for public transportation in the region delivers a busload of status quo.")
Los Angeles Times

Car-Sharing Gaining Momentum, Maybe Saving The World

City Of Los Angeles Allegedly Writing Thousands Of Bogus Parking Tickets
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Fighting Carbon Emissions: Cities Take the Lead - From Los Angeles To Amsterdam, City Hall Is Becoming The Best Hope For Climate Action
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The Highway-Transit Alliance Strains The Senate Energy Legislation
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LAXCarShare: Car Sharing Returns To Los Angeles Neighborhoods
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LEDs Lead The Charge Of The Lights Brigade In L.A.
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Miles Driven For Shopping Continues To Climb, But Pace Slows
New Rules Project: Designing Rules As If Community Matters

On Standard Street Grids
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Opinion: 710 Tunnel Vote Changes Project Dynamic
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Seattle's Waterfront Streetcar: Not Coming Back?
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Shoup's Parking Agenda Is More Profound Than You Think
Reinventing Urban Transport

State DOT Leaders' Perspectives Featured On New Transportation TV Video

Ten Suggestions For Those Who Write About Local GIS Implementations
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[Today's] Big Urban Land Institute Conference Looks At 4 TOD's
(Monrovia Station Square Transit Village, Blue Line Slauson Station, Green Line Vermont Station, Jordan Downs)
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Urban Land Institute TOD Summit 2010 webpage

The Transit Industry's Mystifying Protest Of A Transit-Friendly Energy Bill
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Transit Leaders And DOT Administrators Discuss The Future Of Rail Transit

Transit Maps In The Palm Of Your Hand (No Refolding Required)
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Union Pacific's William Van Trump, Norfolk Southern's Ray Rumsey Talk Positive Train Control (PTC) At RSSI
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Walking In L.A.: What Is Happiness And Can It Run You Over? (Part 8 in a series, focusing on Sunset Boulevard)