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Development Along Gold Line, Expo's Farmdale, Gubernatorial Candidates' Transportation Visions, State Gas Taxes & More

Asserting State Responsibility Over Transportation Financing
Transport Politic

Brass Line: Developments Near Gold Line Now Not So Certain
Curbed LA

Enraged At The Gulf Spill And The Appetite For Oil That Led To It? Stop Land Development On The Fringe
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Gasoline Taxes: An Examination Of News Media Discourse Related To Gas Tax Funding Debates In Six States (21p. PDF)
University Of Vermont Transportation Research Center

Good Neighborhoods Have Lots Of Intersections

High-Speed Rail Firm Sees 2011 Start
San Bernardino Sun

"Livability" - Wimpy Term But Big Stakes For Us All

Mass Transit: Everyone's An Expert
(weighs in on David Lazarus and Measure R)

New Bus-Only Lanes For Manhattan's East Side
The City Fix

Now THAT'S A Boondoggle
California High Speed Rail Blog

On The American Downtown Bus Plaza
Human Transit

Parking Enforcement's Worst Enemy? Meet The Ticket Angels

Parking Lots To Parks: Designing Livable Cities

A Primary Pivot Point For California Transit ("In California the gubernatorial candidates offer radically different visions for the future of transportation in the state.")
San Francisco Chronicle

Service Reductions Included In LB Transit Board's Newly Approved Operating Budget
Everything Long Beach

Small Intersection Is The Big Concern For Expo Light-Rail System: If Regulators OK A Grade Crossing And Station At Farmdale Avenue And Exposition Boulevard, It Will Clear The Way For Completion Of The First Modern Rail Link Between Downtown L.A. And The Westside
Los Angeles Times

Step Forward For Personal Car Sharing: California's AB 1871 Passes The State Assembly
Environmental Defense Fund Way2Go Blog

The Technology Driving Denver's B-Cycle Bike Sharing System
Fast Company

Things That Should Be Automated
(Audible transit stop identifications via smartphone app)
The Dead Horse Times

Trader Joe's Sets A TOD Standard: Bike Parking!
SoapBox LA

Transit Developments On Gold Line Could Be Threatened By State Redevelopment Grab, Poor Economy
Pasadena Star-News

Transit Money For Beverly Hills And Los Angeles Advanced From Washington
Beverly Hills Courier

Transportation Center, Other Improvements Coming To Bob Hope Airport
Los Angeles Times

Walk 101 Of L.A.'s Public Staircases This Weekend At The Big Parade

Why They Hate Us: A New Urbanist Dissects The Movement's Critics

Women In Transportation (video : a new federal program aims to match women with rewarding careers in transportation)
Truck News