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Comparing Transit Open Data, Boxer 30/10 And TOD, OC Grand Jury On Transit, Oakland Downtown Streetcar & More

Avoiding Environmental Disaster Through Sustainable Accessibility
The City Fix

Can U.S. States Lead On Urban Planning
Human Transit

City To Consider Alternatives To Widening Historic Los Angeles River Bridge
Los Angeles Times

Congress Looks At Making Cities More "Livable"

The Connected Train Comes Of Age

The Cost Of Slow Travel

Decorative Bike Racks To Rival Cows On Parade
Chicago Sun-Times

DesertXpress Projects 2011 Construction Date
California High Speed Rail Blog

Final Thoughts On The Bus
The Atlantic

Get L.A. Moving

Making Corridor Planning A Multi-Modal Process
Transport Politic

The Oakland Streetcar Plan Released! (The 2.55 mile Oakland Streetcar would tie together Jack London Square, Chinatown, Old Oakland, Downtown, the Financial District, Uptown, Upper Broadway, and Piedmont Avenue, connecting to two BART Stations, 18+ AC Transit lines, a ferry terminal, and a Capitol Corridor/Amtrak station)
Oakland Streetcar Plan
Full-Text Of Plan (140p. PDF)

OC Grand Jury Chastises Officials On Transportation Decisions
Voice Of OC

OCTA Must Find Money For Bus Service, Grand Jury Says
Orange County Register

A Parking Business Gets Stuck In Park: One Entrepreneur's Plan To Publish Parking Guides Detours To Success When She Leverages Existing Assets

Parking Slots Are Like Toilets (According To Conventional Parking Planning)
Reinventing Urban Transport

Senator Boxer, 30/10 And Transit-Oriented Development In L.A.
Huffington Post

Slow Down And Spare The Planet

Who Let The Data Out?: Comparing Transit Systems' Open Data Elements
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Whose Turn To Lead On U.S. Transport Planning?
Transport Politic