Green Line NIMBYs, Raising The Gas Tax, Peak-Use Surcharges, Student ID Transit Passes, Building Your Own Subway & More

Backlash To Green Line Extension Already Kicking Off
Curbed LA

Combining Student IDs And Transit Passes: The Multi-Function, Multi-App Smart Card May Not Be Such A Mythical Beast
CR80 News

Cyclists Laud LaHood's Bike-Ped Advocacy
StreetsBlog DC

Getting More Real
I Will Ride

Hidden Health Costs Of Transportation

Latest Expo Line Signs Near Cheviot Hills, Land Buying Question
Curbed LA

Learning To Cope With Regulations On Transport Industry
San Bernardino Sun
2010 Southern California Transportation & Logistics Summit
Leonard Transportation Center, California State University, San Bernardino

The Livability Movement (A new set of strategies around the U.S. DOT's five-year strategic plan has generated a fair share of commentary...and controversy)
New Republic

A Manifesto For Sustainable Transport
World Streets

[D.C.] Metro Approves Broad Fare Increase, Peak-Use Surcharges
Washington Post

The Most Unusual Metro In The World ("Leonid Murlyanchik has been building his metro alone since 1984. All materials are bought for his retired fee. Construction is not over yet.")
English Russia

N. Spring St. Viaduct Threatened
(public meeting June 2)
Los Angeles Conservancy
Los Angeles River Bridges
Los Angeles Conservancy

Oberstar: Let's Build On Our Success Building Main St.
Roll Call

An Overhaul Of An Underground Icon: Next Month, The [N.Y.] Metropolitan Transportation Authority Will Unveil A Resized, Recolored And Simplified Edition Of The Well-Known Map, Its First Overhaul In More Than A Decade (includes interactive comparisons to 1968, 1972, 1979 and 1998 versions)
New York Times

Passenger Rail Symposium, Day 2: Stations And Sprinters
StreetsBlog LA

SANBAG Presents The Big Picture
StreetsBlog LA
Executive Summary (34p. PDF)

State Redevelopment Association Fights Taking Of Local CRA Funds
(Hundreds of projects are at risk after a recent Superior Court decision forced cities in California to hand over $1.7 billion to help balance the state budget)
The Planning Report

Walking Away From Oil Dependence, One Day At A Time
StreetsBlog Network

Where Trains Will Roam (video : As part of "Geek Week," Rachel Maddow goes underground to examine how New York's long-planned 2nd Avenue subway will be built)
Very cool tunnel excavation photos
via Gothamist

Why We Should Raise The Gas Tax, The Pundits Discuss
Fox Business via Infrastructurist

With National Parks As The Draw, Luxury Railroad Plans 2011 Debut
National Parks Traveler