Emergency Operating Aid For Transit?, L.A. Traffic: The Data Driven City, National Intelligent Transportation Vision, Industrial Arts District & More

AFL-CIO Flexing Its Muscle For Senate Transit Operating Aid Bill
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CHSRA's Backup Funding Plans Show Need To Win Federal Funding
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City Hall's One-Time Neighbor
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Dinky Or Bus? A Town Is Torn
(The Princeton Dinky Line, the nation's shortest regularly scheduled commuter route, is threatened with closure and replacement with bus service. It has operated since May, 1865)
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Dozens Of Bicyclists Ride To USDOT Friday To Tell Secretary LaHood "Thanks"
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Envisioning The Industrial Arts District: City Officials Ponder Recommendations For Transforming The "Cleantech Corridor"
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Extreme Makeover: Reinventing The Parking Lot

Golden Gate Bridge To Charge Carpoolers $3 Toll (carpoolers lose free ride on all Bay Area bridges)
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How To Ride Transit To UCLA & A Call For Reviews
UCLA Be A Green Commuter!
Guide To Public Transit At UCLA
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Increasing The Number Of Freeway Lanes Is Not A Cost Effective Way To Reduce Traffic Congestion
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Is Cycling's Critical Mass In Critical Condition?

Keeping Tracks: Another Railway Company Unveils Plans For Train Routes From LV
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Kids Lose Safe Ride Home With DASH Cuts
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King Of The Road (interview with John Fisher, head of transportation engineering at LADOT)
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M.T.A.'s Budget Ills Are Worse Than Accounts Of Spitting
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Musings On Trends And Challenges Of Increased Traffic Use
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National Intelligent Transportation Vision Begins To Take Shape
(Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission intends to use wireless technology developed through the USDOT's IntelliDrive project to automatically detect how many passengers are in a vehicle, give drivers estimated commute times, and calculate and charge toll fees)
Government Technology

Regional Transportation Authorities Are Not Necessarily The Solution To The Urban-Suburban Divide
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Route 66 Hearings To Begin
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Should Mass Transit Get $2 Billion In Emergency Operating Aid?
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Tech Tries To Solve SF Parking
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Walking In L.A.: The Data Driven City
(part 7 in a series, focusing on ATSAC, Los Angeles' Automated Traffic Surveillance And Control Center)

White House To Tie Together Mapping And Data Sites

Younger People Driving Less, Auto Industry Getting Nervous
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