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Transportation Headlines for Wednesday April 14, 2010

April 12-18 is National Library Week.

"The only true equalisers in the world are books; the only treasure-house open to all comers is a library; the only wealth which will not decay is knowledge; the only jewel which you can carry beyond the grave is wisdom."
J.A. Langford

The following essay explains how libraries play an essential role in the community, yet are threatened more than ever.

Our Public Library Lifeline Is Fraying: We'll Be Sorry When It Snaps
Huffington Post


Amtrak Introduces Podcasts For Sunset Limited
Transit Wire

Artsy Seniors (And Younger Folks) Coming To Long Beach Blue Line Stop
Curbed LA

Bankruptcy: L.A.'s Best Option?
Los Angeles Daily News

California Helps Short-Line Railroad Go Green
Los Angeles Times

Camarillo Metrolink Station Getting New Surveillance System

Campaign To End Distracted Driving Gains Mainstream Currency With Pulitzer
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Change For Parking: Ten Ways To Improve City Parking And Traffic Enforcement
Pasadena Weekly

China Looks To Rails To Carry Its Next Economic Boom
New York Times

Commuting ("If commuting is so awful, then why are our commutes getting so much longer? More than 3.5 million Americans spend more than three hours each day traveling to and from work...Ap Dijksterhuis, a psychologist at Radboud University in the Netherlands...argues that long-distance commuters are victims of a "weighting mistake," a classic decision-making error in which we lose sight of the important variables.")
Frontal Cortex

Cyclists Scoop LADOT On New Hoover Street Bike Lanes
StreetsBlog LA

Is $100 Million Enough To Hold On July's Metro Fare Hikes?
StreetsBlog LA

NHTSA To Focus On Pedestrian Safety: Officials Say New Technology Soon Wil Soon Detect Walkers, Cyclists To Prevent Fatal Accidents
Detroit News

Ports Propose Plans To Cut Diesel Emissions By 85 Percent In Next Decade
Daily Breeze

Resurrect Mass Transit: April 20 ("Across the country, cities are being affected by transit cuts. Thousands of transit workers are out of work, and hundreds of thousands are being denied access to work, school, and a better way of life. On April 20, leaders around the country will be taking action to preserve mass transit from recent funding cuts. We will be standing together to demand emergency funding for transit operating.")
Transportation Equity Network

Two Cities Exploring "Innovative Transport Financing" For New Rail Lines
StreetsBlog DC

We Have To Park Somewhere
Santa Monica Daily Press