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Transportation Headlines for Monday April 12, 2010

As Our Cities Grow, So Too Must Our Transit System

Bay Area Transit On Board With Clipper
(Five Bay Area transit agencies are on board for inter-agency fare media, which will replace the TransLink card in June)

Cheviot Hills Expo Line Supporters Hit Back At Naysayers
Curbed LA

China's HSR Marshall Plan For California?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Half Of Americans Support Obama's High-Speed Rail Plan: One-Third Of Respondents Say They Would Use The High-Speed Rail Corridors Once They Are Operational
(5p. PDF; full-text of poll results by geographic region, party identification, etc.)
Vision Critical

How To Reinvest Carbon Fee Revenue?
National Journal Transportation Blog

L.A. Metro Transit Agency Contracts With Clean Energy For Major CNG Fuel Station Upgrades To Support Nation's Largest Natural Gas-Powered Bus Fleet
Market Watch

Nevada Becomes Newest Battleground In Mileage Tax Debate
StreetsBlog DC

OCTA Receives $357M For Rail, Hwy Projects

Opinion: Slow Down On High-Speed Rail
Orange County Register

The Oracle Of Urban Policy: Bruce Katz's Vision For Cities
Next American City

Preventive Maintenance Intervals For Transit Buses: A Synthesis Of Transit Practice
(80p. PDF)
Transportation Research Board

Reforming The User Fee Approach For Funding Transportation
Transport Politic

Regional Connector Kicks Off Another Round Of Meetings
Blog Downtown

Scanners, Sensors Are Wrong Way To Secure The Subway
New York Daily News

State's High-Speed Rail Plan Is Up In The Air
San Francisco Chronicle

Streetcars Are Poised For A Dramatic Comeback
(22 U.S. cities planning new streetcars)
New Urban News

Study To Bring Another Busway And Extended Rail Service To The Valley Approved

T Taps Tech-Savvy To Keep Riders In Loop
(local engineer spends one afternoon and $350 to accomplish what local transit had been talking about doing for years)
Boston Globe

Urban Core Growing Faster Than Outer 'Burbs: EPA Study Finds That Permits In Central Cities And First-Ring Suburban Neighborhoods Are Outpacing Greenfield Developments

Using A Twitter Hashtag To Get People On The Bike
StreetsBlog Network

Walkable Los Angeles