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Transportation Headlines for Thursday April 15, 2010

This is National Library Week

"The High Cost Of NOT Finding Information"
Knowledge Management World

The Need For Transportation Libraries And Knowledge Networks (video)
via Metro Transportation Library YouTube Channel


Anaheim Wants Ban On Red-Light Cameras In The City
Los Angeles Times

Bicycle Kitchen Rolls Into Its Fifth Year Of Advocacy
Southern California Public Radio

Bike Corral Motion Moves Forward To City Council
LADOT Bike Blog

BRT Hits The Las Vegas Strip
The City Fix

Construction Workers Rally In Support Of Transit Project Plan In Los Angeles County
Los Angeles Daily News

Domestic Intermodal Primed For Growth
Journal Of Commerce

Electric Car Company Eyeing Cleantech Site (Proposed deal with CRA would have Coda Automotive develop 20-Acre site at previously-proposed AnsaldoBreda parcel)
Los Angeles Downtown News

Feds' Record On Transport Public-Private Partnerships Prompts Skepticism
StreetsBlog DC

High-Speed Rail Plan Hits The Brakes
Orange County Register

How To Share School Transportation -- And Why

Irvine Awaits Millions In Transportation Funds
Orange County Register

It's Not Fast, But This Train Could Hit The Rails Sooner ("As two companies compete to be the first to provide hihg-speed rail service between Las Vegas and Southern California in the not too distant future, a third is saying it will...provide conventional passenger rail service to and from Los Angeles on existing tracks" by mid-2011.)
Las Vegas Sun

LA To Start Studying North-South Transit Connections In The San Fernando Valley
UCLA Be A Green Commuter

Mayor Breaks Ground On Westlake/MacArthur Park Development...But Is It TOD?
StreetsBlog LA

Mayor Leads Rally To Lobby Congress For Transit Money
Los Angeles Daily News

New Parking Garage At Gold Line Station Near Monterey Park
Pasadena Star-News

Obama Bicycle Policy Wins Love From Cyclists, Scorn From Trucking Industry
Huffington Post

Restrict Visitor Parking In Santa Monica, Turn Bergamot Into Scooter-Central
Curbed LA

The Route To Smart Transit: Explore Web Sites, Mobile Applications, Open Data, And APIs For Public Transportation (a primer on the technologies that make public transit the smart way to get around)
IBM Developer Works

South Korea And Japan Streets Ahead In Smart Transport (Intellligent Transportation Systems)

Third LA-Vegas Train Proposal Emerges
California High Speed Rail Blog

Westlake Theatre Listed In National Register Of Historic Places, May Soon Return To Roots As Entertainment Venue

Why Humanity Loves, And Needs, Cities ("Understanding the appeal of proximity — the economic advantages of agglomeration — helps make sense of the past and future of cities. If people still clustered together primarily to reduce the costs of moving manufactured goods, then cities would become increasingly irrelevant as transportation costs continue to decline. If cities serve, as I believe, primarily, to connect people and enable them to learn from one another, than an increasingly information-intensive economy will only make urban density more valuable.")
New York Times