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Transportation Headlines for Friday April 16, 2010

This is National Library Week

"Without libraries, what have we? We have no past and no future."
Ray Bradbury

"The question for scholars and gatekeepers is not whether change is coming. It is whether they will be among the change-makers...Who else will ensure long-term conservation and search abilities that are compatible across the bibliome and over time? Who else will ensure equality of access? Ultimately, this is not a challenge of technology, finances, or ultimately even laws, difficult though they are. It is a challenge of will and imagination."
Toward A New Alexandria: Imagining The Future Of Libraries
The New Republic


Applying Highway Concepts To Transit
Human Transit

Effort Under Way To Repeal High-Speed Rail Bond Measure
San Jose Mercury News

The Gas Tax: A Trip Back In Legislative Time...
StreetsBlog DC

Green Miles To Go: Where We've Been, Where We Are And Why So Many Are Now Taking The Road Less Traveled Into The Future
Pasadena Weekly

Grading Transit Oriented Development: A Ten-Category Preliminary Metric
Straight Outta Suburbia / Saliendo De Las Afueras

Greenhouse Gas, Other Pollution Go Hand In Hand, Report Finds
(Alameda Corridor)
Long Beach Press-Telegram

High-Speed Rail Agency Limits Public Comment Period
Progressive Fix

LA-Anaheim EIR Delayed To Early 2011
California High Speed Rail Blog

LA's Kingdom Of Potholes
(audio : part of a larger program)
KCRW Which Way L.A.?

Mistakes Plague Metro

More Light Rail Presents Itself As The Answer For A Growing Phoenix
Transport Politic

Preview: NBA Playoffs 2010 (Of Transit)
MetroRider LA

Ride Transit? Own A Digital Camera? You Can Be A Part Of Some Nerdy (But Fun) Research Here On Transit Riding Here At UCLA
UCLA Be A Green Commuter

A Tea Party For 30/10
Huffington Post

Traffic Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better On San Fernando Road
Eastsider LA

We Can't Reinvent The Automobile
(An interview with Michael Schrage, a research fellow with the Sloan School of Management's Center for Digital Business, who discusses his views on the future of transportation)

Will "Street Cleanings" Be To Bike Corrals What "Slippery Paint" Is To "Sharrows?"
StreetsBlog LA