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Expo Line, LA Bus Shelters, Alameda Corridor East, "Super Commuters," Measure R, Taylor Yard, ONT & More

March 2: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Photos and the story of the epic and deadly disaster that nearly destroyed Southern California's transportation infrastructure)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Activists Eye "Crown Jewel" For L.A.'s Urban Renewal ("The fight to create a state park at Taylor Yard out of 44 acres currently owned by Union Pacific Railroad adjacent to the Los Angeles River)
EGP News

Boehner: GOP Sour On Short-Term Highway Bill
The Hill

California Commission Approves Funding For ACE Grade Separation ("The California Transportation Commission recently voted in favor of providing $37.6 million from the state’s Proposition 1B Trade Corridors Improvement Fund for the Baldwin Avenue grade separation project in El Monte.")
Alameda Corridor East Project

California Gas Usage Was Falling Even Before Price Hikes
Sacramento Bee

California Grapples With High-Speed Rail Debate ("Times have changed for the worse. The price tag and the economy -- plus plans to start in the center of the state rather than in the cities -- have soured many Californians on the whole project. A recent Field Poll shows that two-thirds of voters would like another chance to vote, and most of them would vote against it.")
PBS Newshour

Can A Highway Median Become An Alluring Public Space?
The Atlantic: Cities

Could Creating This Transportation Program Save $200 Billion A Year
Transportation Issues Daily

Daily News: More Measure R Funds For Bikeway
StreetsBlog LA
Editorial: Measure R Just Right For Bikeway Funds
Los Angeles Daily News

Do You Have Car-Free Streets? A New Resource for North American Ciclovias
StreetsBlog DC
Open Streets Guide (182p. PDF)
People Powered Movement

Editorial: Slow And Go On The 710
Pasadena Sun

Enough With The Studies, Let's Get This Train Rolling (Advocates daily Amtrak service between Los Angeles and Indio)
Desert Sun

Expo Line Still Troubled, Culver City Mayor Slams Authority
Curbed LA

Gas Sends Angelenos Flocking To Mass Transit
KABC Los Angeles

High-Speed Rail Board Backs SoCal Bid For $1 Billion
San Diego Union-Tribune

House Scales Back Transpo Bill But Keeps On Attacking Safe Streets
StreetsBlog DC

How The 2012 TED Prize, The City 2.0, Aims To Crowdsource The Future
The Atlantic: Cities

An Interview With The Man Responsible For L.A.'s Bus Shelters
StreetsBlog LA

Is Urbanism Slowing The Rise Of Car Travel?
The Atlantic: Cities

LAX Light Rail Opponents Sue Uncle Sam
Courthouse News Service

Los Angeles And the Rise Of The "Super-Commuter": The Dramatic Increase In Our Long-Distance Workforce
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Managed Lane Operations: Adjusted Time Of Day Pricing vs. Near-Real Time Dynamic Pricing -- Volume II: Ramp Signaling And Variable Speed Limits (VSL) (189p. PDF)
Florida DOT Research Center

Memo Causes Confusion About Start Of Bullet Train Construction
Los Angeles Times

Metro Project To Displace Spice Table, Weiland's (and SeƱor Fish)
Los Angeles Downtown News

No Plans To Sell Ontario Airport, Officials Tell Inland Empire Delegation
Diamond Bar Patch

Nominate The Best And Worst Transportation Projects!
Sierra Club Compass

Nope, More Drilling Won't Bring Back $2.50 Gasoline
Washington Post

Not Quite Carmageddon: More 405 Freeway Closures In The Sepulveda Pass This Weekend

The Only Elected Regional Government In The U.S.
The Atlantic: Cities

Padilla: Governor May Be Biggest Obstacle To Redevelopment 2.0
California Planning & Development Report
California's Urbanscape: A New Paradigm For Redevelopment For The 21st Century
UCLA Luskin School Of Public Affairs

Residents Want To Buy Homes In 710 Corridor, But Caltrans Isn't Selling
Glendale News Press

Ride Along With Metro CEO Art Leahy (audio interview by Patt Morrison and text article)
Southern California Public Radio

Security Awareness For Public Bus Transportation: Case Studies Of Attacks Against The Israeli Public Bus System (120p. PDF)
Mineta Transportation Institute

A Sleeper Issue That Could Derail House Transportation Bill
Transportation Issues Daily

Transportation Bill Amendment Would Restore Bicycle, Pedestrian Funding
Huffington Post

What Are CRA's Legal Obligations?
The Planning Report

What Intersections Would Look Like In A World Of Driverless Cars
The Atlantic: Cities

Will Brown's Vision For High-Speed Rail In California Stay On Track?
PBS News Hour

With Contraception Vote Over, Senate Can Finally Get To Transpo Issues
StreetsBlog DC

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