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AASHTO's Vision Of Safe Streets For Seniors: Bigger Type On Highway Signs
StreetsBlog DC

Agency To Build Railroad Underpass At Baldwin Avenue Crossing
Pasadena Star-News

"All Communities Convening" On SR-710 Gap Closure In East LA On Saturday
EGP News

As Promised, Reid Sets Up Cloture Vote On Highway Bill
The Hill

As Pump Prices Soar, More Drivers Opt For Public Transit
San Diego Union-Tribune

As Transportation Bills Stall, Potholes Ahead ("If nothing happens before March 31, the consequences are very real: stalled construction projects, unfilled potholes, idled buses and --in theory -- lower gas prices.")

The Beauty Of Train Travel (photo essay)
Washington Post

Can Urban Highways Be Fixed? ("Within large cities, freeways -- which have never really been free, by the way -- have proven to be a perhaps well-intended but often decidedly bad idea. For the most part, they do a terrible job of conveying traffic within densely populated areas.")
The Atlantic: Cities

City Considers Colored Bike Lanes, Markings: Officials Are Looking At What Other Cities Have Implemented In Draft Bike Plan
Glendale News-Press

Deployment Of Practical Methods For Counting Bicycle And Pedestrian Use Of A Transportation Facility
University Of Minnesota ITS Institute

Fight Over Regional Connector As Deadline Nears: Landowners Say Flower Street Construction Would Devastate Business
Los Angeles Downtown News

First Poll To Ask Transportation Professionals About Sleep Habits And Work Performance (Results from "the first poll to ask transportation professionals, including pilots, train operators, truck, bus, taxi and limo drivers about their sleep habits and work performance.")
News Medical

Gardens On Top Of City Buses: This Would Never Work
The Atlantic: Cities

Good News: Cardin-Cochran Amendment Incorporated Into Senate Bill
StreetsBlog DC

GOP Tries To Revive Highway Bill

How The House And Senate Transportation Bills Changed Overnight
StreetsBlog DC

Intercity Passenger Rail: Implications For Urban, Regional, And National Mobility (102p. PDF)
Texas Transportation Institute

L.A.'s First Pedestrian Plaza Opens Sunday
Curbed LA

MTA's Long-Planned Restoration Of Historic North Hollywood Train Station Set To Begin: After 12 Years Of Stalled Plans, The 1890's-Era Structure Will Be Getting A New Life
North Hollywood Patch
History Of The 119-Year-Old North Hollywood Train Depot Explored ("Through both World War I and World War II, freight trains and Red Car trolleys stopped at Lankershim and Chandler on a daily basis as the community's population exploded.")
North Hollywood Patch

New Transfer Railyard Draws Protest Near Port Of Los Angeles
Southern California Public Radio

Off-Board Fare Payment Using Proof-Of-Payment Verification (129p. PDF)
Transit Cooperative Research Program

Parts Of 405 Freeway To Close At Night For Mulholland Bridge Work
Los Angeles Times

Personal Car Sharing Comes To L.A. ("Personal car sharing comes to Los Angeles on Monday. RelayRides, based in Boston, is expanding a service that allows car owners to rent their vehicles to other licensed drivers by the hour or the day.")
Los Angeles Times

Rail Authority To Accept Fresno-Area Bids Within Weeks
California Watch

Regional Connector F.A.Q. 2: What The Heck Is Going On?
StreetsBlog LA

RTC Announces Installation Of 150 New Solar-Powered Transit Shelters Valley-Wide ("These new transit shelters feature energy-saving LED lighting and solar panels that enable the shelters to power their own illumination without being connected to the local power grid...As a result, these 150 new bus shelters are estimated to save taxpayers about $54,000 a year in energy costs.")
Regional Transportation Commission Of Southern Nevada Press Release

Senate Responds To Massive Support, Adopts Several Important Amendments Into Overall Bill
Transportation For America

Senior Growth Redesigning Roads, Transit
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Smog In Los Angeles Down 85 Percent Since 1970's
Good Human

The Street Of The Future: No Humans Necessary

Streetcar Home (1950 Historic photograph of streetcars used as housing in Sun Valley)
Los Angeles Times

Ten Of The Best Urbanism Blogs On Tumblr
This Big City

The USA's 150 Scenic Byways Could Soon Lose Federal Funding
USA Today

Villaraigosa In D.C. Lobbying For Federal Funds
Mar Vista Patch

What Are The Best Alternatives For The 710 Gap Closure?
South Pasadena Patch

What It Takes To Build A Subway (Spectacular subway construction photos)

Why Driverless Cars Will Increase Tensions In Cities And Suburbs Alike
The Atlantic: Cities

Work Zone Mobility And Safety Self Assessment: 2011 National Report (36p. PDF)
Federal Highway Administration

Zipcar's Cities Of The Future
The Atlantic: Cities

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