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LA Pedestrians, Westside Subway, NoHo Depot, 210 Closures, South LA Light Rail, Complete Streets, High-Speed Rail & More

17 Transit Systems Given TSA "Gold Standard" Rating
Metro Magazine

Ad For Highway Bill Channels Reagan, Clinton
Journal Of Commerce

As The Economy Grows And Adds Jobs, Americans Keep Driving Less
StreetsBlog LA

Broad Coalition Leans On Congress To Pass Transportation Spending Bill
The Hill

The Benefits Of Bringing Light Rail Stations To South LA
USC Annenberg Intersections South LA

Check Out Sunset Triangle Plaza, LA's First Pedestrian Plaza
Curbed LA

"Complete Streets" Conference Wrap: Penalosa, Papandreou, Look To L.A.'s Future
StreetsBlog LA

Do Real-Time Updates Increase Transit Ridership?
The Atlantic: Cities

Driving Is A Dying Activity In America
Business Insider

It's Time To Love The Bus: America Needs To Accept The Fact That Its Most Despised Form Of Transport Is Also Its Hope For The Future

Job Creation Boosting Highway Spending In Congress
Huffington Post

John Mica Sidelined By House Leadership For Transpo Bill Rewrite
StreetsBlog DC

L.A. Public Transportation Extension Talk Heard In D.C.

London Finds Surprising Uses For Parking Data
Digital Communities

Los Angeles Seeks Pedestrians ("A growing group of Angelinos is finding ways to make transit, cycling, and walking (and, often, a combination thereof) relevant and viable in their daily lives.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Metro Set To Finally Begin Restoration Of Historic North Hollywood Train Depot, Still No Idea Of What To Do With It

[New York] MTA Aims To Install Interactive Touch-Screen Tablets In Subway Stations: "Virtual Assistants" Would Provide Directions, Give Status Updates For Subways, And Even Restaurant Reviews
New York Daily News

Running Freeways Through Cities Has Often Been A Costly Mistake. So, What Now?
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Shallow Agreement ("What are the most radical transportation ideas that have been floated in the current debate? (Tying highway funding to domestic drilling? Eliminating mass transit from the highway trust fund? Something else?) What are the most tired arguments? How do these ideas relate to past highway bill debates? Is it really so different this time? And if so, how?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

States Finding Tough Climate For Gas Tax Proposals
Boston Globe

Tall Obstacles Remain As States Look At Gas Tax Proposals For Transportation Infrastructure
Washington Post

[Today's] Key Vote On Senate Transpo Bill Could Go Either Way
StreetsBlog DC

Traffic: 210 East Closures Could Last Eight Nights
Glendora Patch

Trucker Fatigue Rule Faces Detour Through Courts

Wal-Mart Announcement Draws Mixed Reaction (A "major battle" may be looming for plans to locate the first Wal-Mart grocery store in Los Angeles County at Cesar Chavez and Grand near Chinatown)
Los Angeles Downtown News

Westside Subway Extension On D.C. Lobbying Agenda: Supporters Of The Subway Expansion Are Seeking Federal Funding, As Well As Financial Assistance For Other Projects
Beverly Hills Patch

What Is The Future Of Rail In California If High-Speed Rail Does Not Proceed In 2012?
California High Speed Rail Blog

Wider, Straighter, And Faster Roads Aren't The Solution For Older Drivers
StreetsBlog DC
Keeping Baby Boomers Mobile: Preserving The Mobility And Safety Of Older Americans (25p. PDF)

Zipcar Future Metropolis Index (Los Angeles ranks #14 among U.S. cities that "demonstrate smart urban planning and policymaking." San Francisco comes in #1)
Zipcar via Slideshare

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