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"Measure R Plus," Gold Line Closures, Beverly Hills Subway, Busyard Wetlands, High Speed Rail, House Transportation Bill & More

Art Decopedia ("The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles has set out to catalog the historic treasures of the Los Angeles area.")
Art Deco Society of Los Angeles

Boehner Uncertain On Passage Of $260B Transportation Bill
The Hill

California Alliance For Jobs Runs Radio Ads Touting High-Speed Rail
Sacramento Bee

A Day Of Action To Stop The Attack On Transit, Biking, And Walking
StreetsBlog Network

Editorial: U.S. House Throws Transit Under A Bus
Sacramento Bee

Gold Line Work Brings More 210 Closures
Pasadena Star-News

GOP House Works To Undo Reagan Legacy On Transportation
Transportation Nation

House Bill Delays Rail Safety Mandate ("Shortly after a train collision near Chatsworth, Calif., Congress required rail operators transporting passengers or toxic materials to install equipment by the end of 2015 that would automatically stop a train that is in danger of an accident...But a House bill that would dictate the nation's future transportation agenda pushes back the installment deadline five years.")
Associated Press

HSR Supporters Ramp Up Organizing And Information Efforts
California High Speed Rail Blog

If You Liked Measure R, You'll Love Measure R Plus!
Move LA

In California, Green Jobs Are Recession-Proof

Integration Of Bicycling And Walking Facilities Into The Infrastructure Of Urban Communities (166p. PDF)
Mineta Transportation Institute

Industry Council Approves Study For Railroad Project
Walnut Patch

Key To Smart Transit Is Data Sharing, Experts Say At Cities Summit ("A lot of cities are not connecting their transport systems effectively to their information and communications systems, and we think that’s a perspective that has to be put front and centre.")
Vancouver Observer

Mayor To Metro: Subway Plan Needs More Study ("The dialogue over the route of the Westside Subway Extension continues as Mayor Barry Brucker responds to Metro's latest open letter.")
Beverly Hills Patch

Megapolitan America: A New Vision For Understanding America's Metropolitan Geography
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

Money Battle Looms Over Ambiguous RDA Law ("City officials have said that redevelopment funds could amount to as much as $300 million worth of capital projects, including rebuilding the Downtown public parking structures and renovating the Civic Auditorium, as well as several projects related to the Expo Light Rail line.")
Santa Monica Lookout

Obama Administration Reaffirms Support For California High-Speed Rail
Los Angeles Times

Opposing The House Transit Bill That's So Bad It "Defies Belief"
Next American City

The Polka Dotted Plan For Silver Lake's New Pedestrian Plaza
Curbed LA

Principle And Power In Federal Transportation (Reviews the principles that have generally been used to evaluate federal transportation policy in light of this week's House bill)
Sustainable Cities Collective

Reclaimed Bus Yard Begins Life As Urban Wetland ("A nine-acre park at Avalon Boulevard and 54th Street offers walking paths, native plants and pools with bacteria that clean polluted storm water.")
Los Angeles Times

Safety Management In Small Motor Carriers (92p. PDF)
Commercial Truck And Bus Safety Synthesis Program

Santa Ana Residents Get A Say In Transportation
Orange County Register

Senate Moves Closer To Debate On U.S. Transportation Bill

Senate Transportation Bill Would Restore Commuter Tax Benefit
The Hill

Senate Transportation Bill Clears First Floor Vote, 85-11
StreetsBlog DC

Send A Love Letter To Better Transportation And Land Use (SCAG 2012 to 2035 Regional Transportation Plan / Sustainable Communities Strategy)
StreetsBlog LA

Seven Fatal Flaws In The House Highway Bill
Center For American Progress

SF Agencies Take Aim At Bureaucratic Obstacles To A Transit-First City
StreetsBlog SF
Transportation Sustainability Program (26p. PDF)
SFMTA / San Francisco Planning Department / San Francisco Office Of Economic And Workforce Development

Ticket To Ride: Los Angeles By Subway ("Get ready for some exploration on LA’s vastly under-appreciated underground train system.")
Urban Travel Blog

Top U.S. Rail Official Backs High Speed Rail: Endorsement Follows Capitol Meeting With Gov. Jerry Brown
NBC Los Angeles

Transit And The Power Of "No" ("In California, the Government Performance and Accountability Act, which supporters are attempting to get onto the state's ballot this November, would require that funding sources be identified prior to the enactment of any new program valued at $25 million or more.")

What The Smoggiest Cities In The U.S. Can Do To Improve Air Quality ("The top five smoggiest cities in the U.S. are all suspiciously located in California.")
National Geographic

White House Backs $109B Senate Transportation Bill
The Hill

Zipcar Parking 10 Cars In West Hollywood Soon

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