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February 13: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (Bunker Hill's redevelopment gets a comprehensive transportation plan)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

America's Subterranean Malaise ("There's no doubt that America pays too much for its subway projects.")
The Economist

Ansel Adams Urban Landscape Exhibit Opens Feb. 18
Los Angeles Downtown News

Cities Say 710 Gap Plan Closes Door On Options
Pasadena Star-News

Closing The Bridge? There's An App For That: Caltrans Tries To Reach Drivers Online, Before They Hit The Road
Bay Citizen

A Commissioner's Take On LA ("LA has 74 newly completed rail stations with 70 more anticipated in the next 10 to 20 years. The process of crafting transit neighborhoods and transit corridors creates a new paradigm for our Car City.")
APA Reimagine Los Angeles

Congress About To Clear 9 Of 10 Hurdles To Enacting A Transportation Bill
Transportation Issues Daily

Congress Debates Federal Oversight Of Subways
Washington Post

Connecting The Lines A Key To Nevada Railroad Plan ("As it stands, the DesertXpress stops in Victorville, and building that crucial connection to Palmdale is not a priority for California. So, if it's not likely that a passenger will walk across the street to a bus station, how likely is it that a passenger would pay $50 to ride to Victorville, then drive a rental car along the most congested portion of the commute to Southern California?")
Las Vegas Review-Journal

Efforts To Raise Speed Limits Rebuffed By Council Transportation Committee
StreetsBlog LA

Engaged Workers Immune To Stress From Long Commutes

Five Of The Fastest Trains In The World

Getting A Handel On Transit Crime (A growing number of cities are playing classical music in transit stations as a deterrent to crime, vagrants and "rowdiness.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Getting A Ticket For Jaywalking In Downtown LA: Drop It Or Keep It?
Brigham Yen

Gold Line Foothill Extension Settles 6 Lawsuits With $24 Million
Curbed LA
Gold Line Officials Reach Multimillion Dollar Settlement With Monrovia Property Owner
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

GOP Needs To Get On Track With High-Speed Rail
San Bernardino Sun

Governor Brown: Biting The Bullet On The Bullet Train

High Speed Boondoggle (High speed rail opponents launch website for ad campaign)
High Speed Boondoggle

House Republicans Facing Big Test As $260 Billion Highway Bill Heads For Cliff
The Hill

House Transportation Bill Would Harm California, Democrats Say
Los Angeles Times

House Transportation Bill "Technical Correction" Would Strip Workers Of Pay Protections ("A little-noted provision in the House Republicans' controversial energy and transportation bill would strip several thousand workers within the rail-industry of their federal minimum-wage and overtime protections, potentially making low-wage jobs pay even less.")
Huffington Post

In California, Momentum Building For High-Speed Rail
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

L.A. River Development Plan Approved
Los Angeles Daily News

LA Skyline Ranked Number 34 (Right Below Minneapolis)
Curbed LA
Top 15 Skylines Of The World

March 4 Opening Of Sunset Triangle Plaza (Griffith Park and Sunset Boulevards in Silver Lake)
Living Streets LA

Metrolink Pushing Forward With System Designed To Prevent Crashes ("The system, which officials say would have prevented the '08 Chatsworth crash, is expected to be running next year. A bid in the House to delay a nationwide mandate could make the Southland a test lab.")
Los Angeles Times

Muni Expanding Camera Program To Nab Drivers In Transit-Only Lanes
San Francisco Examiner

New Competition: Encouraging Youth To Rethink Public Transportation
The City Fix

Non-Starter: Republican Transportation Bill Is Dead On Arrival ("It would kill a longstanding rule that sets aside a portion of the gas tax to fund trains and buses and other public transportation systems. And to add insult to injury, it is loaded up with a long list of provisions that would pave the way for oil drilling offshore and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.")

Obama Budget Goes Big On Highway Spending

Opinion: Derailing Rail Safety (Some House Republicans are trying to delay federally mandated technology that could prevent deadly train wrecks like the 2008 Metrolink crash in Chatsworth.")
Los Angeles Times

Opinion: High-Speed Rail: Threat Or Menace?
Sacramento Bee

Petition Drive For More Bicycle Safety In SCAG Plan Nears Deadline
Ventura County Star

Pico Rivera Transit Hub Open To Commuters, Park Visitors
Whittier Daily News

The Secret To A Successful Urban Stadium
The Atlantic: Cities

SoCal Edison To Correct ADA Violations Caused By New Temple City Poles ("Southern California Edison has agreed to widen Live Oak Avenue sidewalks in areas where new power poles are blocking access to those with disabilities.")
San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Split Rail: Calif. Bullet Train Still Proves Divisive

Transportation Bills Move Through Congress
National League Of Cities

Undaunted By Redistricting, John Mica Declares He's Staying Put
Transportation Nation

U.S. House Wrongly Eliminated Safe Routes Funding
San Francisco Chronicle

What Transit Advocates Could Learn From SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)
Next American City

Why The House Transportation Bill Hits Bus Riders Especially Hard
StreetsBlog DC

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