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February 9: This Date In Los Angeles Transportation History (The San Fernando earthquake impacts regional transit and transportation)
Metro Transportation Library Primary Resources Blog

5 Ways To Make Public Transit Awesome (Ideas from Los Angeles and Santa Monica are included)
Mother Nature Network

All Aboard: Don't Let Our Leaders "Miss The Bus" On Fair Transportation ("The proposed cuts would strike a devastating blow to communities already living without adequate transportation options.")
Huffington Post

Bus, Train Ads Roll To The Rescue Of Ailing Local Transit Budgets
Huffington Post

California's Green Economy Doubled Performance Of Total Economy During Downturn (Clean transportation: +119%)
Energy Collective

City Consultant Questions Metro's Subway Safety And Fault Reports (p.2)
Beverly Hills Weekly

Civil Rights Group Opposes Public Transit Cut In $260B House GOP Transportation Bill
The Hill

Continuing Project To Synthesize Information On Highway Problems (20p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

East Los Angeles Cityhood Plan Again Rebuffed ("Local Agency Formation Commission says the proposed city wouldn't be financially viable. Supporters of incorporation say they need more time to explore options.")
Los Angeles Times

Editorial: A Terrible Transportation Bill
New York Times

Experts Challenge MTA Studies Of Subway Routes ("Scientists hired by the city claim more thorough research is needed to justify Metro's plans for a tunnel under Beverly Hills High School.")
Beverly Hills Patch

February Resources For Transportation Communications Pros ("Los Angeles Transportation Library blog...has put together one of the deepest and richest transportation communication research resources on the web. You can find a listing of transportation blogs, transportation advocacy groups, communication campaigns and much more.")
Talking Transportation

Future Of Rail And Transit With Michael Dukakis (February 18 talk with Southern California Transit Advocates)
StreetsBlog LA

High-Speed Rail Touted In Jobs Coalition's New Radio Campaign
Sacramento Bee

Historic Clifton's Cafeteria Through The Decades (photo essay)
LA as Subject via KCET
Behold The Original Clifton's Facade For First Time Since 1950s
Curbed LA
Clifton's Unveiled: Forest-Themed Cafeteria To Become Tiki Bar, Speakeasy And Bakery ("It's about resurrecting the area's "golden era" when 7th and Broadway, where Clifton's is located, was one of the busiest intersections in Downtown.")
Blog Downtown

House Gas Tax Proposal Would "Erode" Transit Agencies' Credit Ratings, APTA Says
Progressive Railroading

House Transportation Bill Too Extreme For Some Republicans
StreetsBlog DC

Human Infographic! GOOD Attacks Traffic In Los Angeles (from the embedded video : "If just 3% of LA drivers switched to public transit or biked, all traffic could move up to 15% faster.")

LaHood Says High Speed Rail In California Is About Jobs
Transportation Nation

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa On The Future Of L.A. (audio interview with transcript discussing Measure R)
American Public Media Marketplace

Mayor Villaraigosa Passes On Criticizing House Republicans, Reserves Praise For Senator Boxer ("I am still positive about the portion of the bill that expands the current $128 million to a billion dollars for the TIFIA program which is one of the programs that L.A. needs to accelerate the 30 years of transportation funding into a shorter period of time, hopefully a ten year period.")
StreetsBlog LA

Metro Responds To Beverly Hills' Westside Subway Extension Evaluation
Westwood-Century City Patch

New Federal Regulations For Truckers In 2012: Do They Go Far Enough?
Digital Journal

On A Rainy Day In Los Angeles, Villaraigosa And Ray LaHood Spread Sunshine For High Speed Rail
StreetsBlog LA

Ontario Offer For ONT Totals $250 Million
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Operator Drug- And Alcohol- Testing Across Modes (59p. PDF)
Commercial Truck And Bus Safety Synthesis Program

Opinion: Tools Can Help Cities Cope After Redevelopment
Sacramento Bee

Panel Of Transportation Experts Predicts Dire Consequences From House Proposal For Transportation Funding
APTA Press Release

Security, Emergency Management, And Infrastructure Protection Research Status Report (13p. PDF)
Transportation Research Board

Six Lies The GOP Is Telling About The House Transportation Bill
StreetsBlog DC

South Pasadena, Others Oppose 710 Gap Closure In SCAG's Regional Transportation Plan
Pasadena Star-News

There's A Chance House R's Won't Muster Votes To Pass Mica Bill
StreetsBlog DC

Transit Funding Dust-Up Complicates Transportation Bill
Riverside Press-Enterprise

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce: Transit Cuts Could Pass House
Transportation Nation

Why Is America's Transportation System Stuck In The 1950s?

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