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Gold Line Foothill Extension, Westchester Station?, Santa Monica Bikes, 6th Street Viaduct, Dirty Cities, Exposition Park History & More

America's 20 Dirtiest Cities (California has 7 of the 20 cities with the poorest air quality)

Boehner Touts Vague Outline Of Oil Drilling + Transpo Bill
StreetsBlog DC

Bruins, Trojans And Getting Mr. Mirisch Back On Track

Building A Better Bus Route, With No Defined Stops ("In low-demand areas fixed routes can be terribly inefficient. Stops are spaced so far apart that it can seem like you need a bus just to get to the bus stop. On nights and weekends, or during bad weather, this inconvenience is magnified.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Buses Diverted For Downtown L.A. Protest Add To Commute Woes
Los Angeles Times

Congress Cuts Future Funding For California's Bullet Train
Los Angeles Times

Construction Authority Board Adopts New Policies To Enhance Agency's Transparency And Accountability ("The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority Board of Directors, in an action that will increase the agency's transparency and accountability, last night adopted enhancements to existing policies that provide new guidelines for out-of-state travel expenditures by Board members and Authority employees and clarify reporting requirements for all expenses.")
PR Newswire

Council Adds $650K To Subway Fight: Councilman Julian Gold And His Colleagues Apply Surplus Funds To Efforts Opposing An MTA Tunnel Under Beverly Hills High School
Beverly Hills Patch

Counting Parking Spots, From Above
The Atlantic: Cities

Crowdsourcing Your Commute (Waze)
The Atlantic: Cities

Despite 2012 Spending Bill, High-Speed Rail Will Find Some Funding

The Efficiency Conundrum: A Combination Of Less Driving And More Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Is Imperiling America's Highway System
The Economist

Global Expansion Of High-Speed Rail Surging
Metro Magazine

GOP Pronounces Obama Rail Plans Dead
The Hill

House, Senate Pass Budget Bill To Avert Shutdown
Washington Post

House Transportation Plan Tied To Controversial Revenue Sources
Transportation For America

How Agricultural Park Became Exposition Park ("Amenities made Agricultural Park a popular attraction among late-nineteenth-century Angelenos. In 1875, the Main Street and Agricultural Park Railroad, one the L.A.'s first street railways, began shuttling passengers to the park on horse-drawn street cars.")
LA as Subject via KCET

Los Angeles City Council To Vote On Fate Of 6th Street Bridge: L.A. Leaders Could Decide Friday To Demolish The Iconic 6th Street Bridge Because Its Concrete Is Rupturing. Concerns About The Aesthetics Of New Bridge, And The Cost, Complicate The Decision
Los Angeles Times

MTA Will Mail Propaganda Flier
Beverly Hills Courier

No Details Yet On House Transportation And Oil Drilling Bill
StreetsBlog DC

O.C. And L.A. Freeways Among Most Congested: Researchers Examined Freeway Backup During The Morning, Lunchtime, Afternoon, And Weekend Commutes
Orange County Register

Pocket Plan? Mayor Proposes 50 Small Parks To Address Lack Of Open Space
StreetsBlog LA

Pushing For A Better, Bolder Bike Plan
Zev Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles County Supervisor, Third District

A Room Of their Own For 2-Wheeled Commuters (LEED May Be Discouraging More Bike Storage Rooms)
New York Times

Rosendahl Starts Petition For Westchester Station
Bill Rosendahl, Los Angeles City Councilman, 11th District

Santa Monica To Open Nation's Largest Bicycle Parking Station
Los Angeles Times

A Tale Of Transit In Two Cities (The success of San Bernardino's Omnitrans contrasted to Detroit transit system)
Metro Magazine

Ticket Sales Rise When Subways Locked ("Recent testing to determine the financial impact of locked turnstile gates at four stations, including ticket checks by uniformed inspectors, boosted vending machine sales of day passes and one-way fares by about 50% while gates were locked.")
Zev Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles County Supervisor, Third District

This Week's Hot Trend: Large Bike Parking Facilities Near Rail (Santa Monica, Burbank, Culver City)
StreetsBlog LA

Webinar On Employment, Transit And Transit-Oriented Development (video of November 15 webinar : "Speakers discussed new research on spatial employment patterns in our metropolitan areas, and the types of economic activity that are most likely to benefit from being near transit. Participants also discussed the ways in which national research has been applied to inform regional economic development, transportation, and land use planning.")
Reconnecting America

Will There Ever Be A Bike Path For Expo Line Phase II?
StreetsBlog LA

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