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Beverly Hills Bids To Halt Subway Tunnel At School ("Transit planners hoping to run a 9-mile subterranean line into the city's densely packed Westside have hit resistance within a cluster of stately, red-roofed buildings surrounded by manicured hedges and lush, rolling lawn — Beverly Hills High School. Tentative plans call for drilling a tunnel 70 feet beneath the campus.")
Associated Press

Bipartisan Support For Transportation Funding Significant Step To U.S. Global Competitiveness
Sacramento Bee

Brown Will Ask Legislators To OK Billions For Bullet Train: The Governor Says The State Will Have A Broad Need For The System In The Long Term And That High-Speed Rail Is A Cheaper Alternative To More Highway And Commercial Aviation Investments
Los Angeles Times

CA: High-Speed Rail Board's New Attitude
Mass Transit

California Seeks Ruling To Use Development Funds For Budget ("The measures eliminate 400 redevelopment agencies, require them to turn over a total of $1.7 billion starting in January and create a metho for an “optional new voluntary” redevelopment program for communities that agree to give up their funds. Most of the money would go to schools and a small portion would support fire protection and transit projects.")
Business Week

Could Loyalty Schemes Incentivize Sustainable Living?
This Big City

Court Leans Toward Allowing Abolition Of Redevelopment Agencies: The California Supreme Court Examines A Law that Would Kill The Agencies And One That Would Let Them Exist If They Shared Tax Money With Schools And Others. Both Were Aimed At Cutting The Deficit
Los Angeles Times

CPUC Approves All Expo Phase II Crossings
StreetsBlog LA

Culver City Council Discusses Changes To Bus Schedules, Consider City Signage
Culver City Patch

DNA Tests Eyed To Identify And Prosecute Loose Cannon Bus And Subway Riders Who Spit On Transit Workers
New York Daily News

Double-Decker Truck Lane Proposed ("The building of a 50-ft.-high, double-decker truck lane in a creekbed along the I-60 freeway was included in the Southern California Assn. of Government’s draft Regional Transportation Plan adopted last week.")
Fleet Owner

Driverless Pod, Tunnel Among Ideas To Aid Traffic ("Some of the more ambitious ideas to ease regional congestion out of the many presented Thursday at the Valley Mobility Summit. An estimated 300 people, including government officials, activists and advocates, participated in the gathering hosted by the San Fernando Valley Council of Governments at the Airtel Hotel.")
Los Angeles Daily News

Editorial: California' High-Speed Rail System Is Going Nowhere Fast
Washington Post

Editorial: Pitfalls Of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's Pothole Project: He Wants To Speed Up Street Repairs With Borrowed Dollars. That Would Create More Jobs Now But At The Expense Of Road Construction Work In The Future
Los Angeles Times

Editorial: Security Added, Steps Raise Rail Service Comfort Level
Los Angeles Daily News

First A New Dodgers Owner, Then A New Downtown Stadium: Why It'd Make Sense For AEG To Buy The Team And Move It Into Farmers Field
Los Angeles Downtown News

Fuel Exports Hit Record, Helping Keep Gas Prices High In U.S.
Los Angeles Times

Gov. Jerry Brown Makes Strongest Statement Yet In Support Of High Speed Rail
California High Speed Rail Blog

Guide On The Consistent Application Of Traffic Analysis Tools And Methods (90p. PDF)
Federal Highway Administration

High-Speed Rail Official Hoping For Obama Win, Traffic
Sacramento Bee

Huizar Looks At Broadway's Future, Sees Streetcar, Department Store
Los Angeles Downtown News

Judge: Bullet Train Must Ax Route Through South Bay, Peninsula, For Now
Silicon Valley Mercury News

Making Transit Travel Speed Maps With Open Source GIS ("The coolest thing about this map is how you can see the Orange Line (up north) and the Silver Line (extending east and south from downtown) as thick blue lines (hidden a bit by some of the other lines)—kudos to LA Metro for speeding bus service on these lines! I suspect the rail lines would show the same thing, but this map only shows bus service.")
Another LA Metro Visualization

Metro Receives $2 Million Transportation Grant To Aid Veterans: The Funds Will Be Used To Beef Up Its 5-1-1 Travel Information Line With Resources And Contacts To Help Veterans In The Region Get Around
Walnut Patch

Metro To Conduct Excavation Next To JVP
Rafu Shimpo

More Election Results: Transit Wins Big
StreetsBlog DC

More Frequent Trains Start Sunday On Red, Purple And Blue Lines
Southern California Public Radio

Nine Reasons For Bike/Ped Advocates To Take Heart: The Senate Edition
StreetsBlog DC

The Olmsted Brothers Plan And What Might Have Been ("Eden by Design: The 1930 Olmsted-Bartholomew Plan for the Los Angeles Region” managed when it was published in 2000 to rescue a key planning document from the dustbin of Southern California history (or at least to retrieve it from a distant shelf). It is a document that anyone with an interest in the urban design of Southern California will find both inspiring and -- because it was never implemented in anything beyond piecemeal fashion -- a little depressing.")
Los Angeles Times

Only Five Years Left To Make Transition To Low-Carbon Infrastructure
National Geographic

Opinion: Taxpayers Should Flee At High Speed: Latest Guesses On Bullet-Train Costs Exceed Entire State Budget
Orange County Register

Rail Supporters Get Back On Track With Amtrak Victory
The Hill

Railroads Attempt To Get A Better Handle On Positive Train Control Implementation
Progressive Railroading

Recap Of 2011 California Bike Summit
Bike San Diego

Rise In Number Of Bicycle Accidents Has Burbank Concerned: Based On The Number Of Complaints From The Public, Police Are Worried That The Increase Is In Part A Result Of Cyclist Behavior, Such As Running Red Lights
Los Angeles Times

"R" You Ready To Fix Our Roads?

RSS Feed Now Available For The Federal Highway Administration's Research And Technology Web Site
Federal Highway Administration

Service Offers Transit Directions Avoiding Stairs

Social Media For Emergency Managers Can't Start When The Emergency Does

Transportation Officials Considering Raising Gas Tax
KABC Los Angeles

TRB Webinar: Searching TRID: The TRIS And ITRD Database (free : December 1 : "TRID, released in 2011, is the world's largest and most comprehensive bibliographic resource on transportation research information. It is produced and maintained by the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies with sponsorship by state departments of transportation, the various administrations at the U.S. Department of Transportation, and other sponsors of TRB's core technical activities.")
U.S. Transportation Research Board

Use And Deployment Of Mobile Device Technology For Real-Time Transit Information: A Synthesis Of Transit Practice (90p. PDF)
Transit Cooperative Research Program

Use Of Risk Management And Data Management To Support Target-Setting For Performance-Based Resource Allocation By Transportation Agencies
(59p. PDF)
National Cooperative Highway Research Program

Westwood Neighborhood Council Discusses Subway Route, Digital Billboards
Westwood-Century City Patch

What Could Metro Do To Make The Transit Experience More Customer Friendly?
Blog Downtown

What Might The Reduction In Regional Air Services Mean For Intercity Transit?
Trillium Solutions

Why Doesn't Every Subway System Have Suicide Prevention Barriers?
The Atlantic: Cities

Why Small Cities Are Poised For Success In An Oil-Starved Future

Work Begins On Colton Crossing Rail Overpass: DOT TIGER Program Creating Jobs, Solving Problems ("Will solve a rail and road problem that has plagued San Bernardino County for nearly 129 years...As many as 135 Union Pacific, BNSF, Amtrak, and Metrolink trains pass through this crude intersection.")
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Zipcar Opens Office In Hollywood, Plans To Add Cars Around L.A.
Los Angeles Daily News

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