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46 Projects Get Federal Grants To Reduce Oil Dependence (including LA Metro wayside energy storage system)
Transportation Nation
Announcement Of Project Selections (12p. PDF)

The 2012-13 Budget: California's Fiscal Outlook (50p. PDF : "Our updated assessment of California’s economy and revenues indicate that General Fund revenues and transfers in 2011-12 will be $3.7 billion below the level assumed in the 2011-12 budget package passed in June. Under provisions of the 2011-12 budget package, this revenue shortfall would translate into $2 billion of trigger cuts to various state programs.")
California State Legislative Analyst's Office

2012 Transpo Budget: Sustainable Communities And HSR Out, TIGER In
StreetsBlog DC

The Anatomy Of A Successful Transit Ballot Measure
StreetsBlog DC

Are Road Use Fees Just Too Creepy To Work? ("There is just this immediate visceral hatred of the concept that you’re going to put something in my car.")
The Atlantic: Cities

Boehner To Unveil 5-Year Transpo Bill [Today]
Transportation Nation

Bringing Los Angeles Streets Into The 21st Century
Southern California Public Radio

California High Speed Rail: 100 Years In The Making
California High Speed Rail Blog

California High Speed Rail Public Hearing Draws Critics
Huffington Post

Congress About To Kill High-Speed Train Program
Associated Press

Deeper Cuts To State Budget Expected: Lower-Than-Forecast Revenue Means Automatic Reductions Will Likely Kick In. A Shorter K-12 School Year Could Result
Los Angeles Times

Developing Input To "Best-Value" Vehicle Procurement Practice: An Analysis Of Supplier Evaluation And Selection In The US Public Transportation Industry (237p. PDF)
Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, North Dakota State University

Editorial: Road Rage -- Street Repairs Are Costly For L.A.
Los Angeles Daily News

Equity Of Evolving Transportation Finance Mechanisms (196p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board

Expo Botanical Garden At Westwood And Expo One Step Closer To Reality
StreetsBlog LA

Farmers Field Design Improves But Falls Short: The New Version Of AEG's Proposed NFL Stadium By Gensler Is More Open To The L.A. Cityscape Than The Previous Design But Is Weighed Down By Wings
Los Angeles Times

For Transit Agencies, Terrorists Are Moving Targets: Riders' Eyes And Ears Among Most Critical Defenses For Rail Systems ("According to certain members of the Beverly Hills School Board, a terrorist with impeccable timing could, 10 or 20 years from now, board a subway car headed beneath the city’s high school. At the precise moment the train passes under the campus, the terrorist could detonate a device that would blast upward, delivering a catastrophic attack upon the children of Beverly Hills.")
In Transition
A Framework For Considering Climate Change In Transportation And Land Use Scenario Planning: Final Report (68p. PDF)
Federal Highway Administration / National Park Service / U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service

Gold Line Brings Development
Arcadia's Best

Guide On The Consistent Application Of Traffic Analysis Tools And Methods (90p. PDF)
Federal Highway Administration

House GOP Takes The Plunge, Unveils Transportation And Energy Bill Today
StreetsBlog DC

How Manhattan Sped Up Its Buses Without Rapid Transit
The Atlantic: Cities

LADOT Reveals Designs For Spring Street Buffered Bike Lane
StreetsBlog LA

Mass Appeal: LA's New Embrace Of Public Transit
The Frying Pan: Hot Ideas For A Cold Economy

No Shock Here, But L.A. A Leader In Congested U.S. Freeways
Los Angeles Times

Passenger Rail Car Egress: TRB Workshop (4p. PDF)
Federal Railroad Administration Office Of Railroad Policy & Development

Port Of L.A.'s Proposed Rail Yard Raising Hackles Of Residents
Daily Breeze

The Regional Concept For Transportation Operations: A Practitioner's Guide (60p. PDF)
Federal Highway Administration

Reporting Road Repairs, Graffiti Going High-Tech
Los Angeles Daily News

Slurry In A Hurry: The Mayor's Last Minute Legacy For Streets

Smartphone Payment Is Good News For African-American Public Transit Riders
Network Journal

Sustainability Is The Strongest Defense, Military Experts Say
New Urban Network

This Just In: $6.7 Million For Transportation Solutions To Cut Pollution
Natural Resources Defense Council Switchboard Blog

Transformative Infrastructure To Boost Exports And Manufacturing ("The federal government should develop a comprehensive National Freight Transportation Plan as a framework for goods movement policy and investment that spans all modes. This process should build off the proposal contained in the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP–21) to build a national freight network program and prioritize corridors on a cost-benefit analysis that would include all modal options.")

Villaraigosa Wants A More Livable L.A., With 50 Pocket Parks
Los Angeles Times

Westside Cyclists Looking To Make The Expo Line Bike-Friendly: Bike Lovers Are Looking For A Bike Advisory Committee As Expo Design Plans Move Ahead
Culver City Patch

Westside Residents Assess Plans, Weigh In On Next Phase Of Expo Line
Los Angeles Wave

Whose Streets, Exactly?: Occupy In The Context Of Complete Streets
Next American City

A Winged Stadium For Los Angeles? (includes several renderings)
Architect's Newspaper

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