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75 Years Of The Fundamental Diagram For Traffic Flow Theory: Greenshields Symposium (246p. PDF)
U.S. Transportation Research Board

American BRT: A Rapid Bus Network Expands In Las Vegas
StreetsBlog DC

Beverly Hills Merchants Launch Class War Over Westside Subway
Curbed LA

California Congressmembers Press Company For More Money For Metrolink Victims
Southern California Public Radio

Caution: Lifestyle Details Ahead: Lounging By The Pool, Postponing Parties, Deciding To Walk Instead Of Drive. Angelenos Are Adjusting In Myriad Ways To The Impending Closure Of The 405 Freeway
Los Angeles Times

Commute Easier With Los AngelBus
Plus Metro

Critic's Notebook: Fast Lane To Gridlock: It Will Hurt To Lose The 405 For A Weekend Not Because We Love Freeways So Much But Because Los Angeles Is So Limited In Terms Of Mobility. We've Left Ourselves With No Escape Hatches Or Viable Alternatives
Los Angeles Times

Employment Weakness Calls For Stronger Transportation Bill: Flat-Lining Jobs Growth Underscores Dangers in Rep. Mica's Miserly Transportation Bill
American Progress

For And Against High-Speed Rail, Part IV: The Case For Fast-ish Trains

Helicopter Tour Of Carmageddon Offers Riders Chance To Point And Laugh

House Could Cut Rail Stimulus Funds
The Hill

House Transportation Committee Seeks To Eliminate Safe Routes to School Program
School Transportation News

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Why We're Pro-Carmageddon ("We know you have plenty of great ways to enjoy Los Angeles without a car, but if you need help, here are some of our ideas for making the most of this exciting holiday weekend. How are you celebrating Carmageddon?")

Largest Transportation Conference In California Spotlights Former Gov. Ed Rendell Of Pennsylvania: Long-Time Advocate For Federal Infrastructure Investment Will Address Southern California's Leaders Sept. 6 In Los Angeles (Mobility 21)
Business Wire
Transportation Next: New Era, New Vision, New Realities (Conference webpage)
Mobility 21

Mica's Bill: "Stability" Or "Road To Ruin"? ("The Republican highway proposal shouldn't be a surprise, given the severe budget constraints that GOP leaders have handed the committee. It also won't pass as written. What in Mica's proposal is salvageable? What is helpful? Does the grand unveiling of the bill actually get the ball rolling and people talking such that lawmakers can agree on a workable number? Is it possible to fund any transportation priorities with $230 billion?")
National Journal Transportation Experts Blog

New Report: Tax On Oil And Gas Key To Improved U.S. Transportation
The City Fix
Road To Recovery: Transforming America's Transportation (129p. PDF : Former U.S. senator Bill Bradley, former Pennsylvania governor and secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, and former U.S. comptroller general and current president of the Comeback America Initiative David Walker have authored an intensive analysis to find politically realistic measures to fund and fix the transportation program)
Carnegie Endowment Leadership Initiative On Transportation Solvency

New Republican Highway Bill Nixes National Infrastructure Bank

Palmdale Sues To Block Grapevine Study
California High Speed Rail Blog

Ransoming Redevelopment?: With CRAs In Jeopardy In California, Projects Are Put On Hold ("As the CRA/LA waits for a decision on its future about 20 of its upcoming projects—from improvements to the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center in Mid-City to the Downtown Streetcar to affordable housing projects throughout the city— are now on hold, a number that could reach into the hundreds by the end of the year.")
Architect's Newspaper

Reorganizing The Bus System Within The Network Hierarchy
Transport Politic

Roads Gridlocked For Carmageddon? Have Fun Close To Home
Los Angeles Daily News

Roads To Avoid When "Carmageddon" Closes 405 Freeway
Los Angeles Times

San Bernardino Rapid Transit Bus Line Contract Awarded
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Santa Monica Farmers Market Versus Carmageddon -- It's On
Southern California Public Radio

Social Media's Influence On Public Transit
Human Transit

Spaniards Trade Cars For Lifetime Trolley Pass

"South California" For 51st State?: Fed Up With Sacramento, A Riverside County Politician Seeks To Break 13 Counties Away To Form A State Called South California
Los Angeles Times

Subway Crush No Longer Gets Weekends Off
New York Times

Uneasy Rider: Facing Budget Cuts, Transit Agencies Building New Rail Projects Are Struggling To Make The Trains Run On Time -- Or At All ("L.A.’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is deep into a drawn-out and expensive light-rail construction project: It’s a 15.2-mile route known as the Expo Line, which will be the first rail connection between downtown and the populous Westside of Culver City and Santa Monica. Its first phase, an 8.5-mile segment, is under construction and slated to begin operations later this year. The second phase, however, has a future that’s increasingly unclear.")

Westwood FlyAway Bus To LAX Extended For 6 Months
Daily Breeze

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