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The Big Roads: The Untold Story Of The Engineers, Visionaries, And Trailblazers Who Created The American Superhighways
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Bus Operators And Cyclists, Keeping An Eye On Each Other
Metro Magazine

Los Angeles Times
Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program

StreetsBlog Network
Daily Finance

The City Fix

Crime Lurks Outside Airports, Rail Stations ("The likelihood of crime exceeds the national average outside 28 of 29 big-city airports in the study and outside all 26 central train stations, says CAP Index, which uses statistics, demographics and computer modeling to determine the likelihood of crime.")
Mass Transit

Downtown Vid Pick: Stan, And Ollie, In The Arts District (Could these scenes from a silent films be the earliest known moving images of the First Street Bridge and Los Angeles' Santa Fe Le Grande Station, which "first opened in 1893 and stayed in operation until Sante Fe moved passenger services to the newly completed Union Station in 1939?")
View From A Loft

Blog Downtown

Geo-Immersion Makes Maps Come Alive (text and video : "The "clever transportation" project...takes a Google map of Los Angeles and adds a few colorful characteristics. Roads that are clogged with slower moving traffic are colored red and roads where traffic is moving faster are colored green...the program changes the "fastest path" because it takes traffic into consideration, a trick that Google Maps doesn't have.")
National Science Foundation


Voice Of OC
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Metro's Orange Brigade Hits The Rails ("The intern outreach program and the train car reconfiguration are elements of a broader effort by Metro to boost ridership by increasing its bicycle-friendliness.")
Zev Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles County Supervisor, Third District

The Mica Bill: Good For 30/10, Bad For Everyone Else. How Will Boxer Respond?
StreetsBlog LA

Mica: Dem Attacks on Highway Bill Proposal Are "Disappointing"
The Hill

UCLA Law; Berkeley Law

Blog Downtown
QR Code Information For Metro Stop At Olympic & Grand (What you would see if you scanned the QR code at the bus stop sign in the Blog Downtown story)

Obama Pushes For Infrastructure Bank Proposal After Debt Deal
The Hill

OC Metro

Los Angeles Daily News

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

Burbank Leader

LA Observed

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