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Camageddon Approaches, Watts Station & Blue Line, Culver City Expo, Students & Transit, DesertXpress & More

The Hill

DePaul University Chaddick Institute For Metropolitan Development

Los Angeles Times

LA Weekly

Budget For A Millennial America: A Federal Budget Plan That Reflects The Millennial Generation's Priorities: A Think 2040 Initiative (24p. PDF : 3,000 Millennials were interviewed to develop federal spending priorities. Among the findings: Replace the gas tax with a carbon tax, and increase funding for high-speed rail)
Roosevelt Institute Campus Network

Associated Press

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

University Of Connecticut

Daily Breeze

Congressional Research Service: Northeast Corridor Privatization Plan Violates Constitution
StreetsBlog DC

Culver City Expo Line Station Delayed? Vice Mayor Malsin Explains
Culver City Times

Wall Street Journal

Metro Magazine

How We Travel: A Sustainable National Program For Travel Data (184p. PDF : Assesses "the state of passenger and freight travel data at the federal, state, and local levels and to make recommendations for an achievable and sustainable system for estimating personal and freight travel to support public and private transportation planning and decision making.")
U.S. Transportation Research Board Special Report

HSR Panel Imagines Life With Robot Cows, High-Speed Tanning ("Last night, nonprofit architectural group Van Alen Institute hosted "After Car Culture: Designing the New LA," a panel convened to discuss the local implications of a high-speed rail design contest they launched in late March.")
Curbed LA

Ideas For Downtown LA: Add Alfresco Dining To Hope Street a la Madrid, Spain
Brigham Yen

JetBlue Offers "Carmageddon" Flyover: Long Beach To Burbank For $4 (The flights have sold out in three hours)
Los Angeles Times

London's Useless Bus Route "Spider Maps" Due For An Overhaul (looks at weaknesses of system maps that do not include destinations and landmarks)

The Real Problem With Carmageddon ("Even if the 405 doesn't clog up instantly and does flow freely for a few years after the project is finished, I find it hard to believe that the time savings will compensate for all the time lost during its construction.")
California Planning & Development Report

Riverside Officials Approve Summit To Discuss Splitting California


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