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San Dimas Gold Line, US Transit Projects, Megabus Effect, Google Map Maker, I-405 Closures, Presidential Traffic, TOD Strategic Plan & More

America's Railroads Are Still A Century Behind (detailed infographic outlines our "national rail fail")
Fast Company

Anaheim Mayor Quits OCTA Board

Orange County Register

Expect Delays: Both Sides Painted The White House's Now-Gutted High-Speed Rail Plan As Revolutionary. If Only.
New York Magazine

Finally, A 710 Worthy Of Support: State Considers Restricting Parking In Transit Oriented Districts (Assembly Bill 710)

StreetsBlog LA

Glendale Clears Path For Pedalers: The City Council's Policy Document Focuses On Improvements In Bicycle Education And Safety

Glendale News-Press

Hazard Analysis: The Practice Of Using Cell Phones While Operating A Transit Vehicle

Metro Magazine White Paper

I-405 Freeway And Road Closures ("Commuters can now expect freeway and street closures during construction of the bridge and roadways from April 25 to 29.")

Canyon News

I Just Made A New Road On Google Maps, You Can Too

Introducing Google Map Maker For The United States
Introducing Google Map Maker For The United States (video)
Google via YouTube

Jumpstarting The Transit Space Race: 2011 -- A Catalog And Analysis Of Planned And Proposed Transit Projects In The US (46p. PDF)

Reconnecting America

The Many Benefits Of Public Art

American Society Of Landscape Architects The Dirt Blog

The Megabus Effect: After Decades Of Decline, The Bus Is The U.S.'s Fastest-Growing Way To Travel, Led By Curbside Service From Megabus, Boltbus, And Others
Business Week

[N.Y.] M.T.A. Is Planning To Sell Its Midtown Headquarters
New York Times

Neon Miracle On The Miracle Mile (original street signage restored)

Los Angeles Magazine

Obama's Visit Expected To Cause Traffic Delays In Los Angeles ("Two presidential visits last year brought lengthy gridlock.")

Los Angeles Times

A Road Fit For A King: Transit Service On Imperial Highway (a transit history stretching back to 1930)

More Than Red Cars

The Road To Health: Improving Community Well-Being Through Transportation (convening event : April 27 : California Endowment in Los Angeles)

California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

San Dimas Talks Gold Line Site

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Santa Monica's Downtown Developers Brace For LUCE

Santa Monica Lookout

South Pasadena Lobbies For Restoration Of Freeway Veto Right

USC Annenberg Neon Tommy

Southern California's First Separated Bike Lanes Open In Long Beach


States Begin To Consider The Benefits Of A Two-Year Transportation Bill

StreetsBlog DC

To Improve Living Standards, Improve Housing And Transportation Policy

Think Progress

Transit-Oriented Development Strategic Plan (84p. PDF : Produced as a guide for future investments by the Portland Metro TOD program)
Reconnecting America

Westside Gridlock Alert: Obama's Visit Thursday Will Lock Up Surface Streets


What The Feds Giveth, The States Taketh Away -- From Bike/Ped Programs

StreetsBlog DC